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  1. Playing for a team with vastly greater resources and superior players than all but one other side in the country with the expectation that you win most games 5-0 is not challenging yourself. (Ignore the past 12 months of Celtic struggles, but certainly the case for the majority of his career). If you think playing Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Leicester, Tottenham, Everton etc etc week in week out is not going to improve a player more than playing against Ross county, st Mirren, Dundee, Livingston, Dundee United, Aberdeen etc than fair enough. Agree with velo as well, one of the top foreign leagues would also be good for him, just not heard of interest from abroad so only mentioned a move to the epl.
  2. Wee bit disappointed in McGregor if he genuinely plans on playing his whole career in Scotland. He should have kicked on far more than he has, and has stagnated staying in the Premiership. He has the ability to play in the EPL, and think that would bring his game on a lot. Either he's happy coasting through games up here, or it's a deal to give him a big pay rise for a year or two and maximise the fee Celtic get when he gets sold to a middling English top league side.
  3. Have you heard him talk?! He can barely string a coherent sentence together. Would be a very Dundee thing to do to appoint him as McPake's successor. Sloth from the Goonies Dundee central midfielder Charlie Adam
  4. Yes and it’s fairly obvious that he’s kit good up top, so why not use him where he can effect the game. Slightly deeper, Kane up top doing what he does best taking hits and disrupting the opposing defence. May on the ball to get Crawford, Spoony and the wing backs into the attack. Give May more freedom away from harrying defenders all match and he will find space to get on the ball.
  5. Difficult decision for Davidson going into this one. I feel we really need to change something to spark a bit of creativity, e.g. 4-4-2, with regular defenders missing. But Dundee can play a bit, it's just their lack of goals has sapped confidence so giving them encouragement with a more open defence is probably not the way to go. Can't see Davidson moving away from the 3/5 at the back anyway. The more I see MOH as RWB the more I like it. Having space ahead of him to drive into really suits him. I don't think Rooney's been as effective out wide, he's arguably done some of his best attacking from RCB, and I don't feel he's been as bad in there as is made out. We've fallen into the trap because he's so strong in the air of feeling we have to use that long diagonal every time.. yes he mostly wins it but invariably the opposition centre backs just step across and clear the flick on, and we get little joy from it. Time to mix it up further forward. May deserves a chance, play him slightly deeper off Kane where he can drop between midfield and defence and get on the ball and create. Our strikers had very little joy up high against the dees defence last week until Dundee were chasing the game. Keep Middleton back as an impact sub again. Clark Rooney Ambrose Booth MOH Devine Crawford Craig Wotherspoon May Kane (or Hendry for Kane)
  6. Didn’t think we created anywhere near enough again. A 0-0 would have been about right, these games are often settled by a defensive mistake or a refereeing mistake, unfortunately for us we’re on the receiving end of the latter to hibs again. We look solid enough, but our play is poor and disjointed in the final third. Our crossing remains a weakness. Annoyed at once again a complete lack of discipline from a fairly experienced player has cost us a chance of getting back into a game. One down with half an hour to go is far from insurmountable. Similar to Rooney and Spoony in the LASK game. We can’t just lose the heads when we go behind. Id forgotten how dreadful the Hibs patter is, but I am pleasantly surprised how rattled they are from last seasons cup defeats.
  7. May has to do better cutting into the box and letting Porteous just brush him aside from what looked a decent opening.
  8. MOH has been good going forward at RWB a few times, so happy with that change.
  9. May on for Kane and Middleton for Crawford please. Be disappointed if we take off MOH.
  10. Exactly. Hibs fans making it about the ref is comical. If anything he's favoured Hibs.
  11. Wotherspoon with some great touches do far, O'Halloran looking lively but still has the tendency to hold onto the ball too long in the wrong areas. Our crossing in open play is still shocking.
  12. Hayden Muller looks like a player who's used to playing outwith a first team, he's so casual at the wrong times. Hes a good player but needs to sharpen up.
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