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  1. This. Only hope is that the pressure on him hiding ramps up, he does a Prince Phillip gaff, explodes under scrutiny and has a full blown heads gone live on Tv.
  2. If we are going for a young USA Coach. I would go with Brad Bobley. !
  3. Blue passports won’t be ready for the Benidorm brigade 🤣
  4. Chris Grayling coming out saying he is happy to just go for a no deal. That’s enough to scare the shit out of the whole country !!!
  5. Watching on a mates BEIN Sports. Shocking English commentary in a broom cupboard but at least it’s not Crocker and Provan.
  6. My wives preggers. What I would do for a wee touch and go. Ooft. 🤦‍♂️ Oops wife is ***
  7. I remember my dad once asking me if I fancied being a land owner. If I didn’t stop my cheek he would give me a kick in the nuts, which would give me a couple of acres. [emoji12]
  8. That reminds me, anyone seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet?
  9. Hope she makes it to the end of November. I want to see what the finished Tache looks like.
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