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  1. Hearts were good and, more importantly for them, looked right up for it. Enjoyed that. Defoe is pish.
  2. That was good. Aribo fucking up the kick off lol.
  3. Deserved equaliser for Hearts. Boyce and Naismith the makings of a decent front line.
  4. First half was a no bad game but this 2nd half has been honking.
  5. Last time Morton came to Tannadice they were a shambles and took 6, yesterday they got a point and were a kick in the arse off getting all 3. Aye it's frustrating seeing a keeper start time wasting in the 3rd minute and a team spend most of the game with 11 men within 30 yards of their own goal but for them it's job done and given we've been happy to engage in a bit of time wasting when it's suited us it's a fuckin' brass neck bumping our gums about it now. For Utd, I thought we slowed the game down too often when we looked to have got into decent positions and made an affy lot of wrong decisions in the final third. Might also turn out we were a bit unlucky with the disallowed goal and a couple of the penalty shouts. Still, kept plugging away got the equaliser and extended our lead at the top. Happy to forget that afternoon and move on.
  6. Tbh what I remember of the little I saw of him I didn't think he was good enough to make it at Utd let alone down there so no all that surprised to see him dropping down a good few levels.
  7. Cross was the first bit of quality in the game. Obviously love to see Dowzer steaming in at the back post too, get the feeling he quite likes scoring against Dundee.
  8. First game I've been home for since Arbroath away in December so looking forward to it. I'd like to see Glass and Appere come in for Pawlett and Harkes but reckon Pawlett will start. Hopefully no complacency from the team but we've been that solid it's difficult for me to expect anything other than a pretty comfortable win.
  9. Seems like a good move for Stanton, hope it goes well for him over there. Fairly average player who wouldn't have cut it for us in the prem but he always came across as a good c**t and no faulting his attitude.
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