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  1. I’m sure they were getting work done on their pitch early in the season
  2. I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would. Crowds have been good, we’ve been winning games and have generally done pretty well barring a couple of setbacks. A lot of that is just down to just being able to be back at games I suppose. The last few seasons have been pretty miserable as well . It makes a change to watch them winning. Good things are happening off the park and there is a general positive feel about the club which there hasn’t been for a while.
  3. It wasn’t a call handler though and that’s where the problem was. It was a police officer who was in on overtime. A call handler is a specific role done by someone with a lot of training. Police Scotland’s big problem is they think that if you put a police hat on someone they can do anything. The person taking the call didn’t know what they were doing.
  4. probably not, but at least he hasn’t forgotten about us.
  5. You asked for that. Open goal for our favourite Morton fan.
  6. Buckie were pretty good and probably deserved to win but there wasn't much in it. I would fancy us to turn the result round when we play them in the league.
  7. There was a decent turnout at our game yesterday not sure exactly how many but it looked and felt like more than normal. Corporate is an issue for clubs I think mainly because they are needing to use different spaces for players changing rooms. At Brechin the bar under the stand is where the away team are changing in at the moment. (And you’re right “Hedgemen” is ridiculous!!)
  8. I can assure you we’ve had worse over the last few years. Much, much worse.
  9. I take it you haven’t seen the incident because that’s pretty unfair on Davo. Michael Paton played a terrible ball straight to a Cowdenbeath player and he had pretty much no option but to put a challenge in or it was a certain goal. Paton was totally to blame for it.
  10. He was playing as a trialist for Arbroath the other week and Dick Campbell seemed pretty keen on signing him.
  11. I can skive in my place of work just as effectively as i can WFH
  12. Scott Reekie is a pretty decent player. One of the few success stories of the last couple of seasons. Can play centre of defence or full back and is good going forward. I think he'll do well for Edinburgh City.
  13. David Hutton signed an 18 month deal as well.
  14. We aren’t dire financially. There is going to be an injection of cash, whether it is enough for us to be competitive at the top of the league I don’t know.
  15. Well that’s Michael Paton gone. I’m sorry for him it didn’t work out, but virtually no one thought it was a good idea when he was appointed.
  16. I hate to be the one to break it to you. But Partick Thistle are a diddy club.
  17. They had wee painted circles on the terracing at Brechin yesterday. You were supposed to stand on one and not move. Everyone ignored them completely. Despite the result it was brilliant to be at the match and it was almost normal.
  18. We really need a change of direction and it’s important that there will be pretty much a new board. We’ve all been critical of the committee in the last few years and while they have given amazing service to the club over the years it was time for a change. Its almost certainly we are going to get relegated but it is not a life sentence. There’s no reason why the club can’t be successful again.
  19. As interesting as that is, it is totally irrelevant. Further up this thread the point has been made that teams in the Highland League aren’t made up of local lads. When Huntly line up for a game it is never going to be eleven lads from Huntly on the pitch. Guess how many Brechin players live in Brechin? I’ll give you a ballpark figure. It’s less than one. The only player we have had recently who could be described as local is Euan Spark and he plays for Elgin now. Work that one out. I’m not one of these guys who says there is no way we can get players to come to Brechin. Far from it, the other Highland League teams prove that point. Boys that play for these teams travel from all over the North so why couldn’t we have a team of players from Tayside/Aberdeen that would be competitive?
  20. McBookie have got odds on it Brora 13/8. Kelty 13/8. Brechin 7/4
  21. As much as I don't want us to go down there is a part of me that thinks that sounds tremendous
  22. I’m angry and I would quite like some of them to resign. One in particular.
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