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  1. Right-back, yeah, but I don't think he's played RWB.
  2. I was surprised when I looked a wee while ago at some of the names in his squads. Jack and McGregor were in there years before their debut, plus Gauld even got a call-up.
  3. Decided to look at three matchday squads for the u21s around this time. Players who earned a Scotland cap: Stuart Armstrong Ryan Jack Dylan McGeouch Kenny McLean Ryan Fraser Stephen O'Donnell Barrie McKay Tony Watt Stuart Findlay Callum Paterson Some not bad players there. Jack, Fraser, Paterson and McKay were all good prospects too, weren't they? f**k you Strachan (even though he gave a bunch of them their debut).
  4. I disagree with this. He's a quality player but he's not shown that he'd fit into a team that asks their full/wing-back to hold their width and provide crosses (I know you've already mentioned this). I still think he's better suited to being a full-back in most teams, but I can't say I've paid much attention to Brentford's wing-backs.
  5. Lucky with the deflection but that's a lovely wee interchange.
  6. I like Brentford but I just can't root for a club with very visible rugby markings on their pitch.
  7. Brighton are good. Some of their composure playing out and ability to find space is terrific, not to mention looking well-drilled off the ball. Poor decision making and quality in and around the box lets them down, but they're a really good side with exciting players, an incredibly promising manager and the greatest assistant manager in the world.
  8. 13. The First Great Train Robbery (1978)* - iPlayer Some good scenes and moments that I couldn't help thinking would be better in different hands. It just seemed to lack an energy or rhythm to grab me, which left the admittedly funny and inventive moments feeling a bit lacklustre. Wes Anderson should remake it IMHO. It looks very nice though - good colours, especially with the costumes playing off the locales. 14. Scream (1996) - DVD The opening scene really is goddamn good, isn't it? The takes are huge with the camera stalking Drew Barrymore - whose gradual descent is captured by her and the camera - while taking us through where the action's about to happen and setting up the components of the set-piece without telling us that's what it's doing. I rewatched this part with the sound off and playing at 1.5x and properly noticed how great the technique is, mostly because it didn't feel showy at the time and I was completely absorbed by it. The style of the opening is continued throughout the rest of the film. Big takes with a really wide-angle lens that distorts a lot of the picture (unsure if deliberate or just my copy) and takes in the surroundings making for a living setting. There are wee jumps in editing, camerawork and performances which add to the corny tone of it all, as does Billy constantly seeming to jump into scenes, and even the costume looks daft unless it's in a closeup or dimly lit. Matthew Lillard is also great fun on screen yet uneasy af. I also loved how it establishes the deaths, mostly Tatum's and Drew Barrymore's, by making us aware of all the elements which we only know in retrospect. It's just a great example of setting up and knocking down, like mouse trap or something. The cameraman's death maybe went a bit overboard with the references to the delay but it was still a neat way to relate to the film's themes. Probably the central idea of it all comes from Billy saying "movies don't make psychos, movies make psychos more creative". Does the fact that one of the killers says that mean that the makers disagree with it? The cheapo costume, hidden identity, voice alteration and simplistic weapon all give the impression that the killer could conceivably be a different person underneath the mask every time Ghostface appears. A lot of the characters do seem desensitised to irl violence - shown by the excitable reaction to the principal dying and Ghostface cosplayers kicking about - while having an affection for "fictional" horror. Even the principal, after disciplining students for dressing up as Ghostface, decides to jokingly wear the mask. Do people like violence because of violent movies, or do people like violent movies because they like violence? And what happens when the lines are blurred and the tables are turned? The depiction of the press links to that: they're giddy when they discover a teenager's been killed because there's clearly a market for coverage of real-life horror as well as movies. Wes Craven probably hates this, as apparently he walked out of Reservoir Dogs because he felt Tarantino was enjoying the violence too much. I can't say I agree but it's interesting to watch Scream with that in mind. The killers are fucked up, though, and you don't see anyone else gleefully committing murder despite the fact they all watch these films for entertainment and/or have a great affinity for them. I suppose it boils down to the idea of interpretation of cinema and how people will always take away different things from it, including, very occasionally, bad things. I've never been too sure how clever its slasher movie deconstructions are in relation to this film; they just seemed to be referential as opposed to flipping the genre. The concept of Sidney growing to take agency of her own story is quite clever, though, even if the character and actor aren't all that great, and I was reading something after watching it that said she evaded the killer because she had already gone through her own horror story and the character arc that would entail. Bit of a ramble but it's an interesting film to talk about. Scream 4 (2011) - Netflix This retains the fun style of the original but had no protagonist, no characters and no investment. I didn't/don't find Sidney a particularly compelling character but she's surrounded by a rich gallery of side ones that elevate the film. The principal's minor role in the first is more entertaining than any of the folk here (tbf he was better than most in the original too). The costume looks better in 4 and this might be more overtly a comedy, which isn't actually bad, but the whole thing was hollow. You can obviously exhaust your ideas come the fourth in a franchise, especially when the first was lightning in a bottle, but after an 11-year break during which a fucking tonne of horror/slasher remakes had been farted out, they should've had a more interesting take.
  9. Not sure if this means Everton's or Martinez's preference is temporary.
  10. I'm glad VAR has cleared up disgraceful mistakes like that.
  11. This game has been so good. Thaf was a perfect pass from Raphinha and a lovely finish too.
  12. In the least surprising news of all time, Benitez is away. Duncan Ferguson's team was exciting when he took temporary charge a couple of years ago and it seems he will again, but I think he's a good two or three game manager to come in, get the fans and team back on board and go back to coaching. That said, he's clearly been great with Calvert-Lewin and Ancelotti and Benitez both carried on his 4-4-2 with DCL and Richarlison up top so I think he might have something.
  13. I've just seen this. Tell him to bring his mate Steven Thompson and we'll bring Bert Raccoon.
  14. The assistant referee* is a human too. Unacceptable to scream at them. *please don't discriminate
  15. Did you enjoy Spider-Man? I didn't think it was as good as ITSV, Homecoming or SM2.
  16. Imagine trying to wriggle your way out of this. The police have been informed.
  17. You're very rarely wrong brother [emoji1666] Being right won't get rid of the vile abuse you've received on this thread and in private messages, but hopefully it'll deter them doing it again.
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