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  1. Five years have passed since the Independence referendum, this is an accepted period of time for an elected parliament. So why is it not acceptable to hold another referendum 5 years later? There are many things to consider in a general election, but only one question in a referendum. Surely 1 question every 5 years is less taxable on the brain than having to decide on multiple issues over the same period?
  2. Tirso, I apologise for deleting part of your post, but I wanted to highlight the part that I agree with the most. I am disgusted with unionist politicians that say Scotland will not be granted a section 30 order, no to indyref2 etc. I believe this just highlights how unjust the union is if either is not allowed the choice to leave at some time if it so chooses. It grates me when I hear "not allow" and "not grant" being bandied about like we have no say on the matter, whilst at the same time I think it can only strengthen our cause. I don't think Scots like being told what they can't do, especially if they have a mandate to do so. It can only backfire on those that are unwilling to respect the democratic process.
  3. Going by your avatar, Rich Uncle Pennybags, I am not sure your investments on a monopoly game board will do you much good. The oven ready deal will turn out to be under cooked, which will result in the nation suffering from salmonella.
  4. I am not convinced we need to request a section 30 order. If you are interested there is an article on the IScot magazine website which explains this in a bit more detail. https://www.iscot.scot/article/news/section-30-is-not-scotlands-salvation/
  5. A big red bus heading to hospital drove over his head 350 million times.
  6. About this Kirkcaldy thing. I believe his name will still be on the ballot paper, so what would happen if he was to win the seat? Would he be elected as an independent candidate? Unlikely I know but...
  7. I found this article from IScot magazine, sorry if it has been posted already. https://www.iscot.scot/articles/ It appears that we do not need or want a section 30 order to become independent. We shouldn't even be asking for one.
  8. On last nights debate, the bojo clown stated proudly that he had "shelved" plans to cut corporation tax, and this apparently means there will be an extra £7 bn to spend on the NHS. I don't think so, it remains the same status quo. It is a bit like your employer saying they were going to cut your pay in half, but decided not to, and the good news is you now have 50% more income to pay your household bills with. More bullshit from the tory scum.
  9. I know this may be a shock to you, but the majority of people in underprivileged areas hate the tories. To live in Scotland and vote tory is a vote for english nationalism.
  10. Street food makes me wonder if we get the leftovers that the seagulls refused to eat.
  11. If you are unfortunate enough to come face to face with tory canvassers, BE A WEAR that pointing out to them that every Scottish area voted remain but their idols all voted to accept brexit will result in them storming off in a huff, clearly pissed off that they have had the misfortune of bumping into someone with a brain cell.
  12. I have no reason to doubt that it will not be held in 2020, especially if the SNP return a huge number of MP's to westminster in this GE. It would further strengthen the existing mandate to hold Indy2. It doesn't matter who is prime minister after the election. We would be telling the pm that the Scottish people have decided that we no longer wish to be part of this decaying union and we are holding a referendum regardless whether a section 30 order is granted. Scotland decides, not westminster.
  13. I thought that the man from Fife that called in to Majid's show was not treated fair, Majid doing his usual butting in mid sentence. I switched off the radio when Majid said that the decision to hold a referendum on Scottish Independence was at westminster, not Holyrood. Majid seems to preach about democracy, yet would deny the same to Scotland.
  14. I read a newspaper article yesterday and in it the subject of Scottish unionists was brought up. The Scottish unionist is basically an English nationalist that is being dishonest with themselves. We all know that the past few years, westminster has totally ignored the voice of Scotland. Therefore to vote to remain in the union is actually a vote to keep Scotland treated as a region of England, where anything that we say at westminster is not listened to. You only have to see the disregard and contempt on the tory front benches when an SNP member stands and speaks and very often the tories get up and vacate the benches, not interested in the slightest. It is quite ironic that the manky troll comes on this forum and goes all anti Scottish Nationalism, when he is in fact promoting his own English Nationalism. He cannot be a true Scot if he is prepared to see his beloved country treated in this way. He must therefore be an English nationalist. And to slag off the SNP for wanting another Independence referendum. The people of Scotland voted for them to be their representatives on a mandate for another referendum. That is democracy. For as long as Scotland votes for a party that seeks Independence, then that gives them the right to demand another referendum. I want the SNP to return as many members as possible in the forthcoming GE, and to make it clear to westminster that Scotland is leaving the union.
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