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  1. Wouldn't say there's a special link between the fans, they can get to f**k as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Airdrie 2 - 1 East Fife Clyde 0 - 4 Queen's Park Falkirk 1 - 0 Dumbarton Montrose 1 - 1 Alloa Peterhead 1 - 3 Cove
  3. We had 3 of them last season, including Connell. He's a fantastic player and I genuinely think he would get on fine in the Premier League. Don't fully understand why Celtic are sending him out on loan at this level but I'm not complaining.
  4. Connell was phenomenal for us last season, and there's absolutely no reason to think this time will be any different. I actually saw some Celtic fans suggesting he should've been in their squad for the Europa League last night. This could be a huge signing! He would do a job good in the Premier League IMO, never mind League One.
  5. That was our worst performance of the season so far, in my opinion. We just weren't at the races and lacked, well, everything. 4/10 all round at best. Need to win our next two games, no excuses.
  6. Alloa 1-1 Falkirk Cove 4-2 Montrose Dumbarton 1-0 East Fife Peterhead 1-2 Clyde Queen's Park 3-0 Airdrie
  7. Fancy us to turn it on today. Longstaff looked good last week considering he'd just arrived, and I can't wait to see how he links up with Gillespie and Murray. 3-0 Queen's.
  8. Murray player of the month and Ellis manager of the month for August. Great to see.
  9. Someone earlier in this thread claimed that is was "embarrassing to lose to Queen's Park no matter the circumstances", and there have been several other claims of a similar nature. As it happens, the circumstances are that we're both full time clubs playing in a division that's notoriously difficult to get promoted out of, and realistically we also probably have similar budgets. That's football. I don't disagree that Falkirk are a big club at this level, but at least for now this IS your level.
  10. Some of the posts in this thread are absolutely wild. Falkirk have every right to be disappointed with yesterday's result, but to suggest that you're somehow above losing to us is pretty strange. If you're too good to lose to a wee team like Queen's Park then maybe you should've avoided establishing yourselves as a third tier club. Having big crowds and getting to the Scottish cup final 7 years ago doesn't entitle you to anything.
  11. We had a lot of luck there but how many saves did Muir have to make? One, maybe? Reading a lot of negative comments directed at the referee in this thread but in the second half he was giving Falkirk everything. A very, very enjoyable result, and it was nice to tick the Falkirk stadium off the list too. Cracking ground.
  12. https://falkirkfc.tickethour.co.uk/privateSales.html?deepLink=95&hash=_tzV60q-KkPkCpvmHmzG59L8hj11531 Here you go, north stand sections E & F
  13. I can see loads left, the top 2 sections (as in furthest from the main stand) of the north stand here: https://falkirkfc.tickethour.co.uk/privateSales.html?deepLink=95&hash=_tzV60q-KkPkCpvmHmzG59L8hj11531
  14. I highly doubt Ellis had to sum the season up to anyone, he'll have been given the job knowing what the objective was. Dempster herself has said on TV that we're not necessarily aiming for back to back promotions; the plan is to build a long term, sustainable model. The fact that we didn't go all out this summer with our signings, and the club invested in other areas, suggests that's probably true. If what was reported in the media is accurate, that's exactly why McKinnon left. He was more interested in "doing a Gretna", spending big, and climbing the leagues as quickly as possible, whereas other people at the club have different plans. Regardless, we have a good squad, and a full time side at this level should be fighting it out at the top end of the table and I think we will be (even if I do also believe winning the league is unlikely).
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