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  1. Like watching a different team today. one shot on Tuesday, one shot on Thursday, 16 today !
  2. Sad to say we are currently the worst side in the league by some margin and it’s worrying.
  3. Half time observations we are shit pixellot system is shit but instead of following the ball is able to show Davie Irons repeatedly flouting his touch line ban. Not wanting to seem sexist but Lorraine Watson is shit
  4. Have to give credit to McKinnon who manages to say the next game will be tough without laughing as his full timers take on shattered part timers.
  5. We have brought back Craig Levein for this one to resurrect the 4-6-0 tactic that served Scotland so well.
  6. Hope we bin this one in favour of fresh legs for Thursday Play the kids and fringe players.
  7. Lol Nothing won yet but playing against guys knocking their pan in at work all day then playing 2/3 games a week while QP players sit in the steam room and are fed black grapes. I think the league is pretty safe !
  8. Time for Bollan to go I just don’t see any progression. Recruitment during the shutdown has been poor. I have no idea what today’s tactics were meant to be. We are in trouble !
  9. They are certainly a couple of battlers anyway, or at least the Irish Police say so !
  10. The SFA and SPFL are controlled by the Premier Clubs so there is no point in trying to get any change led by them. Their first priority will always be to preserve the 85% of funds for the Premier teams. The 20 lower league Clubs have just recently banded together to force the hand of SFA and SPFL into letting them resume the league but that’s the first time that’s happened and hopefully is the start of them working together more but they are all a bit busy now with 2/3 games a week I would suspect. So depressingly, the choice will be more of the same or an expanded league with Colts which the vast majority of fans don’t want.
  11. Scottish football needs reorganised from top to bottom and to their credit, the non league teams have led the way, but the Premier Clubs with their 11-1 block stop anything meaningful happening in the spfl. 4 leagues of 12-10-10-10 is nuts and fans hate seeing the same teams 4 times. LL or HL teams coming in won’t change the structural deficit in the system. In my view HL, LL and Spfl L1/2 should get together and propose restructure of lower leagues without Colts. I think the fans would buy in and interest would grow. But for whatever reasons, George won’t speak to spfl lower leagues. Meanwhile the SFA Board members get to keep their gravy train Premier League and the 85% of the funds so they don’t care.
  12. Why should Lowland League get 2 up 2 down when SPFL Clubs don’t get that. Might work in an expanded league tho which goes back to my point. Leagues of 10 are boring so most Clubs and fans would welcome an expanded league but not with Colts. Over and above the football side, Community Clubs and their fans don’t want the old firm baggage in their towns and stadiums. George would make more progress for LL if he actually spoke to L2 Clubs instead of threats and rants through the Daily Record.
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