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  1. St.johnstone v Dundee

    I think the 8 group top seeds are the Premiership teams from this season (outwith the 4 Euro qualifiers), so I don't think we can get them. 1 in 4 chance of getting United at McDiarmid though. The season after we could get Dundee (assuming they do go down).
  2. St.johnstone v Dundee

    We can still drop down and check on how you lot are getting on though so should be fine.
  3. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Yes I raised an eyebrow at that one as well. Still a good support through.
  4. St.johnstone v Dundee

    A stroll for Saints in the end. Shaughnessy and Gordon cruised it all afternoon. Craig and Callachan ran the midfield. Kennedy a constant threat as usual against Dundee, and Hendry putting in an impressive performance. Callachan had a very good game, some great challenges, and he has some real pace in getting forward. Dundee fans were right all along. Relegated with barely a whimper. We've done the sweep over them and they've never really come close to taking points in any of the 4 games, creating few chances along the way. The championship could be a very tough division to get out of next season, and Dundee are surely going to have a big clearout.
  5. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Entertaining first half with Saints dominant in the first 25 minutes or so, with at least 4 really good chances. Kennedy excellent again, compare to MOH who has hardly been involved at all on the opposite side. Dundee came into it a bit more as it went on, with half chances on the counter. Quite end to end. Zander Clark’s distribution from throws is excellent.
  6. St.johnstone v Dundee

    It would be better if Dundee were playing someone else this weekend, as a Saints win and st mirren getting a win, and Dundee are starting to look a bit isolated at the bottom with only 4 to play, and I for one would miss the derbies if they go down. Although I want us to win on Saturday, I don't think a Dundee victory would be the worst thing in the world. As we go into the final 5 fixtures with nothing to play for, let's just have a quick reminder of what might have been; the league table after we beat Livingston in January: 8 points off the top with 21 games played, and on a run of 11 clean sheets in 14 matches!!
  7. St Johnstone FC Thread

    I was a young teenager at the time, and recall 9000 Saints fans absolutely packed into that corner, and the whole lot sang for 90 minutes. One of the Sunday papers described the St Johnstone support as raucous, and I remember feeling dead proud once I'd looked up what it meant. Inflatable bananas were all the rage at the football around then and there were a fair few in our end. There was a big Saints flag with a picture of Fred Flinstone, and the words "yabadabadabadoo come on Saintees, give us two" or something. Stevie Maskrey was unbelievably good that season, and as 7-2 says, if he'd been fit we'd have had a great chance of winning, as rangers were rotten on the day. The ground was absolutely stowed out, you couldn't move anywhere, and you saw how overcrowded the rangers end was on the highlights. Celtic Park held just over 60,000 at the time, but they gave the attendance as 47,000. The midweek replay was even busier if anything, and was stated as 44,000. Always makes me laugh when Celtic fans get all excited about rangers avoiding paying tax, as they were notorious for lying about attendances back then. Seems funny that they now lie the other way to make the crowd sound bigger. Out the ground the road alongside the ground was absolutely packed and we had to walk through all the Rangers supporters going in the opposite direction. They were raging. I remember one mob ranting at us "that pay your shitey players wages for a month aye?" and a few other comments when an older Saints fan just leant towards them and said "what was the score lads?" It's hard to stress how great a result that was for Saints, probably like Arbroath or Alloa playing Celtic in a Scottish Cup semi-final this season and getting a draw. Then back on the bus, news from Hillsborough was coming through and it all felt surreal at the time, hard to take it all in.
  8. A View From The Terrace.

