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  1. The day after the SFA throw the lower leagues under the bus, allegedly until the end of January, Nippy comes out today and says even if things are better, restrictions are unlikely to be lifted at the end of the month so that’s that then, season over. Scot Gov were at the meeting with SFA and must have known this. The SFA do not care about lower league, non league Football and never will
  2. You can’t decide a season on 18 games and decide promotions and relegations. play for title and places over 18games to keep players fit and fans something to watch but no promotions or relegations would be best option then start again next season.
  3. Leagues 1/2 will be declared null and void, Lowland and Highland leagues will be up in arms, then Rangers, SPFL and SFA will ride to the financial rescue of Clubs to propose a reconstruction of 16 Clubs in League 2 to include the Old firm Colts. Almost like it was planned !
  4. I think McKinnon realises he needs to strengthen for league 1. He said in his interview he will review after the end of the season so I would expect some departures and additions for next season.
  5. I read that Hearts want him played as a midfielder, not a centre half.
  6. Nothing against Queens Park but it is pleasing to see the smugness wiped off McKinnons face tonight.
  7. Wasn’t getting much game time at Arbroath
  8. Pleased to hear it but Rangers have got themselves a couple of useful idiots in Fraser and MCMenamy
  9. Should just tell them that League 2 will go to 16 Clubs when the Premier League does.
  10. You are spot on and have managed to recruit some lackeys in Fraser and McMenamy to help them out. I would have thought Lowland League would be keen to see Colts in LL as the money would be very welcome to those Clubs.
  11. Well Gerry Birdbrain is on the group along with Brown from St Johnstone. No idea why as they are not affected. The Lowland League boy is obviously going to do anything Rangers say and Iain McMenamy is a big team groupie. I did initially think when I saw the headline that it was about the Premier League going to 16 teams, who could possibly argue against that ?
  12. But the streaming of games to the population, many of whom are isolated is an essential service and why most Clubs down to EoS league are doing it now.
  13. I don’t have the figures but it seems to me the “non testing” teams have had very few cases when compared with the Premier League twice weekly test teams. A great deal of credit is due therefore to the players and staff for keeping themselves safe when going about their daily work as well as training and playing Football.
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