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  1. Using kids or characters with a mental illness as a means to dump some exposition. Just seems cheap to me.
  2. They spent too much time on it, but I liked McCann's analysis of the OF game. He's the best pundit across BBC and Sky's Scottish football coverage.
  3. I turned it off almost immediately after Bale came off. FML
  4. I'm around 70% sure that Brian Rice will not be our manager by the middle of January 2021. 20% of the doubt comes from the fact his contract is up at the end of the season. Only 10% comes from our board taking too long to punt managers.
  5. Playing Ghost of Tsushima has confirmed for me that day/night cycles and "dynamic weather" aren't always good. So many open world games look really meh at night due to a samey blue haze, and most just look best on a sunny day or at dusk.
  6. I love Pep - he's a fucking looney.
  7. Eight goals and tonnes of chances at NDP. Reckon it'll be first on Sportscene?
  8. The strange thing about Accies (well, one strange thing) is that there are spells almost every game where they look like they're showcasing passages of play that they've worked on in training and it's quite decent to watch, but they don't have the confidence/intelligence/control to execute it consistently enough. That's why I think that Rice does actually know a bit about football; he's just not a manager and can't bring every component together.
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