    I don't dislike him, but he's terrible in a chat show environment and not getting any better after 6-7 episodes. He can't form even basic points he's trying to make into a coherent sentence.
  9. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Brilliant end of season in the bottom half of the championship. From the outside, Morton and Queen of the South look to be the teams in a downward spiral, but a win for either changes everything. Tremendous run by Alloa, think they'll be safe. If Queens beat Dunfermline next week, are the Pars back in the relegation scrap?
  10. "Craig Levein likes a focal point to his attack. Mark De Vries, Jon Daly at Dundee United and now Ikpeazu.." as 5000 Scotland fans call Liam McLeod a c**t in a Prague flashback rage.
  11. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Exactly the same as this season you mean?! Where he's only had a chance when we've gone to a back three, or when Shaughnessy was injured at the start of the season. Not sure how he's going to develop in that scenario. He'd be better going out on loan if that was the case, and Anderson or someone like Keown were the cover.
  12. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Yes that's true, as is the comment about him being thrown into some big games. On the flip side, outwith Kerr, the defence has had some poor performances over the past 4 months and the manager hasn't once changed the personnel. He's also dropped Gordon out of a couple of matchday squads to bring in Keown instead. I don't think Gordon has been given much of a crack at it to establish whether he's first team quality or not. The vast majority of Kerr's appearances were also in the bottom two divisions, he played 18 league games in the championship. He was excellent, but the fact was he got the opportunity to go out on loan at that level, whilst Gordon was kept on as cover for Anderson and Shaughnessy. When he came back, Kerr was given a first team run and, this season, has established himself as one of our top players. Gordon should have then been given the opportunity to go out on loan at championship level as well. I can't think of a match where Gordon has been brought in where he has let us down. Yet, similarly, I can't think of an occasion where he has played consecutive league games for us. League cup group stage yes. People are saying we can't rely on him for next season. How will he ever be able to prove himself if he doesn't get a run of games? Is he just to remain third choice, hoping for injuries or to get 4 or 5 appearances a season. He will never kick on if that's the plan. I genuinely don't know if he'll prove consistently good enough for this level. But he deserves the opportunity to show what he can do in a run of games. He's 23 years old, and for his own development he needs to be playing competitive matches. The fact that we've been so poor for 4 months. The fact that we had a nothing fixture yesterday, and yet we still pick a player whose form has been inconsistent at best for a while, that the manager admits has kept us hanging and is probably away next season, over an up and coming centre back who is committed to the club, makes no sense whatsoever.
  13. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Not sure about this not relying on Liam Gordon at centre back going into next season chat cos of his lack of appearances. Then how is he ever to get the appearances? He's the same age as Kerr at 23, who's been a regular starter for about a year now on the back of not many first team starts up til then. Gordon should start every game after the split, alongside Kerr after his suspension and lets see if they are a good enough pairing. Although I think the truth might be that Tommy doesn't rate Liam for whatever reason. On the back of what Tommy said in his interview about the Shaughnessy contract situation, and presumably that didn't just come to light during yesterday's game, then why the f**k was he starting in a nothing game for us? Games with nothing at stake in this league are a rarity, and we have the luxury of 7 at the end of this season to be able to make big decisions on players for next season, and we've used up two of them already. If we get to the end of the season, and haven't seen a good few starts for Gordon, Easton, Swanson etc then I'm really asking questions about our managers thinking. Unless those decisions have already been made, obviously. I know people keep mentioning the £100k difference prize money between 7th and 9th being so important as with all our signings this season we will likely make a big loss, but I'm not convinced by that. We had two cup ties live on tv against Celtic, and also got a split of a 28000 crowd from the Scottish cup tie. That's a big increase on last season's income. Yes £100k is a lot of money to us, but firstly, it's not as if the regular starters are guaranteeing us wins anyway, just look at the past 4 months for confirmation of that, so bringing in 2 or 3 fringe players over the next 5 games might not be that detrimental to our results. And, secondly, you have to budget in how much of a loss you make by investing in a new player you didn't need, or one who turns out to be a dud, or you keep Swanson on when he's not going to produce and waste a season's wage, or get rid and he plays brilliantly elsewhere. Give them a chance ffs, let's start preparing for next season now.
  14. Celtic v Livingston

    That, and the fact that it's the first point you've ever earned there, and the fact that I've seen my own team pumped off them 5 times this season without scoring, make it such a good result.
  15. Celtic v Livingston

    That's a tremendous result for Livingston, well played.