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  1. With Rangers v Aberdeen on, what's the best time to leave Auchinleck on Saturday and where to park?
  2. Going by the article it seems to be an issue with the committee ?
  3. Even Firhill would be decent , used it in the past
  4. Agree , they should maybe try n book a grass pitch just now. Usually these shut down for maintenance at the end of may though
  5. Surely a better park will be booked for the final
  6. Well said, how can anybody say we are weaker than last season especially Cumnock fans
  7. If i remember the draw at Kilwinning tucker rested alot of players
  8. Correct Andy, and the narrow win over Rossvale came after the two games against Arbroath with midweek replay
  9. So we've only been beat fae the Glens and already won a cup (u can count Arbroath if u want)
  10. Lyle still injured? The boy A.Wilson been playing well at left back recently but I thought pope would have started aswell
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