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  1. Couple of early goals and the rest of the game felt like a training session. Wasn't the most entertaining thing to watch but the result was never in danger.
  2. It's literally nothing like Gretna, and minimal research even on this forum would explain why.
  3. It's doing our heids in as well to be fair
  4. Didn't like the way we approached the league cup games against teams higher up the divisions earlier on this season, really hoping we'll have a proper go at it tonight.
  5. Can't believe it's taken us until extra time to score a couple more. Could easily have won 4 or 5-0 in 90 mins. Murray was involved in a lot but his final product wasn't good enough, he gets the benefit the doubt cause I'm still not sure he's 100% fit. Should have brought Slater and probably Galt on around 60 mins. Put this one behind us, not been out finest showing.
  6. Murray is going to be far too good for this league. He looked absolutely buzzing as well, great to see.
  7. Really encouraging first 25 minutes here. We're looking a lot more threatening than we did on Saturday. The more I see Gillespie play the more I think he's going to be a huge player for us.
  8. My initial reaction was horror, but over the past hour or so it's somehow turned into one of my favourite tops ever. Definitely buying it.
  9. I think he's been alright. He's not really done much wrong and has looked far more comfortable than you'd really have expected.
  10. Hickey starting for Bologna tonight, be interesting to see how he gets on.
  11. If it's not Lyon this is some wild misdirection!
  12. Looking forward to big Cesar inevitably injuring Ronaldo in the first game of the season.
  13. Thoroughly enjoying this! Inglese proving once again that he absolutely should be involved in the national team.
  14. Anyone going to Ring Of Honor in Edinburgh next Sunday? I'm far too excited about seeing the likes of The Young Bucks, Naito, Jay Lethal and Dalton Castle. It's by far my favourite promotion and I've never seen it live before.
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