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  1. Any playoffs involving the bottom teams in the LL?
  2. What happens to the teams that win WOSL eos & soc, do they have to playoff?
  3. What teams will be in the new Wosl, will it just be the same teams that was is in the junior west prem
  4. Maybe it's to take folks minds off what's happening
  5. Well we can't say the buffs have been the best especially after thumping them
  6. Surely got to take into consideration how many games talbot had in hand though? Also we beat the buffs quite convincingly at beechwood.
  7. It's good that teams can still play in the Scottish junior cup could be like a non league Scottish cup eventually
  8. Will the games be on next week.?
  9. I turned up at beechwood and game was off?
  10. Why do you think I drive buses?
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