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  1. I'm sure that was a game against Clydebank. I remember doing the same.
  2. No, he is absolutely terrible. Can't run, can't shoot and is incredibly lazy. Please pass this on to the staff at Dundee FC to prevent this disaster of a signing.
  3. This might be a bit controversial and I know most people won't agree but I'd let Lewis Vaughan take it.
  4. I know he was getting on a bit but Dave Bowman was terrible in his spell with us, more interested in arguing with supporters if i recall.
  5. We've absolutely rotten luck sometimes. I find it ironic and annoying that this has happened yet Craig Barr has played every game so far for Dumbarton.
  6. It was a similar reaction as when i watched the Sixth Sense for the first time: 'What?...eh?......HE'S BEEN DEAD THE WHOLE TIME!!'
  7. We usually move away from them if they end up sitting near us at away games. Fair enough they are usually the only ones who sing but they are usually the first ones to turn on the team as well.
  8. Great for Callachan, well deserved. A leader on the pitch.
  9. Yeah I went down to this and stayed in Chester. Luckily the re-arranged game ended up being about 15 minutes away in a taxi. Was a bit of a farce though, was played at a pitch similar to one at the michael woods centre, with the handful of supporters just standing on the touchline. Southport turned up with 9 players, we had to give them 2 and ended up losing 3-0. Seem to recall Jamie Mackie scoring a roaster.
  10. The McMillan club being opened to all fans pre-match? Guess I'll not be paying my £120 membership fee then.....
  11. Happens every single year, without fail. Remember some fans boooing the team off after a defeat to East Fife a couple of years ago. Went on to have our best league finish in almost 20 years.
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