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  1. TNS v Dumbarton

    Looking at perhaps staying in Chester for an over night if traveling by car or train.
  2. TNS v Dumbarton

    I must admit that I am going because it's a semi final in another country. I hope not to offend.
  3. TNS v Dumbarton

    I hope so!!!
  4. Sons' sorrow

    Clyde pay £60 per week, not been to any game's yet therefore I have no comments to make on our seriously depleted squad. The squad need player's, look at Harvie from last year on the Aberdeen bench during the week. We can improve young players and give them game time. So that should be enough for us to offer larger clubs options for youth development.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    Hope you recover quickly pal.
  6. Sons' sorrow

    No problem with away tops but not the home one
  7. Sons' sorrow

    I think that top is horrific. White with black and gold are the colours I associated with Dumbarton F.C. Not see me with that on. Ok I have only had season ticket for six years but orange is not apparent to me.
  8. Sons' sorrow

    The white base colour and black and gold across the chest.
  9. Sons' sorrow

    Totally agree it is unique for Dumbarton F.C.
  10. Sons' sorrow

    Been looking for a retro top for a while. Did we not exist? Getting annoyed!!!
  11. Sons' sorrow

    I went to school with Lawrence and he is a Clydebank fan but has always supported the causes of local teams. I assure you he is a top guy.
  12. Sons' sorrow

    No service on Thursday night pal?
  13. Sons' sorrow

    He was a top bloke who made me very welcome when I started to follow the Sons. He was aware of my own health issues and he wanted to know how to help me if I had a seizure. He contacted me regularly recently as I had missed a few games. He was never slow to have a laugh as we did often. He was the type of person who just loved his family and his team. An absolute pleasure to have spent time with and I will carry his name given to me as "the Clydebank Casual" for ever. Big hugs to my pal missing you already.