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  1. Edinburgh City

    I think it’s player bonus time. Fire the wages on the other team at a decent price.! or at least get a relative to do it as it’s strictly forbidden of course.
  2. If East Kilbride win, it will not be done fairly, it never is when Cove are beaten !
  3. How do they decide who gets the home tie second ?
  4. Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    Oh no another season of these c***s moaning about how everyone is against them when they get beat. cmon East Kilbride
  5. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Is anyone able to access the videos from Bollan and sheerin for today’s game. tells me there is videos there but not available !
  6. Edinburgh City

    Only if they are in my gang
  7. Edinburgh City

    I suggest that all away fans should start singing Gary Glitter songs. A good range of songs to get the message across and even the gestapo stewards of Edinburgh city can’t throw you out for that .
  8. Edinburgh City

    Must admit that when I saw Brad Donaldson was playing, I thought we had a real chance.
  9. Edinburgh City

    Yup, feels great
  10. Edinburgh City

    Plenty wine tonight mate. see you next season .
  11. Edinburgh City

    Yes gets very annoying when your trying to listen to the football on the radio.
  12. Edinburgh City

    Here is my preview edinburgh players fall over at every tackle, continually moan at the ref and score a couple of goals due to shit defending. in fact, just like every Edinburgh against us this season. Snore fest.
  13. Edinburgh City

    I see from the twitter feed that in the game v Peterhead, fans were standing on the far grass banking behind the goal. when we have visited the stewards have told us that the spfl don’t allow that area to be open for league games. Has there been a change as the banking would be miles better for away fans than that horrible stand we are made to sit in.
  14. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Renton looks like he needs a rest. he gets a lot of stick unfairly I think, he wins a lot of high balls but it’s not his fault they mostly go to waste. When he was partnered with Dale Carrick in his last stint, Carrick scored a few goals from his knock downs, we don’t have anyone at the moment who does that.
  15. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Yes he has and that’s the issue he could not sign for Albion rovers or Berwick as outwith the spfl transfer window. in effect, if Cove or East Kilbride can persuade any players to be released early from their contracts ,they can sign them now. Spfl clubs cannot.