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  1. The Troon programme is good but they basically produced the same programme from last season at a match this season, they just updated the date and players etc. I only know because I bought both. Troon print their own programmes, in colour too, so not sure how they are actually making money on them. I agree about the overload with adverts, but without the programme the sponsorship packages at some clubs are probably a harder sell - so the programme serves a purpose from that aspect. But yeah sadly the punter gets less meat on their plate and instead its full of veg [emoji2373]
  2. Just wondered what the consensus is with matchday programmes these days? A lot of the content is already on social media etc so is it a dwindling product/harder sell? Or do people still like to buy them for a read after the games?
  3. How about supporting other institutions that need their support first? Its like going to the owners of the house on the street who just got new windows and doors put in and saying here's a bit extra to go towards the swimming pool. Meanwhile every other house on the street is falling to bits. The council should hang their heads in shame.
  4. Glad it still hurts. 2-0 up against us and royally screwed it. Talbot players spitting the dummy at the end was priceless.
  5. You quoting yet another rumour? In any case its still more than you lot offered for Samson, which was the original point and one you cannot argue against.
  6. I suggest you get your facts right instead of believing all those rumours. Unlike Talbot, Cumnock will pay their way, dont worry about that. The fact is Talbot offered zilch for Samson, resorted to underhand tactics instead. Then you's have the cheek to accept money out of the public purse to help fund your floodlights. Teams in far greater need of financial support from the council but the lights at Beechwood must come first ehh
  7. A non entity that no one fears, yet you steal one of our players and claim he is an amateur to avoid paying for his "talent". Imagine wanting....needing....one of OUR players that badly but not having the balls or decency to back it up financially. A classless act but not a surprise.
  8. Who said he cant walk about freely like? He still goes to the gym in Cumnock so he clearly can walk about freely. The fact is if a Talbot first team player, born n raised in Auchinleck, then chose to sign for Cumnock, you lot would have plenty to say about it, so dont be fickle.
  9. Well your scenario is completely different to his. He was born n bred in Cumnock and was playing regularly for his hometown team. But he chose to sell his dignity to them of all people. Then to top it all off they didnt even have the deceny to pay their way for the rodent. So yeah his old pals have plenty of justification for disowning him.
  10. Firstly, fair play to Beith for the win. But that ref was defo a homer. He gave Cumnock nothing, other than yellow and red cards. He made the game all about him which is the ultimate sin from a ref. Anson needs to give himself a talking to after that stupid tackle. Cumnock were still in the game until he got himself sent off. And the fact he will prob miss 3 games just makes it even more stupid.
  11. They used to be called Jumpolines until your maw jumped on one
  12. Correct mate. Both sets of fans took the piss out of each other then left with a handshake, how it should be. Always harsh for anyone to go out on pens but felt we just about edged it overall. About time we got a result against Talbot.....
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