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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Surely the people of Scotland see sense now? In a week that gave us the scam of a tory vote of confidence in the maybot and the obvious disregard of the continuity bill by the uk supreme court, surely the most hardcore of unionists must see that Scotland is being treated as the battered wife in this so called union? The dirty tactics the uk government has employed to basically overrule our continuity bill and therefore steal devolved powers shows them for what they are. Dirty b*****ds. Scotland passed a bill only for the uk government to refer it to the supreme court. In the ensuing delay, they passed their own bill which effectively made the Scottish continuity bill useless. So that means when we leave the EU, laws that should be devolved to Holyrood will now go to westminster instead. Thieving b*****ds. When 2 people get married they both sign a "contract" and have equal rights. Rights to be treated fairly with love and respect. As 1 of only 2 signatories to the Act of union it would appear that Scotland is being denied her rights and is being kept "under the thumb" by a jealous husband. Unionists, do you seriously believe that this is good for Scotland? Honestly, better together? Please provide me with facts of how we are better together because all I can see is Scotland being raped.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Germany would not oppose Scotland joining the EU if she were Independent. https://www.thenational.scot/news/17300030.angus-robertson-germany-is-seeing-sense-in-scottish-independence/
  3. When will indyref2 happen?

    I am a Nationalist and I forgive you. I accept that most of the things you post on here are pro union and I tolerate your views. I do not agree with them, but I accept your opinion and tolerate it, however warped it may be.
  4. We would use whatever currency we choose to adopt as an Independent nation. I personally think we should make our own currency and our own central banking system, but I would be prepared to use whatever currency we decide is best in the end.
  5. BBC bias

    Has this been posted already? If not, it is worth reading the transcript. http://www.thenational.scot/news/16609439.read-presenter-rips-apart-scottish-tory-mps-attack-on-nicola-sturgeon/?ref=mr&lp=5
  6. Nipper Salmond

    The point I was trying to make was that Salmond can't get a fair trial now. It is all over the newspapers and tv, therefore impossible to receive a fair trial as he is already presumed to be guilty.
  7. Nipper Salmond

    Never intended it to be a diversion although it does look that way. I admit that if it had been a tory then I would be all over it. I also concede that the shit will stick, whether innocent or guilty.
  8. Nipper Salmond

    And I have had more sense from last nights curry leaving my spicy arse this morning. Hope that is more acceptable.
  9. Nipper Salmond

    And your beloved mother theresa may is a saint anointed with olive oil. In the sane world, people realise when they are being made an arse out of. Your union is making an arse out of Scotland so please explain why you think we are still "better together". The "no" campaign fed us lies, they said we would be "better together" It is not working out that way is it. If we had voted "YES" in 2014" we would possibly, as an Independent country, be in a better position than we are facing now with a no deal brexit. It is time you woke up and realised that your beloved union is a cancer to Scotland.
  10. When will indyref2 happen?

    Playing your game. I think Indyref2 will be sooner than you think. We are improving lives whereas westminster destroys lives. Period poverty. Just one example of how our Scottish Government is improving lives. If you have a brain cell you will understand what this is. If not, then I despair.
  11. Nipper Salmond

    I wouldn't normally respond to an obvious attempt at a bite, but I have had a few beers tonight so I shall play along with your game. I personally don't give a shit about dots whatever colour they may be. If every post I make is red dotted then good. Won't bother me the slightest. If green, won't bother me the slightest. I say what I want to say, dots don't even come into the equation. I would like to know the reason why a post is red dotted though so that I may think about it and possibly learn some information about it. I am going to start a sentence that should, in all honesty, result in red dots: So f**k Off You c**t.
  12. Nipper Salmond

    Well done DRS, red dot but no explanation as to why. I guess my opinion is inferior to yours. I shall stay silent and await your more informative reply. Just like westminster, I enjoy being told what to do and believe.
  13. Nipper Salmond

    Simply being a tory should be enough to be hung, drawn and quartered. I agree with you that there is a strong influence towards Independence on this site and I am pleased about that. westminster isn't doing Scotland any favours Rob, surely you see that. Going back to your comment, I admit that I am concerned about the allegations. They are being investigated and it will all come out in the wash. But will Salmond receive a "fair trial" now that the msm has got hold of it?
  14. Nipper Salmond

    Your post appears to infer that Alex Salmond is guilty. We have trial by social media again.
  15. Indian or Chinese ?

    Maybe in the morning, but not at the time. Fullerene explained the why scientifically. I thank him for that.