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  1. Pointing out Kilmarnock are not a step up from St Johnstone is definitely a meltdown Craig, isn’t it?
  2. Its amazing how massive a club suddenly becomes just weeks after narrowly finishing above part-time Arbroath in the second tier.
  3. Spot on. Look at the interest the play offs have generated.. Arbroath v ICT a nearly full Gayfield, Saints v ICT 7400 with nearly 2000 from Inverness for a Monday night relegation battle. Fair enough bin the 4th place team, but including them does mean nearly every team in every league outside the prem has something to play for right up to the end of the season. It does go to emphasise how much better Scottish football could be with no Celtic and rangers; teams like Saints and Inverness would every so often have a genuine chance of winning the league. The crowds would be massive.
  4. Yes agree, no need to say it in the first place, but he’d already put it out there and I think he was trying to clear up what he’d meant.
  5. Agree, so many mistakes made over this season by the club, manager, recruitment and players. Not an excuse, it feels that we’re at a stage where every comment the manager makes is being over-scrutinised to have a go, by a lot of folk working themselves into a frenzy about anything he says or does. It’s reminiscent of that poster on WAP a few years back who looked for every opportunity to slag off Steve Brown because he once refused to shake his hand.
  6. Of course it is. But you’re talking about the achievement in itself. But when Saints went into a cup final with Livi or Hibs there would certainly have been pressure, but ultimately if we lose a cup final there’s no shame or massive fallout, just disappointment. I would think the constant negative feelings and pressure around the club for the past 6 months have been pretty unbearable. And made worse by the fall from last season to this.
  7. He justified that comment post match when he said it’s such an achievement due to the massive pressure the staff/ players are under in a relegation scrap, and how hard it is.
  8. Hendry to Kilmarnock would blow my mind. He could do far better than that, the only reason would be if killie are paying silly money next season.
  9. Hendry’s lap at the end felt like a farewell, as did Zander’s. Both will be huge losses. Unfortunately I think McCart will be away as well, but out the four I have a slight bit of optimism that Rooney might sign again as he’s such a cult figure. Possibly feels he’s done everything he can with us though. I thought Butterfield had another year signed with us. If not, he and Cifti will be away. Middleton probably won’t fancy returning for a third loan spell. Don’t f**k about with Vertainen, either commit to giving him an opportunity if the management feel he could potentially offer something, if not cut our losses and move him on right now. With so many players signed up we have a squad, but need to add quality. 5 or 6 players that would come in and be starters and raise the level of everyone. Easier said than done obviously. Austin Samuels looks like the kind of pacey direct attacking player we’ve missed, wonder if we could work a loan deal there?
  10. Give it a rest Frank ya boring c**t. We won, be happy for once in your life.
  11. Strange game is football. Friday night we’re battering Inverness and at HT you could easily see it finishing 4-0. It ends up 2-2. Tonight it’s a cagey first half where the Caley looked the more dangerous side.. finishes 4-0 Saints! Thoroughly enjoyable tie, plenty action and excitement. Brilliant atmosphere tonight, felt like McDiarmid Park of old at times with the whole East Stand singing. Caley are a better side than I realised, especially after what I saw of their earlier play off ties, and fair play to their supporters who stayed to clap and sing at the end. Brilliant second half by Saints. The courage and mentality of this side has been called into question often this season, but came out that second half positive and got after Caley. Deserved the win. Brilliant for Stevie May, he ended up being a great sub when I was doubting he’d make much impact when I heard he was coming on at HT. Cammy MacPherson was excellent that second half as well, and thought Brown had a very good game nullifying Caley‘s most dangerous player. Back 3 were solid and Rooney immense. Finally, delighted for Callum Davidson. Hell of a tough season where he’s made his share of poor decisions, but he’s kept us up and from January that’s all that mattered. Hopefully he’s learned what he needs to from the season and we’re back to winning cups and qualifying for Europe next season!
  12. I’ve no issue with Davidson doing it. You look for any slight advantage you can get, and if you’re in the officials’ head that your team has been hard done by, it might make them that wee bit more careful not to give a marginal decision against you. The OF do it regularly. That Celtic director was in the press the week upto our LC semi final against them saying how unfair Nick Walsh has been against them in previous matches. Lo and behold he books Saints players continuously for nothing, including Murray for having the ball kicked off him, and manages to miss the Celtic forward controlling the ball with his hand in the build up to the decisive goal. As RG says, he should have been far more vocal about the decisions earlier on in the season.
