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  1. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    We all love that place, we all have memories Some people think the committee woke up one morning and decided to move. The committee that’s there at the moment spent 12 months as the regeneration team and removed the sleepers so the park could stay insured, no insurance, no football. After that we looked at getting a full bar license, this would have made it easier to raise money for changing rooms. We went to meet the council Licensing Board, and although they were happy to grant a license, Planning and Building control had issues with the ground, we then arranged to meet with them we now also have a new banking has been built and that gate, which was supposed to be 4mX4m is coming out the ground like a Submarine Base, and the council aren’t pleased. At this point we are now told that nothing, including the stand, gate, bar, changing room, toilets, doesn’t have planning permission or building approval. We are advised to start removing buildings and stop all work, although a Destruction Order won’t be sent we are advised if there’s injury or complaints to saftey it could be sent. All work is eventually stopped, mud slinging starts, Head of Regeneration walks away. True costs to complete projects and debts start to become clear. We make a plan to clear debts and get most of it sorted out We then set a meeting with NAC: Connected Community’s, SportScotland, SFA, Football Partnership to ask for advice to raising funding to get new changing rooms as they are now deteriorating and rotting, we have over 10 meetings with funding groups. Basically there is nothing in the time line we are looking at and amount, SportScotland advise not to start a changing room project unless we have £120k in the bank or guaranteed. We don’t believe we can get this amount from the fan base we have. This is when we then mention it to the fans in June 2018 and show them the changing rooms.
  2. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Through the membership the Buffs already have at KSC, member club, they are already entitled to play home matches there and have their referee fees paid, this is included in the price the Buffs already pay. In terms of a lease, it isn’t required, KSC is now on a path to profitability and is an SFA Platinum Legacy Club, with support from NAC, SFA, SportScotland and the Scottish Football Partnership. However a lease can be provided, KSC land is owned by the council as is Abbey Park so it would be the same lease agreement. If KSC was to have some financial problems they’d close off the areas that don’t provide profit and not offer as long opening hours, this is already planned for if that was to happen and they can’t foresee people stop playing football so that side of the organisation will be there forever. Turning the pitches isn’t needed and now that KSC drainage problems are fixed the show parks will be resized at the end of the season to their full size which makes it the same length and slightly wider than Abbey Park, there are plans for hospitality area, catering, match toilets, 4 step terrace, stand covering, pitch perimeter paths and privacy fencing with or without KRFCs involvement. Hope that helps P
  3. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Playing on grass is a must Also the Almswall Astro needs replaced, 170k and the council don’t plan on upgrading it any time soon after investing in Kilwinning Academy Astro
  4. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    I know he won't but could he though? What are the legal or bureaucratic obstacles? The best possible route would be to: 1: Carry out a survey and questionnaire about what the people of Kilwinning think. 2: Produce plans for a new ground or regeneration 3: Have a vote/ballot for members, volunteers and employees (find someone not related to club to adjudicate) Theres not much point in the committee having another open meeting, they’ve so far produced little. Is there another/better route?
  5. Ardeer Thistle FC Manager Position

    William McMillian?
