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  1. Robertson leaving mcgregor 2v1 and then doing as little as possible to stop a cross coming in.
  2. Forrest is frequently anonymous then pops up when it matters with big goals should never have been taken off. Mcginn and Robertson are having great premier league careers but they lack technical ability, especially Mcginn. Christie is a different animal this season and once again Scottish managers fail to play inform players, its really so simple.
  3. He's scored two already this season, his tally is no where near 4.
  4. Couple of browns standard shit passes. However, 10000x better than fletcher - he is a driving force and a captain. Fantastic scenes at the end.
  5. New season has being pretty great I think, last two episodes have been classic always sunny.
  6. I really like how Hearts seem to be supporting Cathro. I hope everything works out and they continue to progress, it's going to take time under new management but its nice to see things moving in the right direction. Progressive scouting, signings and managerial appointments - it's the way Scottish football needs to go.
  7. How does he compare to the players we've sent on loan to you at that age? I remember Irvine being called a diddy on countless occasions...
  8. Why else would a team sign a younger player? Celtic signed Christie as they believed he would have a better chance of developing into a top player at Celtic.
  9. Laughable. For a start, no one in Scotland could afford Christie.
  10. Name me a 20 year old proven champions league striker you could sign for £10m.
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