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  1. Superb well done to the media guys and fantastic stuff from the players. What a great bunch of guys. ❤️
  2. I think the fact it appeared in the press shows that the idiot who thought it up couldn’t get anyone to seriously consider it so they leaked it to the press to everyone talking about it in the hope someone takes it seriously. Any chance the author will own up ? I very much doubt it.
  3. It would be good to know who thought of this latest pish. I expect the Daily Record etc to be soon full of “leaked” blueprints thought up by each bunch of Premier League Chairmen.
  4. Well done Stenny. Fundraising must be going well. seen Spency driving about Inverkeithing in a nice new motor yesterday. 😂
  5. It’s just a shame it’s Kris Renton on the end of them 😂
  6. The point I was trying to make was the income from the postponed games is gone and very unlikely to be got back now thus deferring the players wages just causes a greater debt next season.
  7. I read that Albion Rovers players have offered to defer wages. I’m not sure that helps as with no income, it just means more money to shell out when normality resumes.
  8. I seen that talked about in Scotland too no relegation and bring in up to 4 clubs from lowland / highland league into league 2. No doubt the Colts will be suggested again at some point ! this would suit a lot of clubs as the Championship have been banging on about wanting 12 clubs for ages.
  9. Quick look on the League 2 thread....Oh and surprise surprise Lex is still greeting about Cove what a seething mess of a man you are. 😂
  10. I just can’t see how the season can resume. the peak of this virus is thought be late May early June. If we are shutting down now, football can’t resume when cases are rising towards May. It should be remembered that the suspension of football is not to stop the spread but to free up police medics etc to help manage the impact of the virus. We are talking about businesses here that have been asked to close down so police, ambulance etc can be freed up to help society. So the government are going to turn round now and say sorry you went bust but thanks for your help.!
  11. I dont think John Sheran will agree with you. Non promotion would be another example of the hatred by the SFA against Cove.
  12. I think best option is to finish the leagues now. make the league leaders champions but no promotion or relegation. Just can’t do it when teams have played differing numbers of games and what’s at stake, particularly for Brechin. remember too that lowland and highland league are suspended too so champions and play offs are compromised. the big issue here for small clubs is how do they survive with no income.?
  13. Congratulations to Brechin Season is over. Has to be the greatest escape of all time.
  14. I think you only need to look at Cove to see where Queens Park are going. Few of their promotion team left there now. Ray McKinnon is not one for sentiment as he has shown in the past. He will have players ready to come in at the end of their current contracts and the vast majority of the QP players will be let go having had their professional contract as a thank you for a few months.
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