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  1. Todd is solid and when playing alongside Mango forms a good partnership
  2. Ffs, this is Groundhog Day. Granny Budge will come up with a plan to save Hearts, no wait a minute, I meant she will come up with a plan for the good of Scottish Football. feckin joke.
  3. Hire David Robertson. He doesn’t want to go back to Real Kashmir apparently.. Would be a great appointment and would make another great documentary👍
  4. Central Park is the Real Kashmir Of Scottish Football. Everyone hates us but we don’t care. In the style of David Robertson you can all f**k off ya bunch of big nosed c***s. Fuckin wankers the lot of you. You get f**k all at Central Park except fucking pneumonia ya bunch of fuckin c***s. btw, Ainslie Park is Shit to watch football and the Gestapo stewards don't help.
  5. It’s a forum. debate is healthy. emigrate to North Korea if you don’t like it.
  6. As far as I can see, just reposting the many allegations and conspiracy theories going about Scottish football. response should be the same to all, Put up or shut up.
  7. The scapegoating of the Brechin Chairman is disgraceful, especially by the likes of Tom English from the BBC. Anyone who thinks that Donald Findlay or any other spfl Chairman is going to do as he tells them has lost the plot.
  8. Relying on money from the spfl.? you mean a ridiculous share from a company of which we are a member. Does Richard Branson rely on a handout from Virgin, the parasite. The top 12 have decided they don’t want to reduce the 82.5% they take from the company. The top 12 are a cartel and if any of them truly cared about Scottish Football, they would share the money better giving more to lower leagues and include Lowland and Highland league in that then we could have a proper pyramid. Seems to work in England.
  9. Why the f**k should we do that ? The top 12 want to go to 14 to save Hearts. Pay up or f**k off should be the Div 2 position. We are fine with status quo.
  10. Decided by who tho ? Les Gray formed the breakaway SPFL2 and threatened lower leagues if they didn’t accept the funding model then SPFL2 would go with SPL and cast lower leagues adrift. SPFL became the Championship and between them they formed the current cartel and voting structure which makes change impossible, until now maybe as they need the Div2 votes to keep Hearts up.
  11. But it’s not simple cos Les Gray refuses to discuss funding so who pays for the two additional teams ? the top 12 teams take 82.5% of all the money and they won’t give up a penny.
  12. The truth of matter is the lower leagues inc the HL and LL are all fools. The top 12 clubs in the country take 83% of the money, more if they get a 14 team league so they throw crumbs and watch the fighting over them. Bottom Club in the SPFL gets 0.18% of the pot, no wonder they sink into oblivion if relegated. Also if the SPFL are so keen on a pyramid system, why don’t they give money to HL and LL too and even up the whole structure into a proper progression. i know, I’m dreaming so we will just continue to bicker for the big boys entertainment.
  13. That’s true and Kelty were awarded the lowland league title to get a play off against Brora then maybe a play off against Brechin so where is this sense of entitlement of access to the SPFL coming from.?
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