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  1. Is Big kev still out injured? If so will we start whyte or get PJ back? Reckon motherwell would be awkward and not want him cup tied.
  2. Whyte Sneddon pyper ?? Valentine Swann thomas easton taylor Allan connelly
  3. Taylor, Allan, swann, buchanan - Goal scorers
  4. Sir Bollan and Sir Barr getting league 2 manager and player of the month for September [emoji1319]
  5. Its a development loan so they can still play with hearts 20s they’ve played almost every midweek for hearts since signing.
  6. Wee Connor Smith what a player[emoji7]
  7. Cove just announced fraser fyvie, hope he’s not been training for a while and isn’t match fit[emoji23]
  8. Big thanks to Hearts for the loan signings their about to give us, must have felt sorry for us after Tuesday, game changers that can play at a higher level
  9. Both coxs yellows were stupid back chatting the ref and a reckless tackle when the ball was away from the boy, other than that thoughts on the game. Big Kev in goals some outstanding saves, hearts penalty never a pen for me todd won the ball. Sheerins goal that was disallowed never saw anything wrong the small hearts defender backed into sheerin and was obviously going to get a nudge. Standout outfield would have to be Archie Thomas excellent ball retention kept things ticking. Onto Saturday hope harveys injury isn’t serious.
  10. If Stirling still had the likes of daz smith we would have been well beaten today, glad they had strikers than dont know where the goal is. Delighted for renton caused hassle all game and took his goal well.
  11. Team line up is much better than last weekend mon the beath!
  12. I’m well aware but mullen played pre season and betfred cup games at left back, swann doesn’t even have 90mins under his belt doubt he’s match fit.
  13. Pitch will be worse than usual tomorrow may play in our favour seeing as we are a hoof ball team, mullen still has one game left does this mean i’m going to have to watch another horrible performance from valentine I hope not. 1-0 cowden for me scrappy game with a late winner.
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