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  1. Funny how Celtic fans are so adamant that Rangers died but when they draw them they collectively wet themselves and do all they can to get a ticket. Funny how Sevco fans think that they are actually a mildly talented footballing side. This match will be a shite footballing spectacle. I'd rather watch the Aberdeen - United match tbh.
  2. The movie society is so caught up in reverse - discrimination it's a joke. Say a role predominantly given to a black person/a female was given to a white person/a male there would be an outrage.
  3. They just don't see him as a manager apparently. Nothing against him as a person.
  4. Seems like a few rumours re players unhappy at Canzo being in charge are bouncing around. I heard something along those lines from a certain player's cousin. I'm sure they're all playing their best for him though.
  5. I'd genuinely like to see him go to the Championship as he needs game time but I don't think he's ready for the Premiership yet. Our strikers have been shit recently though so he'll be staying put.
  6. Same old with him really. Thinks he's bigger than the club. Shame as I like him.
  7. Don't know about anyone else but doesn't look entirely like the shitfest I thought it would. Understand that it's a teaser so they're gonna try and sell us with it but looks like it's taking a darker tone as opposed to the over the top pish that were the first 2.
  8. Looks like MACs off tbh but Scotland will be doing as much off the park than on it so still need at least another striker.
  9. Jason Scotland's resigned. I take back all the negatives I've said in this thread, this inspired signing means we will win comfortably will Jason getting at least a hat trick.
  10. Just saw that there. Seems like a bit a panic buy imo. Soz Sonsteam of '08
  11. Jeez oh, 6 pages into a Dundee - Accies thread and no sign of Phoenix/NDD or Rodger? Are they both alright?
  12. You're going to win. We're missing him on and off the park. W2 L1
  13. Just saw a picture of Davidson's injury. Don't think he'll be playing on Saturday.
  14. Think most of us are annoyed because it feels like all the good work Alex has done is being undone, stepek. The name "Billy Reid" is being whispered recently and, to be honest, some of the performances have been rather reminiscent of his towards the end of his career. Alex got the most out of his players - Canning doesn't seem to be. I was at all the games during our previous wee slump and, other than Celtic at home, not one of these performances have been as bad as them - except Aberdeen away. We've had 2 shots that I would say have tested the keeper in Canning's 4 games - both against Celtic. We've scored 2 goals in 4 games, we've failed to score in 3 and conceded 12 goals in 4 games since he came. Also, the brand of football has been long ball pish - much like Canning's playing style as opposed to Alex Neil who gets stuck in and passes the ball. I wanted him in right away but after his first 3 games I felt someone else would get it. We're just gonna have to wait til the end of the season before we really judge if he's up for it.
  15. Yeah he was helping out Brophy and other young strikers in our team before he left and I'm sure he would've featured somehow in the new set up. I think Beuzelin was in the stands yesterday so no. I'm sure Jason's looking to stay in Scotland and more specifically the middle of Scotland so he might go to you. I think he'll do well if he does.
  16. Don't care how many were there today, it's about the fans that have continued to turn up over the years. Coincidentally they are the ones the club are putting last and forgetting about as they try and get more and make themselves look better. Re H9crx's comments about Hendrie. We play him and continues to put clubs off him or we don't and put clubs off him. It's a tough one. Cover at LB isn't great either.
  17. No they're not. McGovern deserves to stay based on the Canning performances. No one else.
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