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  1. Offt sky rolling out the big guns then,wonder who the bbc have got floating about.
  2. People can fight and disagree about all things dundee which isn't a bad thing its good to have different opinions,at the end of the day however we all want the best for our club. One thing we can all agree on is that we fucking hate the dab wanks.
  3. Anyone know if we can watch salmond testify live today??
  4. Thankfully my deetv is playing up and won't let me in to see this pish.
  5. No fucking about today Dundee get this mob pumped thank you.
  6. Crawford is a pussy and Clearly shitting it about playing the mighty dees.
  7. To many people trying to score cheap political points over the vaccine rollout,fair play to the Scottish government for getting on with the job at hand and protecting our most vulnerable in our care homes and our communities.
  8. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing.
  9. Good to see that you are not raging or bitter in the slightest.
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