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  1. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    As far as we are aware there is no restrictions, Meeting the council tomorrow.

    Buffs games on
  3. Cabins/Modular Units Free to Uplift

    Tool shed small unit is gone
  4. Cabins/Modular Units Free to Uplift

    Yes, all still available
  5. Cabins/Modular Units Free to Uplift

    Guys could you take this BS somewhere else please
  6. Cabins/Modular Units Free to Uplift

    End of season but these can go now
  7. Cabins/Modular Units Free to Uplift

    We have two more smaller units, one was a hairdressers and one was a tool store
  8. Cabins/Modular Units Free to Uplift

    Another unit, also in Kilwinning, free to uplift, was previously used as equipment store
  9. Cabin free to up lift in Kilwinning, was used as Team laundry and boot room, it’s fairly dry inside but could be doing with the floor and door repaired PM me your name and number if interested
  10. Games Off 19th Jan

    Park frosty but ok
  11. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Don’t know why they are bothering with a petition, just had to ask me and I’ve had called an EGM 33 Members names required Believed to be on the basis that we’ve changed the constitution. It wouldn’t be the Buffs if there’s confusion. So...when we started running the club we were given two constitutions, one that was voted in by the members and one that was a work in progress by the previous secretary, work continued on this constitution as it was needed to go for an asset transfer, when we were advised that an asset transfer wasn’t a great idea for us, work on this constitution was stopped by the previous secretary, so we are working off the one that was voted in, I believe, in 2015 and signed by the previous Chairman and Secretary. Happy to show anyone the copy we got and I’m sure it’ll match the original that the previous secretary has. I’ve also called someone on the SJFA and West Region management teams and they don’t keep copies of club constitutions, I can pass on contact details, just pm me.
  12. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Well that was a game ruined
  13. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Of course we wouldn’t, however players contracts need sorted and budgets need set for the following season, I can tell you first hand doing this in June after an AGM and trying to get players etc is a lot harder than being able to talk to players in Jan/Feb Also a new committee would have time to make plans for the level of ambition you mentioned.
  14. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Alan I dont see how we could stay on in the main capacity, the committee in full are saying we need to move to maintain the level of the club and have exhausted all avenues to replace the changing rooms, what could we possibly do by staying? Hope isn’t a plan, and “wait and see” is past, we’ve waited and saw and still in the same situation, I don’t know what I could do next season, granted they changing rooms might last 5 year, but they also might last 5 weeks, and a refusal to use might never come, but could come in 2 weeks, we can’t run a club with this hanging over us, in most cases I can see the majority of us still being about in some capacity.
  15. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    This wasn’t an easy decision for the committee to come to, there are no winners or losers in this situation. Imagine asking John Evans, Colin Evans, Danny Watt, Wee Tam, Wee Pete, Jim Cochrane countless “Buffs men” and volunteers what they think about the idea of moving. I can tell you first hand the abuse and the many “over my dead body” statements. Then when we explain the true costs of just finishing the half done projects let alone building a new changing room they started to open their eyes, but always with “we have to try” And then watched many fundraising ideas start and fail, speakers night, music night, race night, sponsors hospitality day, correct score tote, that actually once had a £500 prize and made £84 To start to stick this on to people that want to stay is ridiculous, we’ve tried fundraising, we know how hard it is, we gave time for others to try incase we hadn’t looked somewhere and when it was clear others had tried and hit the same wall as us then it was time for the vote. We’re all “remainers” the committee just had more first hand information from trying for the last 3 years than most people. Our first fear was splitting the club the second is being asked to stop using Abbey Park, the female linesman two months back got changed in a relatives house in the Blacklands, and Banks O Dee couldn’t fit everyone in the changing room and players had to stand outside, those levels of facilities will come to an end sooner rather than later and splitting the club over a move seemed like a price to pay for the continuation of the Buffs, Ive talked to both Clydebank and Rob Roy and groundsharing would kill us, Ive actually no idea how they manage to stay afloat let alone be in the top league Stay or move I’ll still be a Buffs fan and if the votes to stay then I’ll be available to help where I can, but fresh ideas are needed.