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  1. Feels like it's been a long week but starting to get pumped for this hopefully Dundee city centre has defibrillators handy because I expect to have a fucking heart attack at some point tomorrow night.
  2. It's only Monday and my nerves are already fucked. Come Friday I'll be drinking like a mad b*****d.
  3. Really need the 3 points today so hopefully no fucking about from us and a good clean performance and result. Anyone know how gowser is getting on fitness wise,he's just the player we need for the run in.
  4. Looks a good solid team with good options on the bench. Hopefully a good performance and 3-0 the dee
  5. So still no pitch inspection planned. Dundee's confidence that the pitch will be playable can only mean one thing. I'll go for a 2pm call off.
  6. Sweeney back in the team. Congratulations on your 3 points ayr.
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