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  1. Valencia fucked in the first game, three big injuries in the England game and now Kouyate getting stretchered off. They were pretty much all "impact" injuries so we can't draw any conclusions, but it's still incredibly frustrating.
  2. England have been alright. Fine tactically, Bellingham and Rice are in control, some nice interchanges out wide. There's pretty much nothing to be learned from their group stage matches as this kind of opposition hasn't been what's fucked them recently.
  3. Thanks, I hadn't realised until just there. Suppose it's better than having to leave three players out every match.
  4. Have they changed it to allow you to name all of the unused squad members on the bench for this tournament?
  5. Was the booking thing actually official or just a vague threat?
  6. That's what I thought they'd go with, although I was a bit unsure about the wide forwards (mostly Foden v Saka). I did wonder if Alexander-Arnold might come in for a bit of deep creativity against a stodgy side, but Southgate obviously isn't a fan of him.
  7. I watched them a day or two ago. It's really top notch stuff. Yeah the former
  8. Most of my usual football podcasts turn into EDL loyals once tournaments start so I'm looking for some decent ones that'll get me through the World Cup. Football Weekly, Totally Football, Tifo and Athletic Tactics are my rotation in normal times.
  9. Wavin Flag and Waka Waka? It's the greatest World Cup of all time.
  10. 2010 was good for memories during it. 2006-2018 were good for growing up but I've accepted that adulthood is gonna ruin every World Cup from now on.
  11. A seagull flew straight into the ground next to the away goal. Couldn't move properly at first and then might have died on the pitch.
  12. The seagull was legit disturbing. Genuinely horrible.
  13. Continuation of last week - impressive. It's as if Rankin's switched a tactics switch and hoped for the best, and it's working well.
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