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  1. Yeah I was wondering that myself, shame they're not going to have a crack at the 1st div, be interested to see how many players stay as well
  2. Congratulations to everyone connected with EK Thistle to Billy, Gaz, Ronnie and their players, great achievement considering the run of games they had to contend with, and good luck in the Central 1st next season
  3. That's a terrible suggestion, the Gale was played in the right manner, I can point to the Gartcairn lad getting so fired u0 he lost the plot and got himself sent off! A few Gartcairn players played really well numbers 8, 11 and 14 were stand outs for me. Sounds a he'll of a lot like sour grapes
  4. Why not?, strong heritage and link either the Irish community in the Gargad, links to Celtic via Jimmy McGrory. How's that any different to the dozen or so junior clubs with Rangers in their name?
  5. Tall order Gartcairn playing some very good stuff last few games
  6. f**k sake lad learn what words mean before posting them you've been condoning racism all through the last 20 pages of this thread, been reading it as a neutral I don't see any sour grapes from the candy and they're not a shite team just fell short this year and it's a tough league to get out of, I don't know what the Larkhall guys are a nice bunch it's unfortunate that there's a bigot element that's still attached to the club but not sure they can stop that at junior level
  7. Always tough for a ref, but he never gave a foul for that incident so I think he knew there was no contact as he was very close to it himself, interestingly I never seen the other stuff just when the boy was in the deck just the melee, and the second and 3rd goals for Lanark were superb and worth the entry fee alone
  8. I need to disagree respectfully with your assesmnet on the Lanark no7 I've not seen that level of play acting before in some 30 years of watching junior fitbaw, anytime anyone was near him he was rolling around at one pijnt the the 2nd halfhe went down as it he broke his ankle screaming in paun and rolling about this was right in front of me and in my opinion he was looking to get a player sent off plain and simple but 1 minute later hes back up and running like new. although your right about the tackle on the young lad it looked as if the EK player was over the ball and worthy of a red, I don't think there was malice in it just a firm tackle and he got it wrong and not for the forst time in the game the ref bottled it
  9. Not sure a pyramid would do anything for that, I think the junior game is vastly under rated and needs some exposure I'd like to.see the sjfa do some marketing of the league and the fixtures and see a lot of the clubs become more active within their communities ie within the schools etc you just have to look at what St Rochs are doing just now it's brilliant and really engaging the community which should translate in to paying punters for the long term
  10. There was a few lucky to be on the park the gamesmanship and diving from the Lanark no7 was very distasteful to watch he was always looking to get a player booked when no contact was made, I watched the game today as a neutral and enjoyed it I thought there wasn't much between the teams and Lanark done enough for the 3 points however if he gives the pen to EK in the second half it may have been a different story but there you go that's football
  11. I know that at least 5 players have signed and are playing with the juniors 4 of whom played with them at u19 last season and 1 who's been there a couple of seasons and played u17 with Ross Vale the 19's last year had a good relationship with Lauchy and he was very receptive to the 19s training and playing with the juniors when he could the same with the 21s
  12. EK thistle have just set up a 19's academy think.it will.take a bit of time.to.bear fruit with regards to the first team tho as it's only been this season but it's a great way of getting the boys involved even at training and bounce games
  13. The current 19's coaches will take up the running of the 21's next season. I believe 2 of the current 21 coaches will remain within Rossvale in other capacities and the 3rd coach is taking some time out but will hopefully be back. I really don't know anything about the amateurs setup, but a very well run club who always look to promote youth and get the boys playing at a higher level
  14. I hope so big guy, no doubt we were off the pace but these things happen, #RossvaleRevolution
  15. i disagree slightly mate, Thorniewood managed fine, infact their first goal came from their big centre back stepping out with the ball at his feet he was then able to play a decent ball in to feet and score. JC I know the pitch was really heavy and bumpy but Rossvale never really played to their strengths last night
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