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  1. Yoker news today

    Surprised and pleased sums up my feelings on this development. Also well done to the Commitee for acting quickly after the resignation. I wasn't really looking forward to next season but now I am. Surely we can only improve?
  2. Yoker news today

    Glad a good night was had by all. Except I think a drink fuelled decision might have been taken that night to retain the services of the Toxic Brothers for next season per the Clydebank Post today. Only drink could have resulted in that. Maitland and Hynes on their way tells me the way the wind is shifting. A step too far for me. I will be considering my position for next season. Not a happy end to this awful interim.
  3. Yoker news today

    Noted. The only League fixture on the SJFA site as of now for the 9th is Thorniewood v. Shotts. Hopefully common sense will prevail and our game will be added.
  4. Yoker news today

    I think the current situation sums up the SJFA this season. Yoker's website is showing a home game against Wishaw on Mon 4th Jun at 7.30 while the SJFA site shows Wishaw away to Port Glasgow on the same date and time. Will they play us on the way to Port Glasgow or, my preferred option, on the way back?!
  5. Yoker news today

    Good to see the various Yoker Players awards tonight on Twitter. I can't disagree with any of them and especially well done to Jamie Carson and Gary Bissland for clocking up 10 years of service to the Club. They must be due for parole by now surely?! All credit to the guys for picking up the points for safety in the the latter part of the season. It didn't look likely for a long time. Hopefully we can finish on a high against Wishaw and go again next season with a hard learning experience about this division this year to help us in the new challenge.
  6. Yoker news today

    Haha. Well said that man! I'm just saying the SJFA fixtures guy as usual is apparently not able or willing to make use of the dates available to him. What has happened with Wishaw's fixtures this season is poor even by the governing body's low standards. Going by their performances against Yoker and their other results they would have been one of the favourites for promotion but I think that may now have gone. I know the real enemy has been the weather but the fixtures guy's ineptitude hasn't helped. I am sure that Wishaw have had free dates but maybe they asked for time to allow players to recover during a horrendous fixtures pile up. However as a Yoker supporter my concern is getting to see my team complete their fixtures and finish as high in the League as we can. I hope it's clear who my complaint is against.
  7. Yoker news today

    According the SJFA website Wishaw are in action on Sat. 2nd June at Greenock, Mon. 4th at Port Glasgow and Wed. 6th at home to Thorniewood but no mention of when they will play Yoker. Surely it's got to be the next Saturday the 9th? Or would that be too simple. At this rate it's going to clash with the start of the World Cup. You couldn't make a more inept body than the the SJFA up! When you consider that Wishaw have had free Wednesday's and Saturdays not so long ago it seems mad that they will still be catching up going into the second week in June. They must be scunnered with it all not to mention knackered.
  8. Yoker news today

    Going by Port Glasgow's approach to the game on Wednesday at Holm Park we'll need full riot gear to protect our players down there in a fortnight. A more angry, aggressive, argumentative, downright dirty team I haven't seen for many a season. And this was them in the lead until the 80th minute! Two men sent off and a few more lucky not to be. I can only assume they were annoyed about something before they took to the pitch. Maybe because they were missing the One Show?
  9. Yoker news today

    On the evidence of today's performance I believe this Yoker team is one of the worst performing I have seen in over forty years of supporting this great wee Club. The goals conceded today have to rank with the most amateurish and laughable we have seen this season and indeed for many a season. Primary school defenders would have hung their heads in shame. Anyone looking at a 3-3 result would think, good game. From my perspective as a Yoker supporter I think we were lucky not to be on the end of a real doing. Without any disrespect to Thorniewood,who got their tactics right, a better team would have scored another four or five against us. That gives me no joy to say. We were that bad. The irony is we have decent players in the squad but the level of performance is far below what they can deliver. The answer. Get a MANAGER in NOW. As far as I'm concerned the interim period is over. From the body language of the George brothers today it seems to me they've lost any semblance of authority over this shambles and might not be too far away from throwing in the towel. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. But if they do what do we do then? We need a Manager now who can give the players a direction, stop the bickering between the sidelines and the field of play and most importantly get the most out of the players in the squad who have something to offer. Now is the time for a change, before it becomes too late.
  10. Yoker news today

    But they're all decent guys, well most of them! Saturday was disappointing but the better team won so no complaints. We now need to try to move up the League a bit. Defending still not good enough, midfield slack, not scoring enough goals, etc etc etc.
  11. Yoker news today

    Yoker were last in the quarters in 2015 when we lost 3-2 to Linlithgow Rose at Holm Park. I'm pretty sure we reached that stage a few years earlier also when we lost to Arthurlie. Looking forward to the Wishaw tie, I hope our recent improvement in form continues and we give a better account of ourselves than we did at the Beltane. However lack of games doesn't help if you're trying to get form back. We'll see where we are on Saturday.
  12. Yoker news today

    Game off. Waterlogged. Disappointed, but understandable. Next week surely!!
  13. Yoker news today

    Forecast has changed again. Lots of rain overnight into Saturday.
  14. Bankies nxt season

    While I haven't read all the posts I think this is a great debate about an issue which is going to grow in importance. I just wish there was a willingness in the SJFA to look outside their own wee bubble and come up with some forward thinking to stop the drip drip effect of teams joining the pyramid system. After all we play the same rules in the Juniors as any other set up so why not amalgamate, affiliate or whatever it takes to get the Juniors into the system where there is a goal of moving through the pyramid? With no disrespect to Clydebank I only think the SJFA will see this if bigger, longer established and more successful clubs talk about moving. Anyway good luck to the "noisy neighbours" whatever they do next season.
  15. Yoker news today

    Is that the one that said it would snow like mad last week and, ahem ...........it snowed like mad? Anyway let's hope we can get it played.