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  1. One of the st johnstone boys will have.
  2. Livingston v Dundee

    All this nice shit to the Livingston boys is making me sick,f**k off ya maggot wanks,
  3. All things Dundee FC

    I can recommend the chips and curry sauce(for throwing at dabs)
  4. Livingston v Dundee

    Hassan kachloul is from Morocco,I'm sure he would like a wee visit from a Dundee fan for old times sakes.
  5. Livingston v Dundee

    Declan Gallagher's role model
  6. Livingston v Dundee

    Is he offering a fight or a wee kiss
  7. Livingston v Dundee

    Fucking disgusting that in the modern era we live in that Livingston don't have a TV channel. Do you c***s still watch 10inch black and white tvs and play your Atari computers.
  8. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    Good to see the Celtic team applauding the empty seats at the end.
  9. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    Thick as f**k the lot of them.
  10. The Highland Derby

    4-3 county 2 red cards
  11. All things Dundee FC

    Could be a double bluff by the Americans pretend to want the shares/new stadium just so the dfcss can then reject the offer giving them the Americans the excuse to say ta ta. Personally looking at everything the Americans have done with us I reckon there here for the long haul. As for the dfcss think they made it clear it there statement they are only looking out for themselves.
  12. Dundee v Killie - Wed 6th Feb

    Who the f**k watches Sportscene anymore.