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  1. I'm genuinely starting to wonder if the people running this club are incapable of apologising. That statement is a massive kick in the baws and nowhere near good enough.
  2. Would the result still technically stand then, and the goals remain on the scorers' records? One of the main reasons I'm so furious about this whole situation is that Williamson managed to get one and he was over the moon; if it's not totally expunged that'd soften the blow slightly (by about maybe 1%).
  3. I think you'll find the pitch at Lesser Hampden is fantastic. It's all the other stuff we don't have yet.
  4. In other slightly less depressing news, Marcel Oakley has joined on loan from Birmingham City having spent the first half of the season at Arbroath where he did very well in a poor team. It'll be good for Davidson to have a bit of competition at right back. I rate him, especially going forward, but I've felt a few times this season that it's probably not his natural position.
  5. We played well last night, there was a real hunger and desire about the performance, and the reaction from the players at full time was fantastic to see. I'm slightly concerned that if we do get chucked out the cup it could knock the wind out of our sails a bit though. Fingers crossed I'm wrong, but either way we need clarification ASAP so everyone can move on.
  6. If it happens, every single fan who travelled up tonight should be reimbursed for their travel and ticket by the club.
  7. When we signed Murray he wasn't even ready to play in League Two thanks to his injuries, yet we gave him a multiple year contract. Last season he was a disappointing League One player but we gave him another chance anyway. Now he's finally showing his potential (and has been made captain) and he immediately wants to f**k off? Clearly not invested in the club and didn't deserve that leadership role.
  8. I know County aren't exactly poor, but if we do let him go this window then it'd have to be for a very decent fee. Not sure I'd even be confident of us finishing in the top 4 without him at this rate. They also just signed Brophy, who scored at the weekend there.
  9. Naismith starting against Ayr, that didn't work out too well for him last time. Bet he puts in a phenomenal shift now I've said that.
  10. Euan Henderson on loan from Hearts, happy with that. He looked phenomenal for Alloa last season (I still have nightmares about that 4-3 game at Firhill) and I was hoping we might make a move for him before the season started.
  11. And even though it's not MLB, the World Baseball Classic starts in 5 weeks! It's a few of years overdue thanks to COVID, but always an entertaining tournament.
  12. The hypocrisy of Dundee fans making constant Gretna references and giving it the Wealdstone Raider style "you've got no fans" patter every second post, while simultaneously claiming that any slaggings about their dodgy financial past are unoriginal is very funny.
  13. I don't think there's any chance of Fox signing a new contract unless we go up, and even then it wouldn't surprise me if he had better options sadly. There's absolutely no chance of us letting him go this month though, unless somebody offers a daft amount of money for him.
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