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  1. United to weather an early storm, 2 for Shankland in the 2nd half, 3.points in the hipper and back over the bridge to wash the Fife off. Nae bather.
  2. Really wish you'd made that clearer, would have saved me getting involved in a thread and ending up watching a video of us getting pumped in a derby 20 year ago.
  3. I was at that game, my recollection is Utd battered Dundee but couldn't get past Douglas. Grady scored a mishit winner for Dundee late on and an angry mink ran out the East Stand, swung a pish poor punch at Douglas, missed and got put in his place.
  4. Good to hear Shed and East stand will be full. Fancy if we beat Dunfermline next week the GF will sell out as well.
  5. Winning it is a minter as well tbh. For me, just play the young lads and anyone needing a run out and if we get beat then so f**k.
  6. This habit of ending every post with "Thank you" seems to be particularly prevalent among Dundee fans on here. It's a bit odd.
  7. I don't think anyone would be shocked if Hemmings rattles in 20+ this season but definite question marks over him imo cos he sure as shite looks like a guy who's career is on a downward trajectory.
  8. Sure I read Hall was on trial more recently at another Championship team (fucked if I can remember who) so assume he never made the grade.
  9. I'd like a centre half in as competition / cover for Connolly as I can't say I'm all that keen on having Watson as first choice back up. Prefer Frans but as mentioned he looks to be at best 4th choice right now. I also wouldn't say no to an out and out left winger coming in but it's certainly not a necessity given the number of players we have who can play there if asked.
  10. Obviously I'm already in love with Shankland and his 50p heid but I couldn't be having him as a better player than Dobbie yet. Dobbie is class and has been for years. That being said if I had to pick one I'll take Shankland due to his age, potential sell on fee etc. Hemmings 3rd choice, the rest are varying degrees of average.
  11. I'll make the bold prediction that Ian Harkes will be a standout performer in the Utd midfield by the end of this season. After he came in in January he showed flashes of being a player, good on the ball, energetic and with an eye for a pass but far too often he got bullied or games just passed him by. Been mentioned in the Utd thread that he looks to have bulked up a bit over the summer and I think if he's able to get to grips with the pace and physicality of games his technical ability can shine through. Or he'll just be shite and get released next summer with a one paragraph statement thanking him for his efforts.
  12. Gonna be a real struggle for us this season right enough.
  13. I always liked the boy Konrad, he loved getting pumped in a derby. e.t.a. Funnily enough, magic as that game was I mind leaving the ground just a wee bitty pissed off because, late on, Townsend missed a good chance to make it 7-1 then Dundee went up and scored.
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