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  1. Valencia fucked in the first game, three big injuries in the England game and now Kouyate getting stretchered off. They were pretty much all "impact" injuries so we can't draw any conclusions, but it's still incredibly frustrating.
  2. England have been alright. Fine tactically, Bellingham and Rice are in control, some nice interchanges out wide. There's pretty much nothing to be learned from their group stage matches as this kind of opposition hasn't been what's fucked them recently.
  3. Thanks, I hadn't realised until just there. Suppose it's better than having to leave three players out every match.
  4. Have they changed it to allow you to name all of the unused squad members on the bench for this tournament?
  5. Was the booking thing actually official or just a vague threat?
  6. That's what I thought they'd go with, although I was a bit unsure about the wide forwards (mostly Foden v Saka). I did wonder if Alexander-Arnold might come in for a bit of deep creativity against a stodgy side, but Southgate obviously isn't a fan of him.
  7. I watched them a day or two ago. It's really top notch stuff. Yeah the former
  8. Most of my usual football podcasts turn into EDL loyals once tournaments start so I'm looking for some decent ones that'll get me through the World Cup. Football Weekly, Totally Football, Tifo and Athletic Tactics are my rotation in normal times.
  9. Wavin Flag and Waka Waka? It's the greatest World Cup of all time.
  10. 2010 was good for memories during it. 2006-2018 were good for growing up but I've accepted that adulthood is gonna ruin every World Cup from now on.
  11. A seagull flew straight into the ground next to the away goal. Couldn't move properly at first and then might have died on the pitch.
  12. The seagull was legit disturbing. Genuinely horrible.
  13. Continuation of last week - impressive. It's as if Rankin's switched a tactics switch and hoped for the best, and it's working well.
  14. I think having players either coming through at elite clubs (Doak, Gilmour, McTominay, hopefully Morrison and the Man City boys) or clubs expected to win all the time (Celtic and Rangers youths) helps with the winning mentality. Robertson's established himself as one of the best in the world in his position, Ramsay's competing with the best Premier League right-back of the last 4/5 years, Gilmour was a stand-out in a renowned academy, McTominay's been a regular at a massive club, McGregor's stayed at 100% despite most normal people being bored of Celtic winning every game. Having these mentalities helps, and if the senior level doesn't need the youths then it can be good if they develop together but it doesn't necessarily have to happen at international level. A bit of a word salad but I hope something made sense.
  15. Need to savour Lanarkshire Derby victories whenever we get the chance:
  16. If there's one thing I love about The Football, it's discussions about who's going to sue who. The beautiful game!
  17. At the last World Cup, Morocco were one of the best "bad" sides I've seen. No idea how they've done since then.
  18. Last I read, Nisbet seems to be pretty close to a return. I'd completely forgotten about him until recently, but he might be able to force his way into the March squad depending on how he responds to such a long spell out.
  19. Every u21s game I go to seems to have Scotland hopelessly chasing the game without ever looking like scoring.
  20. Looking forward at getting a first look at Morrison, Lowry and Hackney and a couple of players irl for the first time.
  21. His game's developed so much that I don't think it's as out of the question as it was 4/5/6 years ago. I think Christie's probably still more suited to the role atm, but Robertson's capable of playing it now.
  22. You've made me think and it might actually be 8: Robertson, Fraser, Patterson, O'Donnell, McGinn, Hickey, Ralston, Ramsay Purely based on the second half, it was better than Austria imo. We were awful that night. Tonight was pretty shite in the first half then decent in the second. They looked like a side that hadn't spent much time on the training pitch, although they didn't have much time for Ukraine in September and that was class so I dunno. Turkey seemed to manipulate the shape quite well and I don't think anyone in the back five was good in the first half which might partially be due to Clarke. I did say that I thought we'd play a half in each shape, but I didn't expect Robertson to play in the Christie role. He kinda works there, though, as his dribbling and pressing and all-around linking has improved so much over the years. We still looked a bit sloppy and some players' positioning wasn't on, but again there wasn't much time with the players. Thought Gilmour looked better than he has done recently on the ball, despite still being weak as piss, and... well, I don't really have anything else to say. Bye bye friendlies.
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