  13. Tavenier is an enigma. His goals and assists stats are phenomenal for a full back, and his crossing and free kicks are generally excellent. But in open play he often looks dogshite, whether in possession or when defending. Makes some ridiculous mistakes. He is well suited to being a full back up here in a team that dominates. He would be one that afficianados of stats would rave about, but folk who watched him regularly would be a bit underwhelmed.
  14. Yes we definitely miss that type. In fairness to MacPherson, he was excellent in that first hour. Coming short looking for the ball and generally doing simple things well to keep us moving. I could see him being a stand out in the championship if we were regularly in the ascendancy in matches. But then the flip side is that final half hour, he doesn’t seem comfortable when we’re up against it, which is no use for a centre midfielder. You can see he has ability, but I’ve yet to see him put in a complete all-round performance. Butterfield played well against Aberdeen, but just never got into the game at all on Friday night. I get what you’re saying about Murray in possession, but I think he’s been our stand out consistent midfielder for the past few months. I think we’d have been relegated a while back without his contribution.
  15. This is it for me. A combination of wasteful finishing and sloppy play, a poor sub and a referee decision all played their part. But after that why did we completely crumble? The players are more than capable of seeing off the Caley side, but every single one went into their shell and we ended up almost grateful for a draw. Nobody prepared to get a hold of the ball and settle us down, complete panic in every area of the park.
  16. I agree with Radford, we did try to be too clever after HT, Hendry being one who was guilty of it. Also poor decision making on when to play a teammate in or when to shoot. The game should have been comfortably put to bed in that period.
  17. Quick glance at the seating plan and I’d guess that Inverness have already sold close to 1500, if not slightly more. North Stand behind the goal is about 1900 in total, split that fairly evenly between the 3 sections. The away allocation in the Main Stand is about 1000, depending how many seats are used for separating the supports, and got a camera gantry which sometimes get stuck in the back few rows. Good support, but can’t imagine it will rival the 3000 or do Caledonian brought down as a Highland League team for a midweek Scottish Cup replay in the early 90’s…
  18. Yes a competition winner who looks content to run around in a strip while a game of football happens around him. If Middleton had to be changed last night, and he really shouldn’t have been when he was, then MOH to still give us a threat in behind would have been a better shout.
  19. We battered Inverness for 60 minutes, whether it was down to our good play, Caley’s poor set up, or a combination of both. We had 24 shots to ICT’s 6. Our problem was finishing them, not so much creating them. We should have been 4-0 up at HT, 6-0 after an hour! Even when you made the subs we were the more dangerous team, soaking up pressure and opening up Inverness on the counter. The wrong change by our manager, followed by a refereeing mistake, got Inverness back in the game as much as anything else. Up until then, Inverness hadn’t looked that close to scoring as far as I recall. From thereon, fair play, we panicked and Inverness took control. They were two great goals to level the tie, and Inverness finished the stronger as we didn’t cope well at all. Thats why it was such a great night for Inverness. The tie should be dead and buried yet it’s level. All to play for now, should be a tense battle, feels 50:50 who wins it from here. Penalties wouldn’t be the biggest shock in the world.
  20. He held the ball away from the Inverness defender then threw it away right in front of the ref while laughing in the Inverness players’ face. It was pretty funny but a bit stupid. Can have no complaints about the booking.
  21. Must have been great for Inverness fans coming back like that, but please tell me this is a joke.
  22. Cruising for 60 minutes, players confident on the ball and playing out from the back, and creating lots of chances. ‘We could kill the tie here’ was what everyone was saying at HT. Then, inexplicably, we take off our best attacking player in the match, who was getting loads of space and provided a constant outball, Middleton, to bring on Stevie May so we can watch him hide behind defenders and play with his hair. Even bringing on MOH would have made more sense to offer a threat in behind. But after the first goal, our whole team panicked. Not one player tried to calm things and we booted the ball everywhere and anywhere at every opportunity That’s not just a draw. That game has completely put the tie in Inverness’s favour. They now know exactly how fragile we are and it won’t matter what’s happening on Monday night, they’ll know they’re still in it.
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