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  1. Thinking he might not be the kind of player you want in a relegation battle is fair enough but I would question why Chelsea and Norwich agreed on the deal then. I'm hoping Norwich being shit will improve him defensively but that's unlikely to happen if he's not playing. The quality of opposition argument is nonsense.
  2. Not that it matters, but would the game have been stopped if the fan was further back?
  3. He started the season brilliantly but had stinkers against anyone decent which is weird as he was excellent in the second half of last season in the Premiership. After his red card against Arbroath, Want and Popescu had a couple of really good performances so he couldn't get back in (but might now). He's out of contract at the end of the season and by all accounts isn't gonna sign an extension so we've fucked up another promising player's transfer fee. If he has a second half of the season like the last one then he'll get a great move but someone like Aberdeen or Hibs might make a move regardless. Easton's done, yeah, but will stick around the club after retirement.
  4. MacDonald and Mullin had improved in the Dunfermline and Inverness games after horrendous starts but that was back to square one last night. You could tell at the forum that Taylor has some amount of Management and Self-Help books in his library and has got inspirational quotes pinned on his office walls. He'll have all these grand ideas but just like Rice, will quickly realise that this club seemingly can't facilitate good things.
  5. I think he's got decent technical ability (didn't show it last night) but isn't effective whatsoever. He reminds me a lot of Hodson in the first half of last season and Hodson came good so maybe Matheson will too. He needs a hell of a lot of work though. I reckon Stirling or Hamilton will play instead next week. I've never been as sad as seeing Shaun Want being unable to carry the ball into acres of space with Jamie Hamilton on the bench.
  6. That was the kind of game that makes a rookie manager abandon all their "principles" and "philosophy". So long leaving three men up at a corner, short passing from the goalkeeper and using a playmaking holding midfielder.
  7. The first half followed a similar pattern to a lot of our first halves this season, but the second was a mess. I still reckon moving to a back three would help in terms of what we do with the ball (Popescu and Hamilton stepping out, Ryan and Moyo targets with our best attacker* between them) but Taylor's set up seemed determined to vacate the midfield with the players left to make up their minds with who to occupy it. It seemed reliant on one late movement into space and was just bizarre. *who the f**k takes this role without Temps? Smith? Not good centrally. Mullin? Maybe but has been more of a Keatings pass before assist player than actually provinging creativity and goals.
  8. Is this available for internationals?
  9. Just realised (John) McGinn has 2 too.
  10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009%E2%80%9310_Manchester_City_F.C._season What a mental group of signings.
  11. I wonder if Taylor will drop Virtanen deeper with Hughes in his spot or do a straight Hughes for Mimnaugh swap. I'd guess the former but he does like more of a ball-player there (although Hughes hasn't been like that in a while).
  12. OK so for Scotland's last 38 games (since Mexico away), Christie has the most with 6, then Robertson on 4 and Tierney and Fraser with 3. Dykes, O'Donnell and Taylor have two each and a bunch are just on one. You'd imagine 38 games should cover most of the squad's international career but I can't be bothered checking right now. It's a stat that should be pretty straightforward to check and you'd probably be able to find out for the last 15/20 years if you can be bothered looking at all our goals since then.
  13. The issue with winning a penalty being counted is it would then be the only scenario where a player can assist and score the same goal. There are other problems but tbh they could apply to assists in general.
  14. I'm sure assists only started getting recorded in the mid-2000s, plus they're a pretty daft stat. For example, Robertson was our most dangerous attacking player for a couple of years but only registered his first assist against the Faroes this year because his crosses weren't being converted.
  15. One was against Poland too so f**k you
  16. Fs how could I forget McGinn? Dykes could've got about 20 this year tbh.
  17. What's the most goals a Scotland player has got in one calendar year? Fletcher with 7 must be up there?
  18. Most folk will want to avoid Norway purely because of Haaland.
  19. I think some Scotland fans (mostly from the North East) can have it in for Rangers players. There were a couple of examples behind me at the Israel game who called Patterson a lazy c**t because he didn't get the ball when it was in amongst the crowd, were going on about how slow he is (wtf lol) and were furious that he had to let McTominay take throw-ins (the outside CB regularly takes them lads). This is probably the most prominent example but you regularly hear folk airing club biases at Scotland games. It's completely embarrassing.
  20. Boyle's an annoying one to have missed out on, especially as he could've been a RWB option back then and now. Forrest, Fraser and Boyle would've been magic wide options once upon a time.
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