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  1. Edinburgh police should just let everyone in pissed would make for a good spectacle if the action on the pitch is w**k.
  2. We have to accept mcpake will be here until the end of the season,the board are backing him in this transfer window with players in and out so there is no chance he will get punted after backing him.
  3. Nelms to announce mcpake has been given a contract extension
  4. If you struggle to score against us then your strikers need punted into the tay after the game.
  5. Only fitting that the American national anthem is played before kick off.
  6. Mcpake mentioned previous games against utd and how we made mistakes that cost us and how we must cut them out,so its guaranteed tonight someone will f**k up again.
  7. If your defending is as pathetic as ours then I'll go 6-6
  8. More chance of granny danger surviving this winter than of us scoring 3 goals.
  9. Clearly dirty Arab bassa condones violence and in particular violence against women needs banned asap the wee maggot.
  10. Just bought my tickets we've sold 900 tickets according to boy in shop.
  11. Was following the game on there as well,fucking awful statistics. I'm sure mcpake will see things differently though.
  12. We been shite then or is that a stupid question.
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