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  1. 990 seats is more than Arbroath have. I don't know whether there is an option for some limited standing round the pitch. Notwithstanding I doubt whether there will be more than 990 QP fans at the games so any ground share will either be for financial benefit (How much however would the likes of Killie or Motherwell want to ground share?) Or would it simply be to allow a bigger away support? How much will it cost QP fans to get to Broadwood or Ochilview? For me a capacity of 990 is fine. Let's go home. Can't agree with this at all. We need to be more ambitious, and a capacity of 990 (possibly 750 after we give the away teams a fair allocation?) doesn't allow any room for growth at all. I've already had several people who have never watched Queen's before mention to me that they'd like to come along to some games next season. 1500 is the absolute minimum, I think.
  2. Settling down to watch the Blues vs Avs game now, only the second game I've been able to catch these playoffs. Think taking it back to St Louis at 1-1 will be massive against a very good Colorado team. Fingers crossed, anyway!
  3. Multicoloured eyesores are class, I hope we have one again this season.
  4. Think your maths might be right in this case Boris, because a bit of digging shows that his two most recently followed accounts on Instagram are the official Queen's Park and SPFL pages. 6 foot 6 centre half with 13 caps for Nigeria. Pair him with Charlie Fox please, and we're never conceding a goal again.
  5. I believe Connell only has a year left on his contract at Celtic. I know he wouldn't come cheap, but he absolutely rose to the occasion in the playoffs and could comfortably step up to the Championship, especially with better players around him. I'd love to see us make an attempt at getting him in again, possibly even permanently.
  6. I suspect you might be right in terms of him having reached a glass ceiling with Montrose. They're a very decent team, well organised, and good to watch, but any opportunity for further progression is probably gone now as League One continues to get tougher and tougher. Fair point! Also, it might just be more appealing anyway to take on Dunfermline as they rebuild to challenge next season, compared with trying to pull away from the lower end of the Championship last time. It's certainly less risky from his perspective anyway.
  7. Surely that's less likely now than it was last time, since it wouldn't even be a step up to a higher division for him?
  8. Told me last night he wants to be here next season, but he might have just not wanted to break my heart.
  9. Hope the Airdrie boys enjoy their nice pitch that was meant to win them promotion!
  10. Lots of very diplomatic posts on this thread. I, on the other hand, wish Airdrie nothing but the worst. Hopefully you never get out of this division. Get it right fuckin roon yees. Mon the Queen's!
  12. Away fans are in the one opposite the main stand.
  13. I don't think we're plucky underdogs at all, it's for the reasons you've mentioned that I genuinely do believe there's more pressure on Airdrie. This division is going to be horrific next season, but like you say we have the financial backing to be competitive in it. If you don't take your best chance of getting promoted in years and end up playing in the hardest third tier I can remember, will your best players stick around for it? What about Ian Murray?
  14. Surely you'd agree that the pressure is on Airdrie now though? You've been in this division for the best part of a decade, and there will be a big, noisy, expectant crowd there on Sunday after the excellent season you've had. Regardless of whether you think we've underachieved or not (I personally believe that's the case), I doubt many people expected us to find ourselves just one game away from promotion even a few months ago.
  15. That's true, but if we are at our best, we won't let you not let us not let you play well either.
  16. I'm sure it doesn't help the away team either, but we were well drilled despite the pitch, not because of it. I'm certain can play just as well if not better on a decent surface too - the semi final proved that.
  17. Airdrie were there for the taking at 1-0 and it's a bit disappointing we didn't capitalise on that. I think overall we were the better team, but a draw is far from the end of the world. Looked like a ridiculous penalty to give away, would like to see that again before really passing judgement, but I would expect better from Ferrie than a moment of madness like that. Murray was class, and I'd be happy if he got another year on his contract after how he's performed in the playoffs, looks exactly like the sort of player we've missed all season while he's been injured/played out of position/dropped strangely enough. I've got faith that Coyle knows what he's doing and that we can grind it out on Sunday. The pitch at Firhill isn't the leveller that some have suggested, we've hardly been able to make it work to our advantage this season. Let's do this Queen's!
  18. As someone mentioned his name is Dylan Ruiz Diaz, he was the same trialist who played against Clyde a few weeks back as well. Played at a few youth clubs before settling at Central Coast Mariners academy and eventually moving into the first team squad. He scored 7 goals in 7 appearances for Australia u20s, and was quite highly regarded before somewhat strangely deciding to leave them to sign for a Polish lower league club. If you put his name into a Twitter search, you'll find videos of him scoring a few crackers.
  19. Officially he isn't, but he's still in the dugout calling the shots and also managed to get himself booked a few weeks ago so who knows?
  20. Your humble and kind words almost make me feel bad about posting this picture, but it's too good not to:
  21. "Coyle beat the Pars, With a goal from Simon Murray"
  22. I would give him a 5 year contract tomorrow. I think he'll re-sign, especially if we go up.
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