  6. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Folks, I'll try and answer as much as I can for you, hope this helps, also, give me a call if you've any concerns with the Buffs and I'll do what I can to answer you. Carilly: I haven't heard from any other players but I've asked the manager to explain what's going on to the rest of the squad. Louis Mooie: People have different opinions on what the Buffs should be, we saw the pyramid coming and knew it would come like a tidal wave over the Juniors once the EOSJ teams started moving to the EOS, next will be a revamp of the Scottish Junior Cup in the next few seasons. energyzone: The committee have asked a couple of times for the other group to come along to a committee meeting and let us know what plans they have, you never know we might be in a position to help but haven't been offered any information or attendance. Indy2: That really depends on the goal, if its SFA licensing then Abbey Park is out of the question, mainly due to nothing there having any planning permission so the club can't get a crowd capacity saftey certificate which is point 5.1 of the guidelines, ie the first point. If the goals to never go for a license and maybe drop down a division then Abbey Park is will be ok as it is should the dressing rooms stay up the hill, however the council have said the units will have to go some day. The cost for licensing the Sportsclub will be the cost of one stand £18K Stadium Solutions, opening the cafe and match day toilets £4K, fencing and paths around £5K, upgrading bar unit £5K. So about £30/40K. The running costs at Abbey Park are around £20k per year, the running cost at KSC would be £4K, the differance could then go into the upgrading over 3 seasons. Marlowe: Great post, bring a friend could be something arranged for Non League day passbackdave: The work complete till now has mostly been jobs under £5K, removing sleepers etc, the cost of actually putting buildings up is another ball game all together as we saw when we took over and looked into the cost of finishing Bill's gate, £30K required for a gate, that's why its was shelved. Also, North Ayrshire Council own our park and we lease it from them kabjo: Thanks, we had a 5 year plan, the plan to improve the playing squad until the youth teams produced players to come into the team, 2/3 seasons. Rebuild all the park, that halted when we found out that nothing had planning permission and after consulting SportScotland were told if we didnt have £120K in the bank dont even start on a changing room. North Ayrshire, SportScotland, The SFA and Scottish Football Parntership all back a move, which means there's no funding for Abbey Park, as we've found out. funky monkey: Colin is a big loss, however on the playing front in the last 6 weeks we've signed Syme, and brought Whyte and Coleman back, we recieved an offer for McKenzie and accepted it, this is part of football. The plan was to avoid the turmoil and other than point out that the changing rooms will not last forever I don't know how we could say it another way. There wasnt a plan to move, yes I helped financially remodel KSC to make it more sustainable but that was for the youth section, the Buffs moving to KSC is actually a bad deal for KSC but they were open to it. I never thought we could do a Kelty but when promotion opens up we'd have at least liked to be able to go for it. buffy1899: I never put myself in the position to take on the Buffs, I was asked 4 times by the exchairman to do it and I refused each time, I was happy pushing barrows of bricks about, but when what was left of the voluteers said to me they would all leave if he stayed on I decided to help them out as helping the Buffs out was the only thing some of them had.
  7. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Guys, the budget is £80per week higher than last season. With the good league run and winning the Ayrshire Cup we decided at the close season to back the Manager and try and get a good run in the Scottish since it’s the 20th anniversary of winning it. It’s now been made clear by a section of the membership that we arnt wanted at the club and our personal involvement with the Buffs youth section and KSC is seen as a conflict of interest by them. Our goal now it to reduce the wage bill to match the income that a committee with the prospect of regeneration of Abbey Park can manage next season. With Colin Evans no longer involved the club will be £20k+ worse off, I’m sure some of the sponsors will renew but lots of them won’t, also I won’t be there to cover the gap so we have to reduce the budget, our team budget should be about the same as a top championship side if we go on basic matchday income with some sponsorship.
  8. Player Available For Transfer

    Marc McKenzie of Kilwinning Rangers is available for transfer Please contact Colin 07789581127
  9. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Just to add some figures to it: Home takings are down 30% on this time last season. Estimated crowd on Saturday was 142, we’d 300 in the budget for that match. One factor could be that we’ve played 25 games in 4 months, that’s a lot of matches. Another is that some fans are opting out of the raffle etc to fund raise for the changing rooms, which is having an impact but is understandable.
  10. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Didn’t he do the Ayrshire Cup final against Largs?
  11. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    You wouldn’t read the posters otherwise, last season we noticed posters with typos got talked about and fixed posters didn’t, strange, heard Alan McGhee talk about it once in music posters, misspelling the venue name alway got it talked about.
  12. This Sunday come along to Abbey Park as Kilwinning Rangers take on Kilmarnock in Ben Lewis’s Testimonial)5 Entry, 2pm Kick Off, Bar Open from 1
  13. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Our constitution isn’t very good, a new one has been written by the previous committee but we didn’t bring it in. At the moment you become a member of the club and your entitled to a season ticket, sort of the wrong way round.
  14. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    The Dirrans will be using changing room 1 for every home game, and parking would be extended
  15. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    We use changing room 2 every Mon and Wed with 22 players and have to no issues, 5 showers and a toilet per team Go down have a look, Brian Jardine will happily show you around.