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  1. What cash are you on about mate, ? Your losing it 😂
  2. I don’t but I will let you get on with writing that match report 😂
  3. I think you mean Spartans, they do the hospitality etc. maybe take a leaf from their book and try to be nice and respectful to the opposition rather than a bunch of arrogant rich wankers.
  4. Sunday can’t come quick enough to read the Cove official match report. More comedy gold on the way hopefully.
  5. I’m not disappointed with a point today. in those conditions, the game could have gone either way due to a slip or bad bounce. We probably edged the chances but on to Coatbridge to hopefully add to the points tally.
  6. Well deserved if only for holding the mighty Cowden to a Single goal victory against ten men 😂
  7. Surely Cove would be odds on in most games. Hardly going to make a mint in betting your own team.
  8. Strong rumour your signing Kane Hester in the transfer window.. currently 3/1 but lots of bets being laid in the Elgin and Cove areas apparently. 😂
  9. Coincides with the sudden injury crisis involving senior players who didn’t play on Saturday. Maybe more to this story ?
  10. I hope Edinburgh win, the entertainment value of the Cove official match report after a defeat is brilliant.
  11. With Nisbet now banging in the goals for Pars, was the compensation issue ever sorted. ? i remember at the time it was reported the Clubs couldn’t agree a fee but I’ve seen nothing since and I don’t think there has been a tribunal. i would have thought Raith would be due a wee wedge.
  12. You got the answer wrong then. 10th December I believe 😉
  13. He really is i was watching the Falkirk game last Friday on TV and they told the story how the new manager Lee Millar was booted out of Falkirk by Hartley. He decided to tell him he was no longer needed on Xmas Eve.
  14. Just love the WEAKENED in capitals at the very start to put the report into the desired context. this guy should get a job with Trump.
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