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  1. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Quality centre back who is Scotland under19 regular and captain and could be playing now in premier league with a bottom 6 team. however, Celtic will buy some Slovakian for 20 million and Deas will end up with some English Championship team. Sad reflection on the development of Scottish talent by our big clubs.
  2. QP v Cowden

    You really should get out more
  3. Peterhead vs Edinburgh City

    1x table reserved at the Hatton inn. and bus was full ! Don’t think you can call a Vauxhall Corsa a bus.
  4. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    These clubs were voted in by member clubs after the SFA at that time decided to increase the size of the leagues. What happens now is that some clubs can be bankrolled by individuals to gain league status despite very poor support and usually a sympathetic council funded plastic ground. if these clubs want to progress then that’s fine but it should be a level playing field and they should be paying the same costs as spfl clubs re minimum wage, stewards, first aid, doctors and much more.
  5. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Spfl Club for me every time. as much as I am enjoying Berwick struggling as they did seeing us at the bottom, I’m always going to support the spfl side against the plastic pitch, 100 fans, Lego ground non league clubs who claim they are going to revolutionise Scottish football. f**k off !
  6. Cowdenbeath lose Captain

    I don’t feel I really need to ask questions. David Marsh has moved on and by the speed of it, he may have already had it lined up so it was quite convenient to be involved in a training ground bust up want it ? sounds like he / you are pissed off he couldn’t play against Rangers before exiting stage left. much ado about nothing at the end of the day, who hasn’t had a fight with a work colleague ?
  7. The East Fife Thread

    Can we please now get rid of this stupid experiment allowing non Scottish teams into a Scottish competition. absolute shambles by the spfl. Allowing a team in who were going in to a close season is embarrassing for the spfl and shows how amateurish they are.
  8. Cowdenbeath lose Captain

    Gordon Parks has just exclusively revealed that today’s game is off. !
  9. Cowdenbeath lose Captain

    Another Gordon Parks Daily Ranger exclusive published just before the game strangely enough. The same “journalist” who scooped that in fact Jimmy Bell the Rangers Kitman was not responsible for getting the original match being postponed after Donald jokingly called him the Rangers overlord. to think people actually pay to read that pish.
  10. Clyde vs Cowdenbeath

    Spot on we have been bullied for the last two seasons and finished bottom of the league each time. if anyone beats us now, they have to fight for it and go home with the bruises to show for it. I’m delighted to see how physical we are now but we are not a dirty team, just robust.
  11. Clyde vs Cowdenbeath

    Glad you managed to clutch a few straws as they passed you by.
  12. Clyde vs Cowdenbeath

    We were disappointing today. I thought we gave Clyde way too much respect and tried to stop them rather than try to win the game. After the Clyde goal, roles were reversed and we pushed and Clyde did the defending. Does anyone know where the Clyde team went after they scored. . They disappeared from the pitch for 5 mins, i thought they were off to the showers !
  13. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    The “frozen” pitch at 7.30 pm last night . The temp def rose as the evening wore on.
  14. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    They share the same brain cell
  15. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    I can’t be arsed explaining but send me your address as I have an old tv you can have. Do you have electricity ?