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  1. Too early for that talk, only 3 games in [emoji23], think a few teams will be up there challenging ,won't be many easy games.
  2. We might need him , he is one of those players you can put into any game
  3. Seems to be good in forward positions but not so much when it comes to defending, as you say hopefully he will come good
  4. Aye , G wilson could be doing with a goal to get him going , no had enough time yet I suppose
  5. Aye Samson been on form. a goal a game so far , difficult to leave him out but obviously got to rotate to keep them fresh, might start with shanks and him on Wednesday night
  6. That's what happens when a team goes up 1nil against us, we should be used to it by now. Hurlford were the worst I have seen at it.
  7. Good luck talbot against troon at beechwood, hopefully it will be a good game
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