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  1. If case numbers remain at the low level they are now there will be no reason why we can’t get back to crowds in grounds, especially at lower league level. The government are always trying to dampen down expectations but I would be pretty confident of being able to attend matches in October now, although it might not be quite back to what we are used to.
  2. That’s not right. I’m looking at the leaflet the Scottish Government sent out last week and it says you can stop isolating immediately if your test is negative.
  3. Who wanted to hear an interview with him? A few weeks ago most of us probably didn’t know who he was.
  4. Well,if you’re a big bad chief executive of a really big football team and you’ve been bullied by Brechin City we are much bigger than I ever thought.
  5. It looks like the people complaining about bullying voted against the proposal anyway. So they weren’t bullied into anything.
  6. It might be worth remembering at this point that if we had employed a half decent football manager in the last five years we wouldn’t be in this position.
  7. Thats shocking. Forgetting about Brechin at the minute on a wider issue I don’t think the current set up at tier 5 is sustainable long term. It’s obviously hugely lopsided with more teams in the lowland area. As you say the Tayside clubs don’t seem to be interested at the moment but even if they joined a Highland pyramid it would still be hugely weighted with the amount of clubs in the Lowland area. It’s a massive disadvantage to the Lowland League clubs isn’t it? A whole other debate which you’ll have to forgive me I’m can’t be arsed getting into today!
  8. Has that actually happened? I’ll admit I wasn’t aware of that at all.
  9. Fair enough. I feel for Kelty and Brora and would be pissed off it was my team but I don’t see any way that they are going to get their shot this time unfortunately.
  10. You’re arguing that Kelty should get promoted on the basis that they might have gone on and clinched the Lowland League. They then might have beaten Brora who hadn’t yet clinched the Highland League and then might have beaten Brechin in a playoff who might have finished bottom of League Two.
  11. I understand that but there aren’t going to be any playoffs. So what would be your solution to that? Would I be right in saying that the other lowland league clubs didn’t get a vote in awarding Kelty the title?
  12. It’s not one team though is it? There are no playoffs in any of the leagues.
  13. I understand the frustration felt by Kelty and Brora here but as pointed out above it is completely impractical to have playoffs right before the start of the season. It’s unfair on all the clubs involved. And as Big Al points out there is no prospect of playoffs being able to be staged any time soon. I have no clue when we will be able to return to football with crowds but there won’t be any football played at our level behind closed doors. I have almost resigned myself to the fact that we won’t get to football before the end of 2020 and we might not even get a 20/21 season at all. League reconstruction was always a long shot as well. I understand what the rules say about the pyramid playoff but is there anything in the rules that says we can reconstruct the leagues at the end of a season to promote a whole load of teams who otherwise wouldn’t have been promoted? So is what we’ve arrived at fair? No. Is it the least unfair option? You could argue it is. The leagues could have been made null and void. That would have suited us fine but would that have been any fairer? I don’t think it would have been. Would there have been the same focus on Brechin if our chairman wasn’t on the SPFL board? I don’t know but the idea that Ken Ferguson is some sort of puppet master controlling Scottish football is pretty laughable.
  14. And there are people out there who think it is Peter Lawwell who runs Scottish football....
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