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  1. You'll need to show evidence of any Yoker supporter saying we'll win the League " at a canter" or any other way. I certainly don't think that and I don't know anyone who does. We know Yoker goalies are apt to make mistakes. We know the defence is too fragile too often and prone to giving teams a goal or two of a start. We know we don't take enough of the chances we make and we know we aren't good enough at going to difficult places and playing as well as we can. That's just a few of our faults. I wasn't at the game yesterday but the above frailties were probably all evident in the performance and result. If we get promoted this season that would be great but for those who see Yoker more often than you the feeling is that there needs to be more and sustained improvement in all areas for promotion to be even remotely likely and certainly not as League winners.
  2. The Johnstone Buroo were totally dominated today and should have been disposed of more convincingly by a far superior Yoker team, despite us missing some regulars. Had the two perfectly good Yoker goals stood, wrongly disallowed by another poor referee, we would have had a more realistic result. The Buroo's games in hand are all well and good. But only if you win them! Put that in your pipe "Harold".
  3. Sorry. No offence meant. I was meaning their size. You've got some big units in defence. Definitely a strong physical presence and yes, from back to front you defended really well. As I said a deserved victory. I think you'll have a good season. Good luck.
  4. Not a good result or performance yesterday and deservedly beaten by a team who were better organised than us. This team of ours, this management team of ours seem to take their tactics and approach from what they see on telly. Tippy tappy football across the 18 yard box and trying to play through a packed defence of hammer throwers like Muirkirk had will work occasionally in this division but nine times out of ten the defence will beat our forwards because we simply don't have the skill to play that way. Let's get back to basics, stretch defences, get to the bye line, have a shot from 18 yards plus, vary our approach, do what our players are good at not what's in vogue in the senior game. The skill levels are simply not there at our level for these tactics. In short, let's get real. This is the bottom division of the Juniors. Yesterday's performance and more so the tactics or lack of them will see us in it for a long time.
  5. I agree about the pitch but can't agree about their goal. From my view it was straight at our keeper and instead of his now trademark one hand slap if he gets two hands up he at least makes connection. Only my opinion of course. However I thought we really should have won it as we totally outplayed them in the second half, helped by them being a man short of course. All in all a decent performance. While we can be happy with our start it's games like that and considering the chances we made that we should be winning. However let's look at it as a point gained rather than two dropped and a performance which bodes well for today's fixture if we can keep up to that standard.
  6. A good 3-1 win yesterday against Maybole who made it difficult for long spells. Well done to all and thanks to the Yoker Twitter person for putting the team info on. Much appreciated with all the new players on view. It's nice to know who you're shirrickin!
  7. A good away win for Yoker to start the new League campaign. I was only able to follow on twitter but to come from an early goal down to win 1-2 shows a bit of the character we're going to need in the coming months. Good to see Davie Crerand getting the goals too. With all respect to Lugar, I don't know what kind of force they are going to be this season, I hope we can build confidence from an away win for the bigger challenges we will face as we go forward. As I was writing that last sentence I was reminded of our first League game of last season when we beat Wishaw 4-3 away and look how that season panned out. So onwards and upwards with feet planted firmly on the ground, if that's possible. Ps.for us Twitter followers any chance of the team lineup for future games?
  8. That's the end then of what was a dismal season for the Club and we will play next season in League Two,or the basement as some would call it. There were some hopes when the new management team took over in January but as we know it's the hope that kills you. It was too little too late and while it may not be a certainty that we'll get straight back up I think with some new faces, a full pre season to bed in the coaches' methods and the lift of our upgraded ground, at least we've got to hope to be a more competitive outfit than this season. Again I'm back to that dreaded word hope. One thing I'm looking forward to is the new playing surface ensuring we get our games played. Artificial has its critics but for us and the wider community it is the way forward ensuring cash flow from games which is vital at any level of the game. The blot on that landscape is of course the scourge of vandalism which is endemic in society. Anyway to all of a Yoker persuasion, have a good summer of bowls, cricket, tennis and of course Women's World Cup and remember, we may be down but we are not out!
  9. At least there is one blessing when you're on here, the weans aren't getting hit. What a tantrum over, let me get this right, a game that wasn't even played! You are an oxygen thief of the first order.
  10. You might want to Google the address of your nearest Life Shop. I suggest you visit soon and get one, because the Buckfast counselling clearly isn't working. Dearie me!
  11. Let's keep the drawers switched to calm for the moment. Are we not forgetting the greatest imponderable in all this? Yoker!!!
  12. It might be incorrect but I have been told we have Cree and Bissland suspended for this game. If so, lack of drive from middle to front will be a problem.
  13. While I admire your optimism I don't share it. We need Shettleston to collapse and us to win the rest of our games to survive. Shettleston might do their bit but unfortunately too many of our guys have put the tools away for us to do any better than third bottom. As always I will be delighted to be proved wrong.
  14. In my very humble opinion this Yoker team is the worst I've seen in twenty years plus. In the team there are some good players but not enough to prevent the rotten ones undoing anything the good ones create. If they achieve the miracle that is needed to survive my opinion won't alter. Form is temporary as they say. Stay up and without major improvement ( devine intervention more like) we'll be saying the same things same time next year. In previous years in the same situation supporters would bite their nails in anxiety over the plight of the team. This year it's more or less been accepted that we are not good enough. If/ when we go down I honestly think we'll be in the bottom league for some considerable time. As always I am willing to be proved wrong.
  15. Another painful watch yesterday. The only consolation is we only have four more potential painful watches to go.
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