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  1. Easton is a wee bampot, and it was delightful to see him have a terrible game. I don't think we were very good today but we still deserved the win. It was nice to get our second clean sheet in a row (in the league) as well. Eze had possibly his best game for us so far. He should've scored in the first half too, but it's good to see his height finally be used as an attacking threat too. Looking forward to the Morton game on Tuesday already.
  2. He was initially being kept out of the starting lineup by Grant Savoury, who is genuinely one of the most exciting young players I've ever seen at Queen's. Our formation then started taking more of a 4-4-2 shape with 2 relatively deep sitting midfielders and 2 wingers, and unfortunately for Liam neither of those roles suit him. I'd personally have preferred to keep him as an option off the bench and for injury cover, but I can also understand why he wants to play first team football. I do think the point you made in your second post is valid though, we'd heard rumours that he might be going out on loan but it was to a League One side.
  3. Brown is an excellent player, and he's more then capable of playing in the Championship. He's just been a little unfortunate this season because he doesn't really fit well into our current system. I think this is a good move for everyone involved. If he's played in a more advanced role then he'll give defenders at that level an absolutely torrid time. Hope he does well.
  4. The League One champions generally have an alright record, but teams that get promoted via the playoffs have always struggled, more often than not going straight back down - Ayr multiple times if I remember correctly, Cowden, and of course Brechin. Alloa also narrowly avoided the relegation playoffs by one point and on goal difference both times they've come up that way. I believe Airdrie also finished 9th but didn't have to compete in the playoffs because Livi were demoted.
  5. Yep, you'll be in the big terrace behind the goal.
  6. Thought he was our best player today too, although Davidson deserves a special mention for his contribution when he came on as well
  7. You won't be the only one, I think it outsold the previous best seller in the series by 3 or 4 times!
  8. It's a brilliant game, definitely. I'm a massive fan of the series in general and I wouldn't even have it in my top 5 Zelda games to be honest, they changed the formula a bit too much for my liking. I definitely appreciate it for what it is though and hope they can re-introduce some of the older elements they removed.
  9. Thought it was bizarre that Nintendo chose not to stream today's direct on the UK YouTube channel. Now that they've announced the new Zelda game's title as Tears of the Kingdom it makes a bit more sense. Hilarious timing, and I'm buzzing that we finally have a name and date for this.
  10. Yesterday was obviously very disappointing, but today we have a bonus episode of the podcast which we're excited to share. We sat down with one of the heroes of the 2006/07 promotion winning season David Weatherston, to catch up about his time at the club and beyond. Unfortunately there were some technical issues while recording, but hopefully they won't impact your enjoyment of it too much. It's available on Spotify and Apple Music now: https://linktr.ee/spiderstalk
  11. The referee was definitely poor. Think a couple of Dundee players should've been booked when they weren't, and Eze could've been sent off for us.
  12. Dundee were definitely the better team today, and anyone who claims otherwise is at it. The first 10/15 minutes or so looked really positive, but we totally fell away after they scored. My biggest concern is the goals we gave away. Eze had no business going through that boy for the penalty, he should've just let him get the shot away if he couldn't catch up to him because it was a difficult angle. Kilday, who has been good over the past few games, was absolutely terrible today. He should've been able to shut down that second goal before it even became a chance, despite how good a finish it was. We really need to sort out that defence. It's alright when we're winning 3-2 or 2-1, but it's clearly not good enough.
  13. As he should be. We had our chances and if we'd taken them it might've been a different game, but we didn't. We were very poor at the back. It was a daft penalty to give away, and even the second goal could've been stopped before he got the opportunity to have the shot. Still, not the end of the world. Dundee away is the hardest game in this league and we're still 4th in what is a very competitive league. It'd be silly to get too upset after that today.
  14. Raith signing McBride is even funnier than Cove signing Longstaff, and that was very funny
  15. McBride is absolutely stinkin'. Genuinely can't believe he's been signed by a club at this level, although it's been rumoured that his dad's his agent so he probably does a good job of talking him up to clubs. He added absolutely no quality whatsoever for us last season when he played.
  16. The biggest success of this transfer window for me is how deep a squad we've managed to build. In the Premier Sports Cup matches we looked ok, but you got the feeling that we were just an injury or two away from really struggling, which isn't the case anymore. We have an excellent mixture of youth and experience all throughout the team. Another huge positive is that we didn't fall into the trap of bringing in loanees from a "higher level" just for the sake of it. Last season we signed a few guys just because they were coming from big clubs, in positions that we didn't need to fill, and a lot of them turned out to be absolute diddies. Guys like Johnny Kenny from Celtic and Malachi Boateng from Crystal Palace are what we actually needed, and very solid additions to the squad. If I were being greedy, I might've wanted another keeper to come in and challenge Ferrie for the number one jersey. He's having a really good season so far though and you can see improvement in the parts of his game that people have been critical about, so hopefully that won't be an issue. Dom Thomas has been the most exciting signing for me, at least up until this point anyway. He's such an entertaining player to watch, and you just know that he's capable of creating something out of nothing every single time he gets near the ball. Delighted we managed to get him, he'd walk straight into just about any side's starting eleven in this division.
  17. Fair enough I suppose. Out of curiosity, which was your favourite out of the times your club went into administration?
  18. My understanding is that they can only broadcast a maximum of two home games for each team all season. Ayr and Thistle have already hosted one each, so I'm not sure how likely it is that they'll get another that quickly but you never know.
  19. Northern Ireland are at home that day too, so I think there's a decent chance it may get moved.
  20. Ridiculously buzzin' for Cliftonville away, what a draw
  21. Totally disagree. Every single event that took place is described in a hilariously biased fashion, downplaying anything we did while making them out to have been the better team.
  22. Really recommend reading the match report on the Cove website if you fancy a laugh, where they describe yesterday as "an undeserved defeat". The person who wrote it was either at a totally different game, or absolutely pished: https://coverangersfc.com/2022/08/27/improved-performance-in-unlucky-loss/
  23. I think this is a bit harsh! For me he was one of the best players on the park up in Arbroath. Obviously I still agree that 3 at the back would be a brave decision though. It's a very exciting, but equally terrifying idea.
  24. Quitongo was a decent impact sub when fit but that wasn't often enough. His pace and strength really did add something when he came off the bench, but I did wonder how much of an impact that would have in the Championship when coming up against players who are quicker and stronger themselves. At the time I'd have maybe considered keeping him, but we've replaced him with better options now. Gillespie would've been one of the first out the door for me. He was very good in League Two, and alright in the first half of last season, but whenever he played from about December onwards the only contribution he regularly made was to give the ball away (I blame the new hair, personally). Again, we now have better players who fill the same role thankfully! Still, they were both part of two promotions for us which isn't something many have achieved over the years and I think every Queen's fan wishes them both well (except against us, of course!).
  25. Not sour grapes at all, Murray is exceptionally good at playacting. I'm just arguing for the sake of it, the other guy was totally correct.
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