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  1. Yes we can Tam, was just trying to put yesterday's game into perspective in that ultimately it doesn't matter that much, and we've had a good run where possibly we got a few results better than performances (e.g. Hibs, Dundee). Swings and roundabouts. Agree in general about Zander, but I'm just saying yesterday's goal wasn't a howler. Saveable yes, but ultimately I think some of the others I mentioned had far poorer contributions than Zander yesterday. Nothing like last week's debacle. Over the course of the season is a different matter. The biggest culprit is the manager for playing a system at home which has failed about every single time we use it. It's great to have in our locker for games against OF etc or away matches, but that should be it. It's turning your forwards into defenders and makes them completely ineffective at the main job they're there to do. As Radford says, the manager continues to smash his head off the wall thinking it's bound to topple this time. I will struggle next season if we're allowed back and we have to suffer through it every week. The fact that we have looked so effective with the 2 up front makes it all the more frustrating.
  2. I'm not blaming Zander for that. Yes he might have saved it, but it's not a mistake as such and there were more culpable folk out there than him. 3 Aberdeen players made deliberate fouls when Saints players were pulling away in promising positions centrallyin the Aberdeen half; Considine and McGinn got booked and Ferguson bizarrely didn't late on. Our players stood off and watched Matty time his pass to perfection then were all surprised when he found a teammate clean through. They're not getting that space in there if Liam Craig is on the park as others have said. Ali McCann gave the ball away more than he kept it, and missed a sitter. Chris Kane is a very effective as a target man, supporting striker, defending from the front, winning free kicks etc, but he must be about the worst finisher out of every striker in the Premiership. He absolutely falls to f**k when presented with great chances. It's been that way for the last 6+ years and thats never going to change. Rooney missed a great chance. Booth was poor today. Aberdeen were in horrendous form and devoid of confidence, but as so often with this formation at home this season, we looked in the ascendancy but did little with it, and the opposition got to grow in confidence and came out a different team in the second half. With the fact that there will be no fans at the cup final, its one of the OF away if we beat Clyde anyway, I'm not that fussed about the rest of this season. Can't complain.. We've won a cup, finished top six and will possibly end the season with the lowest goals scored at home total in our history? Never a dull moment!
  3. It was waste ground and often used as an overspill car park in the first decade of two of McDiarmid. We used to train at Glenalmond school, the North Inch, or latterly at Stirling Uni, some of which obviously incurred a cost. About 15 ish years ago (maybe a bt more?) a grass pitch was put in on that land, and when we did the deal for the new road 4 years ago or so we got the second grass pitch and whole area fenced etc. Theres a large cleared site above the two pitch sitting empty that I hoped would be bought and developed by the club, an indoor training pitch, gym, youth player accommodation/ supporters bars and facilities for match day or something, but it's to be developed for housing, I think by Geoff's company.
  4. Think you've looked comfortable this half. We should have been creating chances and getting a lead in the first 20 minutes of the match when we were on top and the dons were a bit of a shambles.
  5. We've looked much better the last 5-10 minutes to be fair. Though Aberdeen have a really good clean sheet record so it's going to be tough to break them down.
  6. This is how we're likely to play all next season, it's so obvious Callum is determined to make it work one way or another. The only reason we came away from it at all is because we needed results.
  7. Definitely. Stuck with this 10 minutes longer than he should have. We were doing nothing and needed a change.
  8. Twice Saints are in good attacking positions and the Aberdeen player 'takes on for the team' conceding the free kick and taking bookings. Kennedy gets to run through untouched and pick a pass to a teammate. Disappointing.
  9. A 'Free header' when you're battling for the ball right next to your opponent ffs!
  10. Aye if Chris Kane's agent wants a montage of the absolute sitters he's missed over the past 6 years to put before potential suitors I'll get on it.
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