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  1. Naismith starting against Ayr, that didn't work out too well for him last time. Bet he puts in a phenomenal shift now I've said that.
  2. Euan Henderson on loan from Hearts, happy with that. He looked phenomenal for Alloa last season (I still have nightmares about that 4-3 game at Firhill) and I was hoping we might make a move for him before the season started.
  3. And even though it's not MLB, the World Baseball Classic starts in 5 weeks! It's a few of years overdue thanks to COVID, but always an entertaining tournament.
  4. The hypocrisy of Dundee fans making constant Gretna references and giving it the Wealdstone Raider style "you've got no fans" patter every second post, while simultaneously claiming that any slaggings about their dodgy financial past are unoriginal is very funny.
  5. I don't think there's any chance of Fox signing a new contract unless we go up, and even then it wouldn't surprise me if he had better options sadly. There's absolutely no chance of us letting him go this month though, unless somebody offers a daft amount of money for him.
  6. All profits go to the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity as well. Fair play to the club for that, hopefully it sells really well... I've already ordered mine!
  7. Hope it's absolutely bonkers and gets loads of attention.
  8. Not sure he'll have much of a say in it if Rangers want to offload him. I think he's improved since the start of the season, but I don't know if he's the sort of player we're likely to spend money to keep. I suppose that might depend on what the clubs down south are offering!
  9. I can't remember either but I'm sure even Accies fans were put behind the goal, and from the pictures I saw there can't have been more than 50/60 of them. Makes me wonder if we were asked if we have a preference and the club chose that. Bit disappointed by that news. It's a very crampt wee section up there, and I'd imagine there will be a decent amount more of us on Saturday than last time given how big a game it is which makes me worry about it being PATG only. The view was rubbish too.
  10. Usually there's an option to recall loanees if the parent club wants them back. McPake is out of contract at the end of the season and Rangers clearly don't think he's good enough to be part of their first team, so I suppose it makes sense for them to cash in while they still can.
  11. I understand your point of view, but I disagree with it. Livingston away is a rubbish draw; it's a very difficult game where progression is unlikely, and it's not exactly a money maker either. Of course I want us to win every game we play and I'd prefer we did go through, but not at the expense of the league (a competition which we might actually be capable of winning). We don't have much depth beyond our starting eleven, so if we were to pick up an injury or two because of the trip to Inverness, 3 days out either side from Dundee away then Ayr at Ochilview, then that'd be very disappointing. It's just not worth the risk. I'm still going to be heading up for it, but I hope we rest at least 8 or 9 players.
  12. That certainly helps! I do think their picks have been quite smart though, rather than just going for the top rated option. Can't see them spending big money quite yet. A lot of these young guys need a bit more experience first, but I'd imagine it'll happen next year.
  13. How about them Orioles then? Punched above their weight last season, and they have a huge amount of talent coming through the system at the minute. I reckon they'll give a lot of these young boys a shot in the big leagues this year then go daft next season pushing for the World Series. So many exciting young players, fingers crossed.
  14. This isn't the playoffs (where everyone you're playing against has the same number of games) though? Strange comparison. Nobody's saying it wouldn't be possible, or that the team isn't capable of playing 3 games in a relatively short amount of time. We'd just rather not risk it.
  15. Disappointed this has been rescheduled in between Dundee away on the Saturday and Ayr at Ochilview on the Friday. Would rather we made 8/9 changes for it now, under those circumstances.
  16. You'd probably get a better answer from Peterhead fans, we've never really seen enough of him to judge!
  17. Really liked the new single when I saw The National live last year, and I think the studio version sounds even better. Can't wait to hear what the song with Sufjan will be like too.
  18. I'd like to think we'd at least have the foresight to cover the pitch when it's raining for about 3 weeks straight, which it doesn't appear the SFA bothered doing.
  19. How many away fans did you expect to be there? We don't have a big support in general, it's January so everyone is skint, and we're back up again next week so I'd imagine a lot of people will have chosen one or the other. Not to mention the fact that we also had Cove away last week, and we're up at Dens too before the end of the month!
  20. It'd be shite even for League 2. You have to consider cup draws and big playoff games too. Lesser Hampden in its current state is absolutely unacceptable.
  21. At least when we're inevitably playing against each other in the WOSFL we'll have had a good laugh. It's utterly fuckin' abject for you boys.
  22. We were poor by our standards, but we should still have won. Some of our better players struggled a bit today (Thomas and Thomson especially), but I'd have bitten your hand off for 7 points from Thistle, Cove and Inverness in the first 3 league games of 2023. Onwards and upwards!
  23. Ooft, if that was some of the best football you've played this season then you should be absolutely delighted with being 6th.
  24. Dundee are actually mid table for average squad age, with the fifth oldest. We have the second youngest.
  25. Savoury has won player of the month too. Very well deserved!
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