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  1. I thought that any departure from a Saturday had to be agreed by the opponent or it reverts to 3pm Saturday if no agreement ?
  2. Think they might be delighted at all the additional publicity !
  3. Is there a reason your such an angry man ? It’s ok not to be ok,, don’t be scared to ask for help.
  4. Their Chairman is an Old Firm useful idiot so he will have all the official lines to give.
  5. Agreed. Always going to be a problem keeping good people who are not diehard fans as well. Wish he had gone somewhere else other than Stenny tho,
  6. Most are sheep who look to curry favour with Doncaster and Maxwell
  7. I don’t think any league gets a vote but associations do. For example, Fife Association gets a vote and now includes Clubs like St Andrews and Dundonald Bluebell so they will have an input.
  8. Just that historically, Premier and Championship teams tow the party line given to them by Doncaster and their fans are not really bothered as they don’t see it affecting them. Maybe this vote will be different but im not confident.
  9. The LL Chairman on the Official Catch Up podcast said it was a done deal ! Think he was got at and Doncaster and Maxwell though the LL Clubs would fall in line at the prospect of a 40k payday. Doesn’t look that way at the moment but will be a close run thing as Premier and Championship will mostly vote for.
  10. Why not. Will always be competing against the latest rich man’s train set but aim has to be to improve year on year and see where it takes us.
  11. Think your right. Typical Deano, Tweeted he is leaving the best Club ever. Wonder what his intro to Tranent will be ? Delighted to be joining the second best Club ever !
  12. So who came up with the proposal if it wasn’t the PWG ?
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