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  1. Quick glance at the seating plan and I’d guess that Inverness have already sold close to 1500, if not slightly more. North Stand behind the goal is about 1900 in total, split that fairly evenly between the 3 sections. The away allocation in the Main Stand is about 1000, depending how many seats are used for separating the supports, and got a camera gantry which sometimes get stuck in the back few rows. Good support, but can’t imagine it will rival the 3000 or do Caledonian brought down as a Highland League team for a midweek Scottish Cup replay in the early 90’s…
  2. Yes a competition winner who looks content to run around in a strip while a game of football happens around him. If Middleton had to be changed last night, and he really shouldn’t have been when he was, then MOH to still give us a threat in behind would have been a better shout.
  3. We battered Inverness for 60 minutes, whether it was down to our good play, Caley’s poor set up, or a combination of both. We had 24 shots to ICT’s 6. Our problem was finishing them, not so much creating them. We should have been 4-0 up at HT, 6-0 after an hour! Even when you made the subs we were the more dangerous team, soaking up pressure and opening up Inverness on the counter. The wrong change by our manager, followed by a refereeing mistake, got Inverness back in the game as much as anything else. Up until then, Inverness hadn’t looked that close to scoring as far as I recall. From thereon, fair play, we panicked and Inverness took control. They were two great goals to level the tie, and Inverness finished the stronger as we didn’t cope well at all. Thats why it was such a great night for Inverness. The tie should be dead and buried yet it’s level. All to play for now, should be a tense battle, feels 50:50 who wins it from here. Penalties wouldn’t be the biggest shock in the world.
  4. He held the ball away from the Inverness defender then threw it away right in front of the ref while laughing in the Inverness players’ face. It was pretty funny but a bit stupid. Can have no complaints about the booking.
  5. Must have been great for Inverness fans coming back like that, but please tell me this is a joke.
  6. Cruising for 60 minutes, players confident on the ball and playing out from the back, and creating lots of chances. ‘We could kill the tie here’ was what everyone was saying at HT. Then, inexplicably, we take off our best attacking player in the match, who was getting loads of space and provided a constant outball, Middleton, to bring on Stevie May so we can watch him hide behind defenders and play with his hair. Even bringing on MOH would have made more sense to offer a threat in behind. But after the first goal, our whole team panicked. Not one player tried to calm things and we booted the ball everywhere and anywhere at every opportunity That’s not just a draw. That game has completely put the tie in Inverness’s favour. They now know exactly how fragile we are and it won’t matter what’s happening on Monday night, they’ll know they’re still in it.
  7. The song is about an Invernesian store keeper. It's obvious he was the guid hoanest loddie I was talking about ffs..
  8. Aye, Inverness fans surprised about our lack of scoring prowess haven’t been paying attention. That 9 league goals in our 19 home games we scored last season mentioned above is said to be the lowest home goals total in the history of Scottish football by anyone. Winning two cups covered a few issues. Strange season. Whereas this one has just been dugshite. We are the perfect team for, let’s be honest, a brutally untalented Inverness team to be facing. You have a great chance of going up.
  9. Absolutely should be going out to win this one. Said it previously, but letting it all boil down to a one off 90 minute ‘cup tie’ leaves us open to a loss from a poor decision, defensive mistake, player being sent off etc. I’m not sure we will, but we have to be playing high tempo looking for the win tonight.
  10. To be fair to them, they're not the ones doing that. When did caley pick up all the roasters? They never used to be like this. What happened to the guid honest inversnecky laddies like this loon.. He'd be far better crack than the rest of you.
  11. Was when we were chasing the game as I think we went 1 down. Booth played part of the game I thought; maybe came on for Tanser? The young striker came on and had a part in our winner, can’t remember seeing him play again for us and he’s been released since.
  12. Yes, and we switched to a back 4 during the match with Danny Mac pushed into midfield.
  13. Rooney played right back for over half a game at Kilmarnock on one of the rare occasions we went to 4 at the back. The 2-1, MOH last minute winner match.
  14. To be fair the manager wasn’t the only one who wrote him off.
  15. If we manage to stay up, and Callum Hendry still ends up at Kilmarnock, I think that might be the straw that fucks the camels ass for me.
  16. That’s just wasteful language. I mean, surely “universal” does suggest it was fairly widespread?! I suppose the more emphatic words he throws at it, the more he emphasises his point!
  17. “Astonished” ”incredible red card” “universal condemnation” ”once again made to suffer in our efforts to gain promotion”
  18. If we do manage to stay up, I wouldn't have minded us bringing in Jason Holt from Livi, if he was out of contract. Keeps the ball, reliable, will battle for the cause. Not spectacular but always looks a 6 or 7/10 player when we play them. He was coming onto a game with us when the season ended and he left. I also think Sweeny at Dundee is worth a look. Big, aggressive defender who give a goal threat at set pieces, which we have really lacked this season. As for forwards, that we're badly in need of, there's not many in our price range in this league that I can think of.
  19. I was lucky and got a blue sky day, was sweltering hot. The sea view all round from the ridge are superb. Enjoy!
  20. Was thinking there’s no real need for the second leg to be all ticket (ot the first for that matter), but I suppose it guarantees a certain income if the tie is dead either way after the first leg.
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