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  1. If Bollan still the manager, it’s an easy 3 points for City.
  2. GK error at first goal Mango and Todd missed tackles for 2nd goal GK pushed out a tame shot into the path of incoming striker for 3rd Todd and Hutton tackled each other for the 4th Shambles !
  3. I’m all for kids being encouraged but why put them in amongst the away support ? There were some very young kids in the Cowden support who had to listen to a bunch of 12 year olds swear throughout inc sexual references. A few complaints were made and the stewards were not to happy with their behaviour resulting in them being moved out of the area they occupied at half time. After half time, they returned and according to stewards this was on the instructions of Club officials. To be fair the stewards were not pleased about this as they were getting pelters about the kids behaviour. Club needs to do better and surely posting a steward with them to regulate their behaviour wouldn’t be too hard to do.
  4. I see Jimmy Greaves has passed away. Used to love watching Saint and Greavsy. Remember when he wore this Cowden top on air
  5. First half, we were awful and lucky to go in only 1 down. Second half, Swann on and 442, the tempo stepped up and we were the better team. The answer is right there if Bollan can see it.
  6. With 9 subs to choose from and 5 to put on the pitch its a squad game these days. Bollan is not adapting to that like other teams are. Our centre midfield is woeful, Both Hutton and Miller are all over the place. We don’t seem to have ready replacements so a change in tactics is needed to address. If we don’t start winning games soon then it’s time for a change, the Club can’t sleepwalk its way into LL.
  7. Agree about Thomson best games have been at centre half. might be worth trying 3-5-2 with Mango, Todd, Thomson. That would allow Clarke and Mullen to be wing backs.
  8. Some player considering he spent half the game throwing himself to the turf and still managed two goals. Imagine how many he could score if he stayed upright a bit more.
  9. There is a pay gate but it’s £1 more expensive than the online ticket
  10. It looked like they were looking at team sheets or similar so I’m guessing an issue on Stenny team matching what was submitted before game.
  11. Good point given our Covid issues. Agree about Thomson, he gave our centre backs a tough game. Stenny like to pass the ball about but look short of a cutting edge.
  12. If rumours are true that we only have 14 available players then would take a point right now. Really depend on who the absentees are but best wishes to those who are Covid positive. Probably means that they will be out for 2 or 3 weeks minimum. A difficult spell ahead !
  13. It’s a very good goal. Kelty good going forward with Austin a constant threat but look a bit vulnerable at the back if teams can get at them. Think it will be close all over this league.
  14. Looking like my 5-1 wedge to win the league might have been misplaced. For me, the best squad in the league bar none but underperforming yet again at the mo.
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