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  1. Yoker news today

    At least there is one blessing when you're on here, the weans aren't getting hit. What a tantrum over, let me get this right, a game that wasn't even played! You are an oxygen thief of the first order.
  2. Yoker news today

    You might want to Google the address of your nearest Life Shop. I suggest you visit soon and get one, because the Buckfast counselling clearly isn't working. Dearie me!
  3. Yoker news today

    Let's keep the drawers switched to calm for the moment. Are we not forgetting the greatest imponderable in all this? Yoker!!!
  4. Yoker news today

    It might be incorrect but I have been told we have Cree and Bissland suspended for this game. If so, lack of drive from middle to front will be a problem.
  5. Yoker news today

    While I admire your optimism I don't share it. We need Shettleston to collapse and us to win the rest of our games to survive. Shettleston might do their bit but unfortunately too many of our guys have put the tools away for us to do any better than third bottom. As always I will be delighted to be proved wrong.
  6. Yoker news today

    In my very humble opinion this Yoker team is the worst I've seen in twenty years plus. In the team there are some good players but not enough to prevent the rotten ones undoing anything the good ones create. If they achieve the miracle that is needed to survive my opinion won't alter. Form is temporary as they say. Stay up and without major improvement ( devine intervention more like) we'll be saying the same things same time next year. In previous years in the same situation supporters would bite their nails in anxiety over the plight of the team. This year it's more or less been accepted that we are not good enough. If/ when we go down I honestly think we'll be in the bottom league for some considerable time. As always I am willing to be proved wrong.
  7. Yoker news today

    Another painful watch yesterday. The only consolation is we only have four more potential painful watches to go.
  8. Yoker news today

    Thanks for that information. Having attended games recently at McKenna Park in wet weather and over the years at other grounds with no cover it makes you appreciate our covered area. I hope it can be retained but I get that the finance has to be correct.
  9. Yoker news today

    I'm sure Lugar will be desperate to play us now given our form at the moment. Because if it's postponed we might have improved by the time it's eventually played! Maybe. Can anyone in the know say what's to happen re the cover at Holm Park? I had assumed it's coming down but is it to retained and repaired or replaced? It must be as old at least as that other famous landmark, the Titan crane so maybe it's got a preservation order on it!
  10. Yoker news today

    I don't think the weather is going to help us in our quest for three points at Lugar this weekend. Fingers crossed the game goes ahead.
  11. Yoker news today

    With my tin hat firmly in place I am going to venture my opinion. While I can see some difference in the playing style and some decent players have been brought in we are still not getting the results our build up play merits. Our failure to turn possession into goals is not helping. But in my humble opinion the main reason is that the defence is extremely suspect with us playing different personnel every time I attend and those players picked then failing to carry out the basic duties of a defender. The goals lost at the weekend just summed up Yoker's problems, not just this season but for the last three or four. Farcical defending. I assume that both these areas are being addressed in training but so far it's not paying dividends. Coaching can improve players undoubtedly but we are seeing some guys making the same basic mistakes time and again. As a supporter its frustrating but for a management team trying to turn this around it must be soul destroying. I will remain hopeful that we will survive the drop until the maths prove otherwise but it's not looking good at the moment.
  12. Yoker news today

    Five. Four started, goalie nos. 2, 6 and 7. No 17 came on in the second half. I don't know their names or where they've come from but all look to have improved what we had. Time will tell.
  13. Yoker news today

    Today was my first game for a while. I was given hope, despite the result, that the new management team will get it right and we can progress. All the new starts acquitted themselves well in my view and with more games together they'll get better.
  14. Yoker news today

    Yes, well deserved. Hopeful of putting a run of results together to match recent performance levels. Good to see Maitland scoring a couple too which will be good for his and the team's confidence.
  15. Yoker news today

    Heard tonight that another ex Yoker player has joined Richard Henry at Renfrew. I hope Reece McGillion does well with them. He was very under rated by our Management team. I don't think they realised what they had and certainly didn't play him often enough in my opinion.