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  1. Just need to hope they haven't peaked too soon and still have plenty of chaos left for the final set.
  2. Almost every summer, someone gets rolled out to Lanarkshire Live to say we won't be signing anyone else and the squad will be filled with youngsters. We usually end up signing another five or six jobbers. As far as I'm aware, he's not been involved in any of the 'open door' friendlies, but he could well have been against Airdrie. Not sure why that would be the case though.
  3. Not far off how I'd expect us to line up against Dundee with the squad as is. Still not sure if it'll be a back 3 or 4 (we've seemingly alternated in pre-season) and Ryan will start instead of Brown or Winter but it's pretty close.
  4. Interesting move. Still needs to go some to start at a big club imo, so if he's still wanting to play every week then proving himself in England would put him in a good place while still really young. Rico Henry's a good left-back and I don't think they have a right-back so...
  5. Taylor's a weird guy, isn't he? He's very LinkedIn. Wonder if we'll ever find out why he was sacked, but you can be confident that the club have fucked up in some way.
  6. Think Tarkowski's more likely to be a Mina replacement. I like Mina (not perfect but probably the best CB for a wee while) however if Tarkowski can actually be available for most of the season then that makes him a better option.
  7. Tbf every chance she's in Hollywood Jail for crimes against screenwriting.
  8. Did Perisic play wing-back for him at Inter? Suppose they'll want a wee bit of rotation when competing in the CL, but "squad depth!" that results in at least one mega-buck player sitting on the bench never seems to work as well as Twitter Fans say it will.
  9. Think white shorts might make the Hibs away better.
  10. Richarlison to Spurs is done, but the weird interest in Anthony Gordon has apparently stopped (if it ever existed). Will be a shame seeing Richarlison's insane antics elsewhere.
  11. We scored 13 goals without reply on Saturday [emoji2368]
  12. He was a disappointment but not a dreadful player. Would do well in a different system (no idea if Airdrie's suits).
  13. Yeah that seems to have come from nowhere a bit. Shame as Saka-Odegaard-Raphinha would've been a fun trio.
  14. I was saying to someone on Saturday that I thought he'd go (pure guesswork). He was alright and better than Shiels and McGinn. I'd have kept him around.
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