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  1. As long as its a democratic "bottling" then I'm sure it will be respected by all [emoji848]
  2. Sneaky UEFA c***s sending emails out on a Saturday night and a election weekend 2. Fucking maggots.
  3. Mcpake having plenty of time to plan for these games is probably(definitely)a bad thing for us. He's most likely spent his time playing football manager to work out a team,formation and tactics.
  4. Lost my 2 tickets for Scotland v Croatia
  5. Salmond getting punted in the 2017 general election was funny as f**k as was Jackie Baillie being elected yesterday especially when you all pished your pants when you thought she might get punted pleasing.
  6. "Hoping PM will be embarrassed " [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. Don't think drug deaths is a big priority for the people of Dundee when electing Msps to represent them.
  8. Kev will be heading to vote soon in Dundee East with his 18 year old son. This is his first time voting and I believe he's voting SNP. People of his age group are our future so it's important that we encourage them to get out and vote [emoji994] and make their voices heard.
  9. Thought uefa would have organised the ballot by now all very frustrating.
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