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  1. We really need a change of direction and it’s important that there will be pretty much a new board. We’ve all been critical of the committee in the last few years and while they have given amazing service to the club over the years it was time for a change. Its almost certainly we are going to get relegated but it is not a life sentence. There’s no reason why the club can’t be successful again.
  2. As interesting as that is, it is totally irrelevant. Further up this thread the point has been made that teams in the Highland League aren’t made up of local lads. When Huntly line up for a game it is never going to be eleven lads from Huntly on the pitch. Guess how many Brechin players live in Brechin? I’ll give you a ballpark figure. It’s less than one. The only player we have had recently who could be described as local is Euan Spark and he plays for Elgin now. Work that one out. I’m not one of these guys who says there is no way we can get players to come to Brechin. Far from it, the other Highland League teams prove that point. Boys that play for these teams travel from all over the North so why couldn’t we have a team of players from Tayside/Aberdeen that would be competitive?
  3. McBookie have got odds on it Brora 13/8. Kelty 13/8. Brechin 7/4
  4. As much as I don't want us to go down there is a part of me that thinks that sounds tremendous
  5. I’m angry and I would quite like some of them to resign. One in particular.
  6. It would be embarrassing if we put up a legal challenge. I’ve said it before but I’d rather we just got relegated than go through all that. However questionable it is to be declaring champions after less than half a season there can’t be any doubt from our side where we deserve to be. And it’s the decisions of the people running the club that have got us there.
  7. He’s a local businessman who joined the board last summer.
  8. They've employed all the managers over the last few seasons
  9. Shambles of a football club. I sometimes wonder if the people in charge actually want to be in the Highland League.
  10. I’m sure they said that the structural changes to the ownership of the club wouldn’t happen if we got relegated?
  11. Ken Ferguson should really be resigning from the Brechin City board. As Citytillidie said there has been horrendous decision making over the last few years. The same mistakes made over and over again.
  12. I’ve no idea what influence he had. The whole thing looks terrible though I wouldn’t dispute that for a second.
  13. If we finish bottom and the playoffs get cancelled I’m not sure I could cope with that I’d rather get relegated. If I was Ken Ferguson I would have quit last year after all the stick he took and actually it’s probably been a huge negative for the club him being involved in the SPFL board. It’s just brought attention on us when realistically there was no other option last year for the league to cancel the playoff. There seems to be some huge conspiracy theory that he is running the whole of Scottish football but that is almost certainly a complete fantasy. If I was a Kelty or a Brora fan I’m sure I would be pissed off though so I see where they are coming from in wanting their team to get their chance.
  14. Great stat. When was the last time before last season?
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