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  1. My squad: Gordon, McLaughlin, Kelly O'Donnell, Patterson, Hendry, McTominay, Hanley, McKenna, Tierney, Cooper, Robertson, Hickey Gilmour, Ferguson, McGregor, McLean, McGinn, Christie, Turnbull Dykes, McBurnie, Adams, Fraser, Nisbet Picked McBurnie as I feel we've missed having someone to bring on once Dykes inevitably gets knackered after an hour. Nisbet isn't really that guy, although I'd still have him in the squad in case we're chasing a game. I didn't really want to pick McBurnie but I still feel he is a better option than the alternatives, unless I'm ignoring someone. It was a toss-up between Doig and Hickey but considering neither will play, Hickey would be more interesting for Clarke to see how he does in our system in training. Doig's probably more of a natural wing-back but Hickey would have suited the last Faroe Islands game. I was tempted to pick Ramsay over Patterson but continuity and that.
  2. Avoiding Richard Curtis is a sure-fire way to inner peace tbh.
  3. This is amazing. You see Arsenal on the receiving end of shit like this all the time.
  4. I get that Clarke won't want to change the squad too much and there might be a degree of recency bias to this, but surely we're reaching the stage where Ramsay should be in ahead of Patterson ? I don't think there's much between the two and they play the position in a similar fashion, however when you've got two top prospects in the same position does it not make sense to go with the one who's playing football?
  5. The first half was bad but we were pretty decent for much of the second. There was some nice work to get the ball into the box but set-pieces aside, I never felt it would result in a goal. Much better from MacDonald and Mullin and I thought was did well too. The CBs need to be on point every single time we lose the ball as they get no protection.
  6. I didn't think about bringing another CB in given McTominay should be back, but I suppose Clarke might if he wants to move Hendry into the middle with McT on the right. I still think we should just go with Cooper in the middle though. I feel like Gallagher's been on the brink of getting dropped for a while now but Hanley's suspension might mean he'll hang on for this squad.
  7. I'd definitely like more Scottish games on the TV at that time (or half 5). Sunday @ 12pm is the worst possible slot imo but it's when pretty much all of Sky's Premiership matches will kick off this season.
  8. We need another forward player in this squad and while I don't really fancy it being Russell, I'm not sure who I would like.
  9. I wonder if Clarke will stick with a 26-man squad with it only being a double header.
  10. James Rodriguez has left the building. f**k knows when he was actually last in it tbf.
  11. There's a decent chance one of Doig or Hickey will be with the full squad next month depending on Taylor's fitness.
  12. Buzzing for us to go full-Gemmill and play with 5 full-backs.
  13. As long as he plays like he has for Norwich then all is well [emoji2369] He's had one game where I didn't think he was good (Leicester) and has been fine at worst in every other one. Against Liverpool on the opening day he had some big faults defensively but was good on the ball.
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