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  1. It was good to see so many fans there today. No one is giving up yet.
  2. It's not impossible though that's the point I'm trying to make. Good players will always have choices.
  3. When I was 25 if someone had offered me a few quid to play football and said there will be a few hours travelling for away games I would have bitten their hand off. It sounds great to me. If you give them the chance of possibly winning the league under a decent manager I think plenty of players would want to come. There is a depressingly defeatist attitude here and we haven't even been relegated yet.
  4. Why would the club cease to exist? There are some really small clubs in the Highland League who seem to be able to exist just fine.
  5. They would never sack him now. We all know that. They will do the usual and do nothing until it is too late like they have done with the last two hopeless cases of managers.
  6. I agree. Mark Wilson has been at the club for months and we haven’t improved. You would think that the basics of taking over a team in our position would be getting them to stop conceding so many soft goals. He has totally failed in that. And Stevie Campbell has been the common denominator in the last three years.
  7. That was a fluke. The decline had set in before then really. I honestly believe we would have been in this position a year ago if we hadn’t won that playoff.
  8. I've certainly not given up hope. I would be a lot more worried if we weren't creating chances and scoring goals. But we have good players up front and I really think that end of the pitch isn't a problem. Obviously we are conceding a lot of soft goals though but if we can tighten up a bit at the back we would look not too bad. Hopefully we can get in a couple of more defensive minded players this week to help with that and ideally guys with a bit of experience.
  9. I’m not sure how it will work exactly but the money is ring fenced for the playing budget. Regarding Mick Dunlop I get he is not that glamorous a signing but we are a team that has leaked a lot of goals and maybe an experienced defender is exactly one of the things that we need. Teams are not just going to let go guys who are playing regularly either. Our expectations of what players are going to be brought in need to be realistic.
  10. Yesterday’s performance gives me real hope, the best I have seen in a long time. Not often in recent times we have really dominated a game and been such worthy winners.
  11. For the life of me I can’t understand why the Angus clubs didn’t try everything they had to make sure that they wouldn’t go into the Highland League if they got relegated. The Lowland League would be a much more sensible option. Maybe they did but I can’t remember anything being said about it at the time. But like many others at the time I didn’t pay much attention to it as we were a long way from being at the bottom of League Two. Or so I thought.
  12. Are you suggesting that someone is ready to come in with a cash investment in the short term? In the past I have been wary of the club getting away from our current model of the club being owned by the members, but maybe the time has come for a change. Perhaps we will not be able to thrive as a club without changing to a club owned by shareholders. I think we could survive in the Highland League if the worst came to it but I'm not sure if we would be able to be build a successful team to get us back into the league.
  13. Can't understand why Tam Courts is not the front runner
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