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  1. When i read that headline on the statement from Steve Brown, initially I was thinking he was massively underplaying it and just saying "never mind, could have happened to anyone", but it's worth a listen as it's an excellent statement putting the onus on players to make sensible decisions. There's no doubt this has been a perfect storm of bad luck. They go out in Aberdeen the night the virus flares up. But the more crowded places you go, the more chance for this to happen. I get folk are going to say they're allowed to live, but they could have booked a private room somewhere for drinks and a meal, a suite at the stadium, a hotel or restaurant away from the city centre.. Every single supporter in Scotland will currently be going without something they enjoy doing: playing recreational football, going to the gym, swimming, cinema, concerts, going into work still for some. Is it really that big a sacrifice for 'professional sportsmen' to not go into crowded pubs for the next few months?
  2. There's always going to be over-reactions, but let's not kid ourselves that this wasn't a very ill-conceived and selfish bit of behaviour in the current climate. And they have been pretty unlucky in choosing to go out on the one weekend the virus flares up in the one part of Scotland where that happened! On the other hand, why take chances like that? There's too much at stake for any players to be thinking they can just go about business as normal, and I don't think the government would need too many excuses to pull the plug on football altogether during the pandemic. I think a bit of a strong reaction from the governing body on those players might send a clear warning to all the others across the 12 clubs.
  3. I think I'm completely missing the joke here, but is he meaning Tommy Wright here?
  4. As stupid as it was, this photo can't be seen as damning evidence. They're all training and playing together and in the same bubble, and there's no one else within 2m.
  5. Agree, far from a sure thing, especially how we played in the first half on Saturday. That team RG put up is still decent.
  6. Massively reading between the lines, it does sound as though the football authorities are keen for this game to go ahead partly as a way of teaching the Aberdeen players a lesson, and no doubt sending a strong message out to the rest of the league. Probably quite a good way of dealing with it, if they can guarantee that no other Aberdeen player is carrying the virus. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53682640
  7. They'll try to worm out of it. Expect an email informing you of revised odds for the match and asking if you still want to place the bet.
  8. Surely if the players had trained together with the infected one, they would all be forced to self-isolate though?
  9. It reminds me of the time Saints had Swanson and Foster sent off at ht at Hamilton 2-3 years ago. I and many others piled on Accies at ht as the bookies are not really that interested in Scottish football and were way behind. They took the winnings back when they realised what had happened saying some shite about it being unforeseen circumstances or some other pish..
  10. I'd be genuinely raging as well if I was an Aberdeen supporter. Could probably have happened to any club, but hopefully the rest of them learn from this f**k up and it doesn't happen again. Unless it's rangers and Celtics entire squads 3 days before we're about to play them, obviously.
  11. Bet365 and sky bet no longer showing the game on the list as far as I can see. Missed the boat!
  12. Good plan from Broon. Free bar for all the Hibs players at any crowded venue of their choosing this Saturday night...
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