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  1. Yeah heard that, think Talbot made the right choice
  2. looking positive for fans to go to games at the start of next season
  3. Can't see there being football till next season now , maybe even September October before fans allowed back?
  4. Maybe Talbot done the right thing in not competing this season, seems like a sensible decision now.
  5. Theres a couple of players went to Maybole I think too
  6. I agree , although what happens when it rains will everybody head for shelter, unless clubs advise folk to bring brawllies lol
  7. Ffs Take a breath, I only said that the Government are having talks to maybe let fans in.
  8. Think there might be a possibility of fans coming back. Government discussions next week.
  9. There will be social distance and precautions / measures put in place at gyms and work places but its impossible to do that on a football pitch during a game.
  10. I am not saying everyone follow suit because of Talbots decision, I am saying it as I can see it being a disaster with players getting the virus having to take time off work aswell
  11. The League cant go ahead , its turning into a joke , just cancel this season start a fresh in August
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