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  1. Thanks, good luck with the lights at Beachwood, not an easy project
  2. Nice new account, you new to football? drains help the water run away
  3. 2 new drain lines added. Goal next season will be games on rather than manicured pitch, got caught out with that last season
  4. Don’t think any club at our level have directors, by the rules the clubs have to be setup as committees, although that’s no longer a rule in the WOSFL. Anyway, enjoy your day, just wanted to find out what I’d supposedly done.
  5. You should probably talk to the person on the management team that send them around. theres not much I can add to this. We’d previously stated we’d have been happy for null and void and even went along with the Talbot getting the win, albeit after the foot stamping tantrums
  6. a minutes a minute, a record of the meeting. you can’t change it to suit yourself, or “destroy” them because it doesn’t fit an agenda.
  7. So it’s on for you to not make a judgement with no info but I’ve to put it to bed with the same info? lots of cardboard lawyers on here, all opinion, zero facts
  8. I think John Fyfe commenting would have put it to bed quicker that someone that isn’t on the management team.
  9. How would I even answer that?
  10. What is it I’m supposed to have done? reading this in the paper like everyone else, was asked to comment by the paper and didn’t.
  11. They've already got 1000 kids wearing their shirt, it won't take long
  12. There you go folks, made your Saturday a we bit more enjoyable.
  13. Isn’t he already on the SJFA management team?
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