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  1. Cordelia looks far too happy [emoji35] Class that Sherlock is a Libertines fan though [emoji122]
  2. Not winning that game in hand against Livi and today when our two rivals drew with each other is perhaps the most frustrating thing.
  3. Completely fell out of it after 75 minutes. The players' legs went and couldn't keep up with the hopeless punts.
  4. It looks like he's told the players to collapse when someone gets near them in the box.
  5. Yeah he's definitely signed for next season. In all honesty, I think there's a really decent Championship team in that list but we'll try and sell two or three and Lewis Smith and Templeton can't be relied upon to be fit/consistent.
  6. Off the top of my head, these guys are under contract for next season: Fulton, Hamilton, Easton, Want, McMann, Odoffin, Martin, Mimnaugh, Hughes, Moyo, both Smiths, Templeton. Might have forgotten some though and I'd imagine youngsters like Munro, Winter etc will be tied up.
  7. Another game that I'd be enjoying if we weren't desperate for points.
  8. Pretty decent after a shocking opening - exact same as last week.
  9. Fernandinho is having one but Guardiola shouldn't have put him in this position.
  10. Man City having all 10 outfielders in Leeds' third is good patter.
  11. Gourlay Hamilton Martin Easton Hodson Odoffin Hughes McMann Callachan Anderson Munro I'd have just persisted with Moyo tbh rather than going with Munro up front. There aren't enough players to complain about anything else though. Only named six subs.
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