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  1. Leicester are great but never go too long without losing to some jobber side. Is Ndidi the best holding midfielder in the league?
  2. I think WhoScored have some way of assigning ratings to players on a match-by-match basis. No idea how they do it, but it'll be more than goals + assists as everyone knows they're for Fantasy Football losers.
  3. FMF just makes me so happy. The world design/animation/music make an already lovely script ×100 better.
  4. If clubs are genuinely still doing "manager has X games to save his job" then they deserve to have a shite team.
  5. Celtic played St Johnstone in October and Accies a month ago but he's only now deciding to complain about the dressing rooms because his club have been given a telling off (but no punishment whatsoever). Fucking primary one behaviour.
  6. I feel sorry for Celtic tbh. It's not like they could've guessed that appointing Neil Lennon would've brought raving stupidity with it.
  7. Wonder when we'll be able to just go online/into a shop* and buy one. *This actually makes an interesting question. What will come first: widely available consoles or shops opening up?
  8. I'm more worried about our fixtures than our form.
  9. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/international/opinion-euro-2020-should-be-postponed-again-until-2022-if-fans-cant-attend-otherwise-whats-point-3102924 This sums up how I'm feeling about Euro 2020. Having to watch the Serbia game at home was bad enough, but I'd rather cancel the tournament than play it behind closed doors.
  10. Wikipedia and WhatsApp - the most credible of sources.
  11. I actually enjoyed that half, purely because we're not conceding 4 million shots and have spent a fair chunk of it in the opposition's half. It has been pretty even though
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