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  1. Seen a lot of shite United performances in my time & last night has to be right up with some of the best of them just for how totally devoid of life it was. Deniz was fine, the rest were shite, with special mention to the 2 centre midfielders and the 2 centre halves for doing everything they could to out shite the rest of them. The winning goal pretty much summed up the performance of they clowns at the back. Just gies a fuckin centre half who doesn't induce the fear every time the ball is in their vicinity and a midfielder who can exert some kind of control on a game please.
  2. Aye agree with others above, he started off quite well but gradually fell apart in a piss poor team under piss poor management. Always carried himself well in interviews etc. and I hope it works out for him at Ayr.
  3. It's annoying me the boy next to him has odd socks on. Although they're so different I guess it has to be the fashion with gym goers in Slovakia?
  4. Shite way to lose a game but don't feel too downhearted after that. Thought we played well first half and looked dangerous on the handful of occasions we got bodies forward. Couldn't really get anything going in the 2nd half and we were crying out for a target man type striker who could hold the ball up a bit. Positives are we looked well organised again, every player seemed to know what was expected of them and they all grafted away for the full 90 minutes.
  5. Still early days but it really does feel like Ann Budge has done us a massive favour. MM just seems to be getting more from a lot of these guys than Neilson ever could. I mean Logan Chalmers couldn't get a game on loan at Arbroath last year and there he is playing 90 minutes yesterday and going past a couple of players in the lead up to the winning goal. His passion is infectious as well. Happy as f**k with how this last couple of weeks has gone.
  6. Been pleasantly surprised by Harkes in the opening 3 games, he looks far more confident in his own abilities and is the best of the 3 central midfielders for me. Pawlett has noticeably upped his work rate but still too lightweight and doesn't really seem to do anything of note when he's on the pitch. Butcher is obviously committed and gives his all every time he goes out but his passing and close control in tight situations aren't good enough and he jumps into too many rash challenges, counted a handful of times where he gave the ball away in our half last night through either a poor pass or poor first touch. I'd like upgrades on both, and certainly at least one, if we have any ambitions of finishing higher than 9th/10th this season. Solid enough start overall though and I'm really happy with how Mellon is going about his job.
  7. Bit of a frustrating way to lose the game but happy enough with where we are at this early stage. Need to work out how to get Harkes and Bolton on the ball further forward as we're struggling to create clear cut chances. Injuries in our opening games haven't helped either.
  8. Offside in the build up but still preventable from a Utd point of view. Good finish right enough.
  9. Started no bad but struggling to get a foot on the ball now. Hibs full backs getting a bit of joy going forward.
  10. Cracking result. Rode our luck a wee bitty at times but I thought we always looked like we could score when we got on the front foot. Bolton will be a big player for us.
  11. Quite a bold move trying to jam the tangerine in there with purple and black. No my cup of tea but hope it raises a few quid for an important cause.
  12. Thought young Neilson had a good game all things considered. He let Wotherspoon get away from him too easy for St Johnstones best chance in the first half but generally stood up well to the test. Looked comfortable on the ball and started off a couple of attacks bringing it out from the back. We definitely don't want to be relying on a 17 year old centre half week in week out but he looks to me like he'll have a future in the game.
  13. Harkes had a decent game, Shankland should have buried his chance at 1-0 but at least looked fairly dangerous throughout so I'm confident he'll get goals. Bolton showed a few flashes when he came on. Defence is, as expected, absolute shite. Sign a centre half please Dundee United Football Club.
  14. I got mine through without emailing them.
  15. Signed up. As others have said, app looks miles ahead of last years effort.
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