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  1. The more I hear about this Baldwin character the less I care for him
  2. I don’t think you’re really getting this thread. You need to head to the things you hate about Hibs thread.
  3. Courier reporting Crawford and Gordon possibly in contention for the Celtic match.
  4. Was thinking the same as I heard it announced leaving the ground. A great home attendance especially considering there were only about 100 Livi fans there. Typically, we put in our worst performance of the season to deter a fair few from returning! Should be a good crowd for the next home match midweek v Hearts, expect they’ll bring a big support through doing so well.
  5. I didn’t think it was that bad a choice of pass from Craig. From the third minute upto that moment, I thought we’d been passing the ball around well, and for the most part building through midfield instead of humping it long as we have been guilty of a few times this season. Craig going back to Clark seemed fine to keep us in possession, but obviously McCart losing track of it under his feet put an end to that spell of play! We still struggle to break teams down, both strikers want to come short and get involved in the build up, but rarely do we get a through ball or penetrating pass which gets us in. Maybe needed to mix it up a bit to attack with more urgency a few times. We often would slow play with possession across midfield, and let Livi get everyone behind the ball and tough to break down.
  6. Fucking hell. We're seriously trying to blame Clark for that second goal...
  7. It looks like he's trying to let the ball travel through his legs as he's moving to take it in his stride, but makes a mess of it and it comes off his heel. It's the kind of thing he probably does with ease several times a game usually.
  8. At the time I thought the second goal was a joint f**k up between Clark and McCart, but on seeing it back it's pretty much all about McCart I'm afraid. As assists go, it's Ronaldo-esque the way he flicks it with his heel straight into Anderson's path.
  9. It really is. I’m kind of looking forward to seeing the second and third again just to check they were as ridiculous as I remember them. At the other end we didn’t get many breaks; Kane’s header that the Livi keeper pulled off the greatest save of his life, Kane himself looking like he saved a goal bound header off the Livi line at a corner (might have been going wide anyway), shot cleared off the line, Craig hitting the bar. Nowhere near enough to win, but we had openings. Thought McPherson looked excellent on the ball in the first half.
  10. Easily the most shambolic defensive performance from a St Johnstone team in a few years. Well done Livi, organised and solid enough at the back and able to punish our numerous mistakes. Ambrose has been good for us til now but disgraceful today. Clark and McCart got in on the act with that comedy second goal. Had actually been playing some decent stuff at 0-1 up until the second, although we didn’t look like creating much. One of those days, but would have had Ambrose and a jaded looking Wotherspoon off earlier.
  11. Only seen the last 10-15 minutes and Accies were actually knocking it about quite well, without creating anything, but everytime it comes to Virtanen play breaks down. He is dreadful.
  12. Ali Crawford: Callum Davidson reveals St Johnstone midfielder could be back in two to three weeks By Eric Nicolson October 11 2021, 10.27pm midfielder Ali Crawford could be back playing before the end of the month, manager Callum Davidson has revealed. The on-loan playmaker tore a groin muscle in Saints’ last match against Dundee but the prognosis is as good as he and Davidson could have realistically expected. “We sent him for a scan and the injury has settled down well,” the Perth boss reported. “He’ll probably be out for two or three weeks from now. “The international break came at a good time in terms of the number of games he’ll miss. “This is at the lower end of the scale for a groin tear. It’s obviously disappointing that he’s picked up the injury because he was coming on to a really good game and we’ve been seeing glimpses of the quality he’s got. “But the good news is that it’s not going to be too long – and we should have Craig Bryson, Cammy MacPherson and Murray Davidson all available for Saturday.” Liam Gordon running pretty hard And Liam Gordon, who last week signed a new three-year contract, could soon be joining them. Liam is back running pretty hard,” said Davidson. “We’ll keep progressing him. “Hopefully he won’t be too far away either. “James Brown didn’t play for Malta obviously. He went over there and got everything sorted that he needed. “He’ll be fully fit for Saturday. “Michael (O’Halloran) and Callum (Booth) have got niggles but hopefully they’ll be OK.” “In some ways we didn’t want this break because we were in good form. “It didn’t feel as if we needed it this time – certainly compared to the previous one which came after all our European games. But the flip-side is getting players back.”
  13. I'm more looking forward to the 'statistically it's not sustainable anyway' posts.
  14. Cutting about mid-table is the stuff of dreams for your comedy outfit though!!
  15. Shite I’m afraid. Other than a great decade from the mid 60’s - mid 1970’s and a financially doped spell in the 90’s-00’s, Leeds have been pretty irrelevant. To say they are comparable to Man City or Newcastle, is obviously nonsense. They are closer to West Brom. Other than the fact Newcastle have won more trophies and have bigger historical and current attendances, you can look at league records. Leeds have played 52 seasons in the top flight, 44 outwith (including 3 in league one). Newcastle have played 90 seasons in the top flight, 29 outwith (none in third tier). Premiership era only; Leeds 14 prem, 16 outwith. Newcastle 26 prem, 2 outwith. There’s not even a debate to be had on this one.
  16. English Roll of Honour:- All-time average attendance:- Last full season pre-lockdown average attendances:- 9th in the all time honours list, 5th in the all-time average attendance list, and 7th best supported currently. Folk can slag them for the 'we deserve better' nonsense, but you can't realistically argue they're not one of the bigger clubs down south.
  17. Of course they are, in the top 7 or 8 supported clubs in England easily, if that's what you gauge it on, and that's with limited success compared to the other 'big' clubs. But it depends if you go for the Dundee/Hibs/hearts/ Aberdeen assessment of 'big', I.e won trophies decades ago and used to get big crowds, or the St Johnstone one of constant recent success.
  18. 3 good goals that day. Alston scored a couple of crackers at ibrox. There was the 1-1 about 4 years or so ago where he scored in the first 10 minutes but half the Saints support were stuck on the motorway
  19. Yes Hately at centre back. We won at Motherwell but wasn't enough so were relegated.
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