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  1. You think they're worse than rocket Ronnie's team? Not sure about that one.
  2. Stopped watching at half time because it was dire. Just had a look at the final score.. 😳
  3. Not really meaning the penalty, it's just I see him as looking so good technically but he just seems to coast through matches, not really bothered whether he impacts on things, especially in tighter games.
  4. Is Ntcham the most overrated player in Scottish football?
  5. As much as I’d love the sheep to deliver here, we’ve surely seen this all before so often. Celtic struggling and we all get hopes up they’ll get beat only for them to cruise to a routine victory and leave all of us kicking ourselves for being so naive and falling into the trap of believing. 3-1 Celtic. I’m sorry.
  6. Definitely 2 points dropped, and I was also thinking second half why not take a centre back off and throw on another forward. But I've got a bit of sympathy for Davidson here, how many games have we dominated, then lost to a stupid goal? It must have been in the back of his mind, and to be fair he maybe thought we're close here, just need a break to get the goal then it would have been job done. I think we look like a team that will do better away from home and against the better teams, where we will get space in behind. We don't seem able to break down teams at McDiarmid. Our delivery from wide areas was abysmal, and Spoony had so many opportunities to set teammates up but wanted to be the hero far too often. Hopefully he goes back to how he has being playing the last few games; a bit of magic then choose the right option. We've score 1 (one) league goal at McDiarmid Park in 6 matches this season. That must be a record low at McDiarmid? To think that all the seasons of watching Tommy Wright's team scrape narrow victories playing fairly unattractive football at times, and how decent the football we've been playing has been for the most part so far, when then this is probably the season where entertainment matters least with no fans at games, and points on the board and survival more important than ever.
  7. The young lad in the glasses just to the right of Polworth kind of wants to be like the older guys, but hasn't quite mastered the showing the finger abuse just yet.
  8. BBC sport going peak BBC sport... Haven't seen official stats for the league cup tie, but I think Brechin City had more shots at goal in their 7-0 defeat at McDiarmid than Dundee United today.
  9. As good as Spoony has been recently, I think he's guilty of believing his own hype a little bit today and trying to do too much at times.
  10. I wish Griffin wouldn't commentate as if he's playing. "Man on" "see it out"etc "switch"
  11. He gets into some great areas, but you're right, so far this season his delivery and finishing has been disappointing.
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