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  1. That's irrelevant the only thing that matters is the result
  2. Neil McPherson was brilliant today, been one of our best players all season, if he kicked that baw out the park against cumnock it was nearly perfect [emoji23]
  3. Well done Talbot, just shows what we can do to teams higher placed than us , great performance especially in the 2nd half [emoji471]
  4. For me this is a more difficult cup to win than SJC , c'mon the Talbot
  5. Anyone know how many supporters could be at the game tomorrow?
  6. Might work okay for Kilmarnock games but not for a Junior cup final imo
  7. Surely it would be common sense to award Glenafton the win ?
  8. Not good , could put some folk off going , especially neutrals etc that decide to go nearer kick off.
  9. Seemingly the scottish junior cup is tickets pay at gate[emoji17]
  10. Tough game on Sunday, hopefully a good turnout at Falkirk
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