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  1. Is it shirt number ascending order? Even if so it's still a shite layout.
  2. I've been using this for about 6 months and it's been brilliant. www.revolut.com App on my phone let's me upload pounds from my current account then exchange it at the constantly changing (literally you see the rate fluctuating as you confirm the transaction) bank rate then spend it on the pre paid master card. Used it in Norway, Sweden, Oman, Spain, Ireland, USA and UK so far and never paid a penny in fees for using the card in stores or withdrawal from ATM and always got a better rate than the High Street. App gives you instant notification of withdrawal too. I used to just use my Nationwide debit account as it offered free withdrawals with no exchange fees but sadly that stopped a couple of years ago.
  3. Dr McCann to you if you don't mind.
  4. He may earn twice the rookie but he's guaranteed half. The drafted QB will get around $22m guaranteed over four years, Kaepernick will get $11m this year and can be cut before his next season salary is guaranteed on April 1st each year. The caveat is if he's injured his projected salary becomes guaranteed.
  5. We flew into Marseille and went to Nice and back before driving to and flying out of Bordeaux nearly three years ago, it was a 17 day family holiday then three days at a wedding in the Dordogne so nearly three weeks. I loved it, some great places on the way many have been mentioned but favourites of mine around where you're talking were Nice, Toulon, Beziers, Avignon and Carcassonne.
  6. Was in San Sebastian on holiday about five years ago, lovely place. My wife was pregnant and sick with middle bairn so me and my two year old done loads of walking about, sightseeing, chilling at the beach etc, great restaurants (I mind something about most Michelin stars per head of population of something) and probably the most friendly locals I've ever met, everyone wanted to speak to my wee blonde daughter. I've been to Bilbao before on a day trip and it was great too although I only seen the tourist stuff.
  7. I spent 3 months working in Perth and another 4 months back packing around parts of Australia, it was all pretty cheap and very easy. The only advice I could give based on my trip is regarding travelling between cities. I always got free camper van rentals by phoning around hire places asking if they had any one way rentals needing returned. I had no plan other than getting from Perth to Sydney in three months for my flight to Korea and ended up getting free transport and accommodation from Perth to Broome, Broome to Perth, Perth to Adelaide, Adelaide to Melbourne, Melbourne to Sydney. All I had to pay was fuel. I didn't have as long to do each leg as I would have liked and it meant 8 hours driving a day to make it to the destination within the allotted time but it was free and I was on a budget. I was staying in hostels which were really nice compared to other countries I stayed in, around £10 a night for dorms and £35 a night for private rooms. Can't help with the flight costs as I was on a Star Alliance rtw 15 flight ticket which unbelievably was only £1700.
  8. I think they would trade Kaepernick, they are taking calls about the possibility for sure but if they want a second round draft pick in return then they will most certainly keep him though. I can't remember the details of his new salary and it obviously will make it more difficult to trade when it kicks in but San Francisco can still offload him - it would be down to his new team or him, are the Broncos prepared to pick up the contract or is he prepared to renegotiate and almost certainly take a lower guarantee with Denver? From memory his new deal didn't seem to be insurmountable, he'll be on less than the first drafted QB this year, with year to year renegotiation potential unlike said first QB drafted who'll get his full contract guaranteed.
  9. $6.75m guaranteed, $3.5m signing bonus this year and next, could earn up to $22m over two years. Some deal. I thought Kaepernick would end up in Cleveland, guess that means it's Bronco's or stick for him now.
  10. Kinda glad I can't find this on any channel now. Fingers crossed but I'm less optimistic after seeing the team.
  11. Just officially been released.
  12. ESPN reporting multiple sources stating that Kaepernick has said he wants to play for Browns under coach Jackson. Possible trade with Manziel?
  13. A reporter from Dallas said that the Cowboys are making a play for Johnny Football on NFL network earlier.
  14. Elway is a Kaepernick fan, he's on record as saying he is his type of QB and the talk is that he's been interested in him since the Bronco's had the 49'rs at their practice last off season. I'm sure he's their first choice but they'll speak to RGIII too. I'm in Denver just now and there's a lot of chat about hoping Connor Cook will still be available when the Bronco's pick comes around at 31 in the first round of the draft.
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