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  1. I haven’t had the time to analyse but seems that your better facing Hearts on a Saturday as Connor Smith and maybe a couples of others are used as bench warmers for the first team then given a LL outing midweek.
  2. Yeah, both Rangers and Hearts seem to be taking the piss, esp Rangers making highlights subscriber only. Must be trying to get their 40k bribe back.
  3. It’s time for a National Conference League like England to make a Tier 5, would be good crowds and good football and a very strong case for auto promotion to SPFL. Would upset a few but SFA should be asking for applications and just go for it. The Clubs that don’t want to participate can stay in LL, HL etc.
  4. Your right about the set up, a Conference style National league below L2 would be difficult for SPFL to deny access to but I seem to remember the SFA floated the idea and HL Clubs rejected it outright. Its the only way forward but will need need some arm twisting. The Non SPFL Clubs seem to think the seas will part cos Maxwell formed a working group ! Deluded nonsense to get the Colts in and will disappear if it hasn’t already.
  5. A Club adjusting to living within its means v a Club bankrolled by the Lawwell millions. No surprise.
  6. I thought Peter Lawwell was the SFA ?
  7. There is obviously a plan. Seems that Opengoal are owned by Peter Lawwells son so that explains the bankrolling and who is actually running the show.
  8. Nothing wrong in checking given the way the Colts treated the rules last year. I would expect Hearts squad to be nearly all Scottish, the other two less so. Remember this is only about developing Scottish talent according to the LL Chairman.
  9. If I could be bothered, I could count the crowd off the video but don’t think it would be 565. It’s an old trick to inflate the attendance in attempt to generate more interest.
  10. Didn’t look a good attendance on the video !
  11. Too many Scots, watch for a rule change soon.
  12. Good, need to make sure the Colts teams are kept honest and obey the rules since the League competition has zero integrity with their inclusion.
  13. The important part is were at least 7 of the starters Scottish ?
  14. Gary Fraser signed for them, used to play for us then went to Peterhead. Superstar is a boy called Slaney who used to play for Celtic apparently ? He is the podcast star with the Broomhill Manager Si Ferry and is making a comeback to football. Of course there is a film about the comeback you can follow if you fancy a cheap Rocky remake and some famous Glasgow banter.
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