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  1. Rangers pissing through Celtic's press twice in a couple of minutes here.
  2. I don't think he's irredeemably shite, just found it funny that he's doing the exact same thing that he did when he joined us. The following season was a reversion to the depressing seasons we'd grown used to.
  3. The fans manage to get every cliché going tbf
  4. Surprised to see Rice saying exactly what the fans want to hear after taking charge of an in-the-dumps club mid-season.
  5. I'm not 100% on a few players but I think these are the ones whose contracts expire in the summer: Jamie Hamilton Brian Easton Ronan Hughes Kyle Munro Ben Stirling As well as these loan players... Joe Hilton Mihai Popescu Josh Mullin Hamilton will almost certainly leave, Easton will almost certainly stay, Stirling is probably gonna go and I'd be surprised if Munro gets extended. Hughes is the one I'm most uncertain about as he's not really good enough but has always been looked upon favourably by Rice and Taylor, not necessarily as a starter but as someone who'll get way more minutes than he deserves. I wouldn't be surprised to see him extend. Hilton and Mullin will go and I don't think we'll sign Popescu. It wouldn't be a great loss in terms of his qualities as a footballer but having that continuity would be beneficial imo, especially as we're well capable of signing a proper comedy club centre-back to start every game. I'd happily see Virtanen get released as that hasn't worked at all (it might have done under Rice though) and someone was saying on Friday that Moyo's actions at the end of the game indicated that he wouldn't be back. I didn't see anything, though, so not sure on that. No danger of any contracted players getting pinched as who the heck would want them?
  6. Some of those close-ups in the Aberdeen-Dundee game were a pain in the bahookie.
  7. Despite Leeds being good, they haven't really had any chances while City have had a few. Feel like Leeds will get some with the way the game's going but Pep's defos gonna try and get control of this silliness.
  8. I reckon this is the last chance for Liverpool to slip up.
  9. I definitely prefer having physical copies of films I like, although streaming's made it easier to discover new things (charity shops can still be helpful though).
  10. Steve Clarke's sometimes done this Aribo out of possession thing with McGinn and I don't really like it. Works well if your shape's good at forcing opposition wide to the two more defensive-minded midfielders but having your attacking midfielder essentially as a 6 defensively is dodgy as Aribo's lack of awareness has sometimes shown already.
  11. I sometimes played Aribo as a false 9 on my FIFA Burnley career mode so that might just work.
  12. Fjortoft was a key part of our 19/20 Reserve League winning team. ... at the age of 26.
  13. What was the last qualifier (not against England or the Serbia play-off) that was on free to view? I seem to remember the 2014 qualification away games being on the BBC? Suppose my follow-up would be what was our last home game not on Sky? I can't remember any.
  14. I legit think this will be class
  15. I suppose streaming means my Tivo box won't be 70% full of old Scotland games.
  16. Yes, at LCB. I wouldn't be surprised to see him have a Hanley-esque revival in a few years too.
  17. If we stick with a back four then I wouldn't be surprised to see McGowan start instead of Brown. Probably be the only youngster to get a start though.
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