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  1. This would be such a missed opportunity if we lose here. The game could obviously go either way, but at the end of the day it's st Mirren in a Scottish Cup semi final. I agree with the st Mirren poster earlier on who said we are better in every department. Other than when with 10 men, we have massively outplayed them this season. Better players, in better form and with a better manager. If st Mirren sneak through, fair play well done, that's Cup football. But we should be winning this comfortably.
  2. What a brilliant day of results to keep the excitement going.
  3. See if we sign no one at all this summer but nobody leaves, and we have the identical squad, I would be over the moon. We put out a number of fringe players amongst 6-7 changes and managed to win at the third best team in the country with a bit to spare. Callum Davidson is some boy.
  4. Are we needing an extra body in midfield to get a hold of the ball here? Feel we could do with a bit of possession to break hibs' hold on it.
  5. Good half from us. Quite evenly matched, the howler for the goal the only difference between the two sides. We look good on the ball, but as you'd expect our defence looks a bit more exposed without Liam Craig sitting in front. Hibs finished the half strongly and look threatening. Be interesting to see how long we go before making changes. Wouldn't be surprised to see May for Kane after an hour.
  6. MOH and Middleton have been excellent. You feel they probably are the stereotype of the type of wide player Davidson has in mind for the wide forwards in his 3-4-3.
  7. How on earth was Hanlon not booked for taking out O'Halloran earlier on?
  8. Not easy to predict what line up we'll see for Saints here, as we've had varying formations against Hibs all season. We looked really good in the 2-2 at Easter Road playing the 3-4-2-1 type shape with Melamed, May and MOH all starting. We also had great success with the 3-4-3 in the cup semi, despite being very lucky to still be 0-0 when we scored. Then last month we laboured to a 1-0 win in Perth playing 3-4-1-2, with Spoony in behind Kane and Melamed. The players understandably looked physically and mentally drained after the cup win 6 days earlier. Never that bothered how we set up these days. Davidson has bought himself the right to play 2-3-5 if he wants. A draw would be a decent result, keep a bit of momentum going.
  9. Yes he had bother with a hamstring injury when he first went there, would you class that as a serious injury that's had an impact on his physical capabilities over his career? Not aware of it affecting him since but might be wrong. Got released cos he couldn't settle in Melbourne I think.
  10. The thing with him is, he is still looks as quick as he ever did. He’s not had any serious injuries in his career which are catching up with him. His loss of form is for the most part mental. He has always been a streaky player in terms of form. Got sent off on opening day and let everyone down so was out the picture. Eventually worked his way back and again foolishly got sent off. He’s never had a run of games this season (his own fault) on which to completely write him off yet for me. He’s definitely not worth top wages, but as a squad option on a reasonable deal I’d be happy to keep him. Depends on what we’ve got lined up though. But ultimately, yes to expecting him to be dressed like a deckchair next season as a Chris Burke back up/ replacement.
  11. The contract I would splash a lot of money improving is Callum Davidson. Surely going to the very top and our biggest asset. 2 years left out of 3; extend him to a 5 year deal on improved terms. There's very little risk as he's more than proven he's never going to be a dud. He's unlikely to see it out, but it maximises the compensation we'd get from him when a Blackburn or Preston come knocking. Have a gentleman's agreement you'll not stand in his way. We have always been very lucky that Scottish football is full of ego driven owners who always like to prove they know best. With Tommy Wright, the Edinburgh clubs overlooked him numerous times for various questionable options. Even with Davidson, Aberdeen bring in a huge gamble from an American reserve league rather than at least attempt to go for a man who has won a cup and has a team playing attractive football, the two things his support are crying out for. Personally, if I was a Celtic fan (🤢), I'd far prefer Davidson to Howe as well.
  12. This is exactly where I'm at with him. Can completely understand the feelings he's been poor this season and is past his best, but I think his season got off to a stinker and he never really recovered. This after being hugely talked up by his manager as a big player. He was a big player for us on Sunday night, probably should have scored, but he was the only one who could go past a player and cause a problem in behind, forcing rangers deeper, and was massive in the build up to the goal. Other than Tanser's volley and the goal, I can't remember us having any other goal threat all game. If it's him or a player like Pawlett who's lived off a decent 6 month spell in 2014, it's MOH all day long for me. I trust Davidson's ability to work on him and get a lot more improvement with a full pre-season.
  13. Two matches from eternal glory. Hopefully the media jump fully aboard the Hibs hype train and forget about us again after tomorrow. I don’t like it when we’re talked up as favourites or whatever, but if we get either of the other two semi-finalists we probably will be. Anyone got a preference on who we get in the semi?
  14. It’s the small victories that make life bearable eh?!
  15. @bennett. You’ve gone back to the start of the thread and red dotted every post I’ve made on this thread. 😀
  16. Never liked Gerrard as a player but he’s a class act in the way he conducts himself at times.
  17. The greatest team in Scotland BY A FUCKING MILE
  18. Davidson not playing for penalties. Fair chance all 4 of the players we’ve taken off would have hit a penalty if it went to a shootout, along with Liam Craig. Melamed, May, Wotherspoon and Tanser.
  19. Raving about the rangers break before finally giving begrudging praise to McCann for an incredible last gasp challenge timed to perfection
  20. Bryson single handedly nearly destroyed rangers at ibrox a few months ago. Good sub.
  21. He has an aversion to big thugs kicking him all over the place condition
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