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  1. After being incredible for 65 minutes, Forster's had nothing to do for the last 20.
  2. Not sure if there's a reason for it, but Celtic have had a few mad scrambles in their own box. Was only a matter of time before one was punished. There was absolutely no chance Morelos was scoring that, by the way.
  3. Jeezo. A better finish than any of Morelos's today.
  4. Fucking nauseating intro from Rory Hamilton. Liam McLeod-esque.
  5. I fucking love that Vardy goal, purely due to the Villa fans 'wheeeeey'ing him when it looked like he fucked it right before scoring.
  6. The prospect of Lewis Morgan leading the line for Celtic in a final against Rangers seemed pretty unlikely a month ago. Hopefully the weather doesn't spoil the game.
  7. After picking up our sixth red card of the season, three times the amount with the second-most, it would be easy to say that the team are ill-disciplined, however only one of the six was down to that. Easton v Kilmarnock: Everyone dragged AOTS by a simple sequence from Killie. Easton tries to take one for the team while covering and mistimes it. Hamilton v Motherwell: Cut open by Motherwell's movement and Hamilton denies a goal with his hand. Oakley v St Mirren: Never a second yellow. Martin v Ross County: Stupidity. Stubbs v Kilmarnock: The two centre-backs can't deal with a bouncing ball and Stubbs denies a GSO. Gogic v St Mirren: Picked apart on the counter and Gogic denies a GSO. Easton's was the only one that was a nasty challenge (and even then I don't think he meant it to be) but that was a result of poor structure. We're not actually a nasty team (fifth in the league for fouls and eighth for yellow cards), it's just that poor shape and decision making means that players are having to commit fouls to atone for these mistakes.
  8. He's dreadful, as are the pundits in the studio. Sky have lost more good pundits in the last year than they have currently.
  9. What a bunch of absolute scumbags in that corner.
  10. Noticed something about Martin when he came on. There were two or three instances where he played a deep pass through the middle, but there was no one there. Fair enough, his passing might've been shite or the strikers' anticipation might've been shite, but after the second or third instance, he turned around to Rice and started going mental for around a minute. I don't know if Rice shouted at him first and he was replying, or Martin was expecting the forward players to make moves that were rehearsed in training (or was told to do before coming on) but weren't being carried out.
  11. I wondered about Ederson when I first saw that goal, but it's just a brilliant finish.
  12. City are a shambles, but they started similarly against Chelsea. This game seems to suit United to a T.
  13. What a surprise. That second half was the worst of the worst and St Mirren should've had three or four. One fucking shot on target and it was a simple save from a free header. Southwood made some good saves (although I do wonder if a taller 'keeper would've prevented the goal) so he probably deserves pass marks, but Stubbs was causing himself (and fellow defenders) all sorts of problems. Neither centre-back knew how to deal with St Mirren's strikers backing into them. The goal was because Gogic helped out McGowan, leaving Hunt on his own in the middle when the ball came back out, and Miller didn't tuck in enough. A result of not knowing what to do when your formation gets slightly altered - something Rice should be drilling into them. If we don't pick up two wins before the break then we are well and truly fucked.
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