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  1. 16. Licorice Pizza (2021)* - Cinema Finally got to see it. Hanging out in this film with these characters is enjoyable. It lingers on a lot of moments which is often really pleasant, and the two leads are terrific, really buying into that youthful immaturity, lashings of anger and the contentedness and frustration of being in each other's company. That said, I'd be lying if I said it didn't become a bit repetitive being dropped into one too many similar scenario. It wasn't a massive problem at the time, but I'm wondering now how the film would be without one or two of those moments and situations. What would it lose? I accept that it more than deserves a rewatch though - all his films do. A lot of the plot points are bizarre, somewhat unrealistic, which along with the cinematography (especially at the 35mm screening) added up to the film feeling like someone looking upon a life that may not actually reflect the reality of events. A nostalgic yearning for how we think youth played out, or maybe wish it played out. A lot of it is like a teen summer hangout movie with Alana dropped in and she doesn't quite know how to feel about that. 17. The Shape of Water (2018) - Channel 4 There's a new Del Toro out so I've been watching and rewatching a few of his others. This is his Best Picture winner for the majority of you who have probably already forgotten, and it's got some really great elements (score, production and costume design and cinematography), a good lead performance, a multi-genre narrative and some ideas that were relevant when it's set, when it was released and are relevant now. So why was I bored for much of it? 18. Pacific Rim (2013)* - Netflix & 19. Crimson Peak (2015)* - Film4 Combining these two as I have pretty much the same thing to say about them. Wasn't a big fan of either but what makes Del Toro admirable is that he's more than happy to venture into almost schlock/pulp stories and give them the same respect he would his Oscar-winning stuff. Tbf I'm not sure he intended for Crimson Peak to be considered that way, but it has all the twists and melodrama of a classic sensational Gothic romantic drama (with a blend of good horror elements) that naturally brings about ridiculousness - so many of them are daft! With Pacific Rim, he takes big, stupid monster/robot bashing and completely commits to the grandiose fights and huge scale as well as that lore shit that losers care about. I don't know why it was lit like... that, though. 20. The Devil's Backbone (2001) - DVD I watched this during one of the lockdowns but couldn't remember much about it. HOW? This is fucking great. A tale that blends coming of age with mortality and lets child actors lead the way - in fact, they make it all work thanks to their childhood innocence effectively on a timer with the war going on around them and death that they're not yet aware of. There are some big themes that could've been trite if not told in a wonderfully put together film. It effortlessly sets things up in plain sight that lead into moments later in the script. Stuff that you don't think about at the time but are impressed by when it links into the story later on. It's got a cool look too, pretty much using three dominant colours with quite impactful flashes of red. Even the simple effects on the ghost are impressive.
  2. Why do people constantly try and find ways to make football worse?
  3. I had a dream last night that he was playing for Burnley in a pre-season friendly at the Bernabeu.
  4. I was in the same cafe as him last month. Maybe he can't be bothered being near the likes of me anymore.
  5. He played an hour for the u23s tonight.
  6. The four match officials didn't give it. The decision was only given because some loser in "Stockley Park" said the ref should have a look after an hour of staring at a TV. When the pro-VAR arguments always have to say "it's the refs!" then maybe you shouldn't be trusting these officials with another avenue to f**k things up.
  7. Another contentious decision in England cleared up by having VAR. No one in the Premier League thread is discussing it thanks to VAR removing the controversy.
  8. Every single weekend we are reminded of how shite VAR is. Every single weekend.
  9. Palace have shown plenty of times this season that they have enough quality to make things uncomfortable if the opposition switch off. Tbf they've also given other teams plenty of opportunities to get complacent.
  10. Lovely goal. Palace have been excellent for the last 20 minutes or so.
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