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  1. At last....The TRUTH !....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_gMT4_PDJI&feature=youtu.be&t=4800
  2. At last....The TRUTH !....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_gMT4_PDJI&feature=youtu.be&t=4800
  3. Section 30 order ? You must be joking. Make sure you order a yellow vest from Santa this Xmas.
  4. Yep one of the worst examples of BBC biased scum. Why do the sheeple pay these b*****ds a "licence fee" ?
  5. Peterhead v Montrose BTTS plus Dundee United win.
  6. Dundee v Dundee Utd...……………….BTTS...…………..4/6 buying money
  7. Dirty filthy scum BBC no results or match report. Sky TV the same. We are fkd as long as we tolerate these English broadcasters. Living in a colony !! Let's get Independence and get these cnts to fk !!
  8. Ipswich and Peterborough win double.
  9. Great march in Aberdeen yesterday. Mile long Union Street was filled from end to end. Would estimate a figure of around 20000 at least. A handful of Butcher’s Apron waving unionists looked a sorry sight and were laughed at by good humoured and well behaved marchers. The atmosphere was charged with a positive can do spirit, friendly and welcoming with an infectious desire to change the course of Scotland’s future. These marches are VERY IMPORTANT. They remind us all that our corrupt BBC and MSM are feeding us with unionist propaganda and trivia. Through gatherings like these we feel and see the reality of our subordinated condition. It was a proud day for Scotland and Aberdeen whilst delivering a positive message to those who are unsure of Scotland’s future. Next one Perth then Edinburgh. Come on Scotland !!
  10. The theft of Scotland’s oil over the past 50 years by multi-national companies aided and abetted by successive Labour and Tory governments is the biggest crime perpetrated against Scotland’s economy. Swept under the carpet by the BBC and an MSM owned and used by the very people who grow wealthier by the day we are now fed the lie that austerity is the only path to follow for relieving our present condition. With the abolition of Petroleum Revenue Tax on all new fields after March 1993. oil companies and their shareholders have been enriching themselves from Scotland’s oil ever since and continue to do so under a corrupt Westminster regime. This blatant theft of revenue from Scotland’s economy must be first on the agenda to bring this situation to an end.
  11. Hope to see you all at the march for independence in Aberdeen this Saturday 17th August. Starts Albyn Place 1.30pm. Many thousands are expected. People of Aberdeen have had enough of Barney Crocket and his dysfunctional Labour/Tory administration. Their days are numbered along with the Union Jack which he flies from our Townhouse tower.
  12. Action Time ! March for Independence ….Aberdeen Saturday 17th August. Begins Albyn Place 1.30pm. Everyone invited.
  13. Join the All Under One Banner / Yes March here in Aberdeen on Saturday 17th August. Starts 1.30 Albyn Place.
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