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  1. St.johnstone v Dundee

    McIntyre can shove his apology up his arse with a red hot poker with barbed wire and broken glass on it.
  2. St.johnstone v Dundee

    I fucking hate Saturdays.
  3. St.johnstone v Dundee

    More likely it will be us rolling over against a team with nothing to play for. I'm already preparing myself for the expected taunting during the game about doon with utd etc.
  4. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Season starts on Saturday St johnstone 1 Dundee 4
  5. Dundee v Aberdeen

    Enough of the 7 pish You'll get 6 and be fucking happy Our defenders would not know a clean sheet if you hit them in the puss with it.
  6. Dundee v Aberdeen

    On the overnight train from London for this game,hopefully the bar is open all night.
  7. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Your to polite,we are fucking mince.
  8. Tierney fit I see,Scotland shitebag
  9. St.johnstone v Dundee

    If you had watched Dundee all season like we have you would understand why we are all fucking depressed.
  10. The Paisley Buddies v Dundee

    Stay safe lads and watch your wallets,the weegies are robbing minks.
  11. The Paisley Buddies v Dundee

    You've made the right choice,more talent on show in Newcastle than there will be in paisley today.
  12. The Paisley Buddies v Dundee

    I was going to say that I doubt gowser will be playing but seeing as this game will be a scrappy hard fought battle then gowser might just play. If he does hopefully he boots the f**k out of every st Mirren player.
  13. Brophy hat trick just to piss off Jackthebellend2002
  14. The Paisley Buddies v Dundee

    St Mirren 0 Dundee 1(Nelson pen)