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  1. If we weren’t busy playing at Kilmarnock on Wednesday night then we’d probably win this fixture. I have a wee bit of faith that we have a team of veterans who have all played against the oF plenty of times, so there shouldn’t be any rabbit in the headlights stuff. I think we are capable of keeping it tight and making it a close game, especially when you look at Celtic’s last two league results. On the other hand, we are slow and Celtic are a quick attacking team, which could be a an issue. McGowan getting sent off is a concern for me as he loves a foul and a few of the Celtic players love a wee roll around. 2-1 Saints. Murphy and Considine scoring with some random overpaid foreigner that nobody will remember in 5 years time scoring for Celtic.
  2. Bit unfair on those that don’t read it until Wednesday and miss the game as a result.
  3. You’re much better starters than us going by that. I generally think of Motherwell as either being really good in the first half of a season, then failing away after Christmas, or the complete opposite where you look doomed up to Christmas then find great form in the second half of the season. We’re at killie on Wednesday and you’ve got county on Tuesday; a win for both of us in midweek gives a very comforting gap above the bottom three.
  4. A fair few legends of my lifetime watching Saints have also been at Kilmarnock. Alex Totten, Paul Wright, Stevie Zorro Maskrey, Willie Watters who (I think) bagged a hat trick in the 4-0 over Arbroath at muirton when we clinched promotion to end our spell in the bottom division, Scottish Cup winning hero Frazer Wright, and Del and Doc who got us back into the premier league. Tommy Wright of course, who not only won us our first major honour, but also relegated Kilmarnock, so a top guy all round. Did Kevin McGowne also play for killie? Bit before my time, but Ally McCoist was also at both.
  5. Cheers both. I had a look at an old match on you tube and it did go further back than I remembered. In the last few years it became the away end as I remember after it previously being the TC Keay (?) End, was much better having the roof! Aye I’ve felt utd are bound to turn the corner with the quality of players on their books, but there’s a fair few fillers in amongst the stars as well, and the balance is all wrong, more a group of individuals than a team kind of thing. And as we both know from last season, once the rot sets in it’s really hard to get out of..
  6. A big factor in the success of Davidson ball is getting a lead in a game. The big test is where we go behind and have to chase. There have been exceptions, but think that’s been a fairly constant theme during his reign. The first half of his first season and most of last season it felt like we fell behind in games more often than not, and our form was poor, whereas in the brilliant spell from January 2021 to the summer we mostly went ahead and defended really well.
  7. Going against the grain here probably, but that away strip is shite! I think the shirt alone with a pair of jeans might not be so bad for those that like wearing football tops, but the whole strip is just too lilac.
  8. That’s a great drawing. Did they knock down a good portion of the Provie Road end when they put the roof on and put the benches in - don’t remember it being that high? Or where it sweeps round to join the Derry, can’t remember there being much terracing there at all?
  9. Agree, and also the point someone else made about how it would be great if we had our own young centre back on the fringe of the first team to learn from the likes of Mitchell and Considine while they’re here. The experienced players brought in have so far all contributed well, so credit for that, but hopefully we develop the squad with a couple of additions where required as players retire or move on, rather than the sweeping changes we’ve seen over the past 9 months, which we won’t always have the funds to do with the pedigree of player we signed this year. Of course, it might be the model we adopt even more from now on, signing experienced players in the twilight of their careers. From Davidson’s point of view, they’ve arguably been his most successful permanent signings.
  10. On the subject of supports, that felt like our lowest at Tannadice for quite a while. I think across the board clubs are going to see smaller away supports with the current economic situation, especially as we now head into our crowded fixture schedule before the World Cup break . And prices like those yesterday aren’t going to encourage many who are swithering. Hopefully Saints see some benefit of our under 12’s go free; if folk are picking and choosing which away games to attend, then paying £25 is going to get the nod ahead of the likes of £60 yesterday for an adult and 2 kids.
  11. Hallberg’s a very good attacking midfielder. It’s when he’s asked to play a more withdrawn role he’s a far less effective player. Feels like a fairly average start to the season for us overall, but turns out it’s our highest points total after 8 games for 5 years. After 8 matches:- 2022-23 - 10 pts 2021-22 - 9 pts 2020-21 - 7 pts 2019-20 - 4 pts 2018-19 - 8 pts 2017-18 - 14 pts Not that different from last season up til now, but then we went through a December of two games a week with 8 defeats in a row that sent us spiralling downwards. Hopefully our massive squad prevents that from happening this time round.
  12. Away at Kilmarnock this Wednesday night first; similar to today, win that one and we gain a decent advantage in the table over our opponent, but a loss brings them right back within touching distance and a chance to get some momentum going. Not seen a lot of killie, but I gather they’re quite a big physical side. I feel a lot more confident in the current Saints team handling that than this time last season.
  13. McGowan into midfield has made a huge difference. As if by accident we’ve discovered that you don’t get far only with defence and attack and ignore the middle bit! Getting control in there and protecting the defence is giving us a foundation to go forward far more effectively as well as looking more solid.
  14. Firstly, great 3 points. Getting a bit of distance between us and the bottom 3 is vital, as you’ve got to expect results will turn for at least one or two of them. First hour or so we were comfortable and wondering how many we could nick on the counter. From that to hanging on a bit in the last few minutes. Felt every sub weakened us. Taking off May took away our biggest threat and a midfield featuring Hallberg and Crawford is not the strongest when you’re looking to win the ball back. You’ve got to still cause teams a problem, and a better side than Utd might have got something out of the game. We just sat further and further back and carelessly gave the ball back to Utd every time we got on it. Our wing backs hardly got over the half way line in that last half hour. On the positive side, defensively we’re fairly solid, we strung some decent periods of play together at times in the first hour, and Stevie May looked very good.
  15. Very comfortable half for Saints. Having someone alongside him to occupy defenders does so much for Stevie May. He’s not the bravest or most physical but he’s a very intelligent player, ghosting into spaces in the channels as utd’s defenders push out. A good away performance so far, defending in numbers then posing a threat when we go forward. Taking the lead is everything with Davidson ball and is the difference between us looking organised and effective or simply inept when we have to chase a game.
  16. Ok cheers, might not bother. Was hoping I wouldn’t be able to see any of it.
  17. Just how restricted is the view at the back of the Fair Play Upper?
  18. Completely forgot about the last one, took a while to get it. List here; U21’s Maclennan, Sinclair, O’Halloran, Booth, Montgomery (Scotland) Carey (Ireland) U20’s Parish (England) U19’s Gilmour, Gallacher (Scotland) U17’s Ballantyne (Scotland) Max (Ukraine) Think there will be more at younger age groups that I’ve missed.
  19. Great victory for the Spiders. Sure you’re all aware of it already, but liked this stat..
  20. Listening to the analysis on Irish tv. They’re very positive about their performance and seem to really be emphasising how superior Scotland are/ were on paper and feel they matched us, though our midfield got a hold of the game after HT.
  21. Agree with the Irish commentators, it’s been a really good watch, both teams going at it. I often find international games are boring as f**k.
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