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  1. Maybe if you just did the filming and didn't try to get involved or opinionated with anything else then it might have been okay?
  2. Do you think you lost the job because of opinions on here ? I don't know
  3. I would be more confident if the games had a bit more time between them, last night both teams were poor imo not a great deal of football getting played maybe a draw would have been a more fair result.
  4. Can imagine a few newspapers using these photos etc , saves them going to the games , lazy journalism from them
  5. That's what I was thinking, must be very difficult to keep tabs on it with the amount outlets these days, online or not
  6. How can you stop this kind of copyright , must be very difficult in this day with social media , nearly anybody can copy n past a photo etc....
  7. Nearly impossible to win the league with those amount in a short space of time
  8. Seemingly theres no photos or Talbot tv now due to a dispute, shame really , think the Talbot tv guy might move to another club now
  9. Think there could be a few games off this weekend when you see the temperature forecast
  10. Any ideas what the attendance was for the cumnock game on Saturday there? Was wondering how that compared to other games in Scotland that day in say league one, league 2 ?
  11. Seems to be a few goals in the 2 games that went ahead tonight
  12. Anyone know the condition of the pitch?, find it surprising the game is such a late call off , surely if the pitch was okay earlier and the covers were kept on till 6 it would have been ok?
  13. Can't see that happening, game will go ahead or called off
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