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  1. When does big Jon Obika crash the court room, handle the ball and smash the ball into the net. Get doon [emoji652]️
  2. Baby Bull out walking with Daddy bull in the hills, when they see a field of cows in a field at the bottom. Baby bull gets all excited and shouts. Dad dad let’s run down the hill and shag a cow. Daddy Bull calms his son down and says calmly. No son let’s walk down the hill and shag them all...........
  3. I believe 4 failed calls and the person gets wiped of the system. Completely fecked if no one answers a mystery call!!!
  4. Same with my Mrs. Logged on for past two weeks and not made a call ! Goalpost appears to be continually moving.
  5. Thing from the Addams family gasping for a pint !!
  6. Thursday night starts as a family 8pm clap. Wife and kids go in and 4 dads / neighbours have a socially distanced beer and a bit of banter. Highlight of the week just now !!
  7. Tent oot the backdoor. (If you have one - backdoor,not a tent).
  8. It only appears to be the tv companies dictating 4 OF games. Let them play at hampden in a opening charity shield type game. Winner gets to play twice at home in the league. This would allow you to play twice then a split. It’s feckin ridiculous that we need to suggest something like this. If the TVs want the OF games we should stand up and tell them or do one !!!
  9. I think I’m married to your wife [emoji848]
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