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  1. Can't understand why Tam Courts is not the front runner
  2. I said this the last time as well. I love the guy but there is no way Charlie King should be considered. And Stevie Campbell should be gone as well. He has been part of the last two management teams who have been failures.
  3. At the start of last season a mate of mine predicted that Smith would leave Raith, we would eventually sack Dods and Smith would then end up at Brechin. And so it proved. The problem I had at the time with this appointment and still do is that there seemed to be no real thought which went into it. Barry Smith was available, he had a connection to the club and that seemed to be enough to get him the job. It felt like nobody else was considered for the job. Members of the committee are involved in businesses, would they appoint somebody to a key role in their business without going through a proper recruitment process? The manager is the most important job at the football club and we’ve appointed somebody in a half arsed “ Barry’s a good guy so he’ll do ok” way. We can’t afford to make the same mistake again.
  4. Angus you are not half prone to exaggerating. There were 405 people at the recent game between Brechin and Montrose, are you seriously telling me that there were 300 plus Mo fans to around 100 City fans? Nonsense. There were only 1244 at the game with the free tickets you are on about as well. However I came onto this thread to see what was happening with Dumbarton and I seriously worry for any team that has signed players that played for Brechin recently. Connor Brennan was not up to much and McGeever made a lot of errors in his time at Brechin for someone who hardly played in two seasons. One of the things levelled at Jim Duffy when he was at us was he just didn’t seem to get part time football and the different sort of demands it placed on players. Sad to see the club struggling given they were doing so well in the Championship recently.
  5. I'll need to watch it again later but I thought he said it was something that as a management team and his staff they couldn't affect. I don't think he said "the club" which to me suggests something different. But then I am maybe reading too much into it. I have a suspicious mind!
  6. What do people make of the manager's comments in his post match interview? He is clearly unhappy with the situation regarding the two players needing international clearance but he is a bit cryptic about who he thinks is responsible for it. It could be the club or the football authorities?
  7. And if I wanted to buy my season ticket before the match on Saturday I am going to have to be there more than 2 hours before kick off.
  8. At least make it the same for everyone. I thought they had it right with the early bird offer they did previously.
  9. https://www.brechincity.com/bcfc/p/n/2148 Speechless. So as a reward for supporting the club through thick and thin over the last two years of total dross you can buy a season ticket for £25 more than someone who has never been before.
  10. I love Charlie King but the idea of a new management team of him and Stevie Campbell is a terrible idea. Stevie has been part of the management team we all wanted rid of and Charlie's record in the junior leagues is not that inspiring. In my view we need someone with a totally fresh outlook.
  11. I have. Sent an email over a week ago but had no reply. But I wouldn't expect our chairman to take any notice unfortunately. Listening to fans is definitely not one of his strong points.
  12. Will throw in my selections today Newmarket 3.00 Artistic Jewel Wetherby 3.20 Safari Adventures Wetherby 3.55 Kie
  13. I've gone for Pachattack in the 3.10 at Lingfield today. Also Victoire Pisa in the Dubai World Cup.
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