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  1. Maybe Talbot done the right thing in not competing this season, seems like a sensible decision now.
  2. Theres a couple of players went to Maybole I think too
  3. I agree , although what happens when it rains will everybody head for shelter, unless clubs advise folk to bring brawllies lol
  4. Ffs Take a breath, I only said that the Government are having talks to maybe let fans in.
  5. Think there might be a possibility of fans coming back. Government discussions next week.
  6. There will be social distance and precautions / measures put in place at gyms and work places but its impossible to do that on a football pitch during a game.
  7. I am not saying everyone follow suit because of Talbots decision, I am saying it as I can see it being a disaster with players getting the virus having to take time off work aswell
  8. The League cant go ahead , its turning into a joke , just cancel this season start a fresh in August
  9. Wonder if some clubs that have the facilities to film the games might do a subscription for fans to watch the games live
  10. Can see tougher restrictions being put in place shortly in Scotland
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