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  1. Funnily enough club officials talk to each other, get involved with your club
  2. Probably one of the lowest budgets in the league. Less than half Pollok’s
  3. Right guys, we need to define what actually constitutes as “rumour” ”I heard from a Medda fan doon the mall” cant be past off as a rumour
  4. Shame we aren’t playing Ravenspark Medda next week but looking forward to our trip to Brisbane Rd Thistle
  5. Seems to be mostly related to Scottish Cup games which brings out a few other types of fans. League games have been fairly uneventful
  6. There’s wasn’t a bad performance in either team and one of the best games of football I’ve watched in a long time, fast, flying tackles, end to end, pressure That game had everything
  7. Was in a meeting last week with NAC discussing all the planning, building and parking requirements, trying to move it on, but it moves slow. In other news, there is none, majority of volunteers are off on holiday during the school holidays so not much happening
  8. Yeah totally loving it at the new place, couldn’t have went any better. Cheers
  9. the 15 games are till the end of September
  10. In the past few weeks we've had calls from 5 team managers looking to loan players due to injuries and now we are starting to see our injury list build to the point we are including our U21s players in the squad Don't get me wrong, The league is doing a great job getting the fixture list out but is it a bit too much for the players to handle? These 15 games don't include preseason friendlies and we went out of the Sectional at the group stage which could have given us more games.
  11. Plans are about to go in, waiting on structural engineer, it won’t contain changing rooms
  12. It was actually a “Shit Hole” she called when leaving the committee room at half time.
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