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  1. Less stressful of course. If we were scoring a few more goals which our play has merited in many of the single goal wins
  2. The moaning at refs and linos starts early on and is counterproductive in terms of 50/50 decisions - it also lasts nearly the whole game and even at 4-0 up we dispute a throw in decision when the game is safely won
  3. It is and there is cover, the old Community Centre is in the process of being demolished. Thanks Burnie
  4. Any cover at Ash Grove and is the Community Centre still there? Assume the new pitch is on the site of the old "all weather" pitch?
  5. Forget the insults, fouls, ref's decisions, gestures etc this was a decent hard fought game contested by 2 good teams - was impressed by Camelon 9 and 11 - tough game and good to edge it but long way to go
  6. Think Syme could have done a job at LB and good luck to him
  7. Watched it for 20 mins and good session, players in good spirits and some slick passing - good workout before Saturday
  8. Flight back from Munich will make interesting travel expenses this week b.ut fair play to Gemmell for making the game - disappointing to be sent off for an invisible tackle though - and well done to the players and management for a wonderful run and deserved cup win
  9. Agreed response and attitude coming back from 2-1 and 3-2 down and winning was excellent and great entertainment
  10. Busy area tomorrow with 18000 at Tynecastle and 40000 at Murrayfield on top of the travelling BU fans
  11. A good few people missed ko so they must have been reading the "ego trip " site - thanks to AHeid for confirming 2pm earlier today meaning I was there for 2pm
  12. Decent crowd despite lack of clarity re ko - good to see some old faces returning to Newtown many of whom turned out for both clubs - good turn out for a player who gave his all wherever he was asked to play - well taken hat trick for Chris ans sure more to come
  13. Archie was a natural goal scorer and later a good coach at Avon Star
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