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  1. Due to how long the season drags on surely playing trialists is sometimes the only option for teams to fulfill fixtures due to holiday commitments etc.
  2. One good run a game doesn’t make him more than a squad player! Passenger most games
  3. Game should have been switched!
  4. Ex glens player. Hurlford signed him from from Linlithgow
  5. Chris Robertson for hurlford another cracking centre half/ striker
  6. do you know that HE did not apply? As you would still need to APPROACH arthurlie for permission to speak with the manager if he did apply!!
  7. Welcome back southy! Maybe save us losing players to arthurlie now as I am sure he would have been interested in taking some of his former team mates up there!
  8. Date for applications ending is saturday. So until then all the names that you have "heard" are just rumours.
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