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  1. Mansons a wee bottle bag heart the size of a pea
  2. Not heard much from ‘toogoodforthislevel’ recently about squad updates & recent results !
  3. Are you familiar with there full squad ? Thought you would have said sandys ? What’s changed from Tollcross last year to this year & what’s changed at sandys ? Did sandys have the best squad last year ?
  4. Happy to take medals being a sandys bench boy
  5. Who’s got the best squad ?
  6. Your the shitebag hiding behind ‘sandysafc’ what’s your name so we can judge your playing ability
  7. Find that one hard to believe tbh but stranger things have happened
  8. Biggest grudge matches in leafa ?
  9. I think the wee guy ean Gilhooly is better than them both
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