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  1. No Brechin supporter wants this to go wrong but this is a huge gamble. Michael O’Neill wasn’t going to take us into the Highland League. It might well be a genius move but the same people employed the last three managers. After the last home game we could all attend in February I had a conversation with a director who was convinced that Mark Wilson would be a great manager.
  2. Well I hope it works but that is just mental. A three year deal for a guy who has been a manager for just over a week is crazy.
  3. As well as last week went giving the job permanently to someone on the basis of one or two good results is the kind of thinking that has got us in to the mess we are now. If everyone thought last week that what we needed was someone with experience then that surely is still the case a week later.
  4. After promising he would get a new contract he told him on the bus after the last game he was getting freed. For that reason Weir is a big no for me.
  5. Dods was given a two year contract after we got promoted. They couldn't afford to sack him during that championship season. You're absolutely right though why let them start the next season when they have so obviously failed. It is baffling to keep doing the same thing.
  6. I used to play pub league and we were still drunk from the night before and there was better defending than that.
  7. We must have played nearly thirty games under him. How many goals do you think we have conceded? I can’t be arsed working it out but it must be an eye watering amount. He’s a two bit football pundit and we are indulging his fantasy of being a coach. His day job this week will have been talking about what is going wrong at Celtic. Neil Lennon would be pishing himself if he saw today’s game.
  8. There can’t be anyone left who thinks that Mark Wilson is a serious football manager.
  9. I’ve put money in to all the above as well and it does feel like it has been a total waste. Somebody else said earlier they wouldn’t be putting any more money in and if there isn’t some miraculous improvement under Mark Wilson neither will I until he goes. If last season had reached its natural conclusion we all know how it would have finished. Yet we decide to back Wilson and give him the opportunity to finish the job. We did the same with Darren Dods and Barry Smith. If you go back further the same thing happened with Jim Weir, he should have been sacked six months before he was as well. The same mistakes over and over again have taken us from a comfortable league one side to the joke outfit we are now.
  10. How many football clubs would finish bottom of the league three years in a row and every year decide to give the manager another go at it the season after?
  11. To be fair the second half was a lot better. They could have just accepted another doing and they didn’t do that. But we are still too easy to score against.
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