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  1. Mulling was dreadful tonight...worst I've seen him play...his crossing / corners were poor and if passes to him weren't to feet he didn't appear to be interested...
  2. Yip...100% Rugbypark.. I am old enough to remember when Ayr had a better support than Kilmarnock with regular gates of over 6000...the Old Firm becoming fashionable helped dilute that number as I'm sure it did Killie support... but our previous lack of ambition combined with poor backing of SAC has certainly contributed... the board / management are doing their best to interact with the community we just need a return for their efforts... it's understood cash is tight in current climate and maybe a few good results is all it will take to get numbers up... here's hoping...or we could end up back in the doldrums...
  3. Fair comments and you may well be right about baggage...but maybe he's had a rude awakening by no one coming in for him and that has got him pulling his finger out... Time will tell I suppose
  4. I think you may be right with Bullen and Griffiths... however I would take a punt on him on maybe a pay as you play deal with a goal bonus.... he's the type that needs an arm round him now and again and I think Bully is made of that stuff... Griffiths is a natural goal scorer and can with either foot and head and has a range of free kicks in his locker... according to Daily Ranger he's been training 6 days a week in a boxing gym and list a fair bit of weight in order to get fit.....
  5. Cracking top...would love Ayr to have similar as an option at some point.... hope it serves you well...except at Somerset Park
  6. Likewise...would prefer black shorts and socks with both kits
  7. Well done Hibs, great game, great result...just watched several renditions of Sunshine on Leith on You Tube...absolutely fantastic...best fans song ever and incredibly sung....looking forward to seeing you at Somerset Park next season.
  8. I agree porkie....it's OK having a bit of banter.....but it's not until you've lost someone close that you can appreciate the delicacy of some of the forum comments which sometimes go a bit too far.
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