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  1. Craig over Davidson for me in this one, but wouldn't mind if Muzz gets the nod, as I think he probably will, just as long as the rest of the line up is the same as today.
  2. Good to see us finally get a bit of good fortune; the opposition getting a player sent off, the break of the ball falling to Kane for the goal, and st Mirren failing to find any quality at all with the delivery of numerous free kicks around the box we kept carelessly giving away in the last 20. We were the better side, but that was exactly the kind of match we've failed to win most of the season. The one thing that still stands out to me is how poor our finishing is. Not just the forwards, but the shooting from throughout the team as well. So rarely do we ever see a Saints player strike the ball cleanly. Bryson got into a couple of great positions today but produced powderpuff efforts, Conway has regularly skied the ball from decent opportunities, as have Wotherspoon and Craig on occasions. All four are technically good players. The forwards have regularly missed chances, and rarely even produced good efforts at goal. Even our goal today was a sclaff. I've seen Saints teams that didn't create many goals, and I've seen individual players go through phases of not finishing well, but I don't think I've ever seen an entire squad go through such a sustained period of dreadful finishing. You have to hope one week it'll click and everything we hit will fly into the top corner, but it's been a long wait.. Its a bit bizarre when in all round play most of the team have generally played okay.
  3. How now brown cow? If the bottom team would just behave as they're supposed to and take their beatings from the top six sides rather than pumping the 3rd place team 4-1, then this would be easier for all of us. Killie and st Mirren pulled back in a bit, and if Utd go a few games without a win then you feel they could also get dragged into the relegation battle swamp. Its shaping up to be the most interesting battle in the Premiership this season, with upto 7 potential contenders. Feel Utd and Killie will manage to stay above it, but there's no guarantees the way the bottom few sides keep pulling occasional unexpected wins out of nowhere.
  4. And at least Hibs won't be sitting in which is where we have generally struggled. Imagine there will be chances for us (and probably Hibs as well).
  5. Barring injuries from today or in training through the week, our starting team for Hampden next week has to be; Clark Kerr Gordon McCart Rooney McCann Craig Tanser Wotherspoon Kane Melamed The only one up for debate is Davidson for Craig. I like Muzz, but I just feel Craig is our best option at protecting the defence and allowing McCann to dictate play more. Surely can't be any changes other than that that Davidson even contemplates.
  6. Thank f**k! Comfortable for the first hour but around the time of our double substitution onwards we fell away badly against 10 men. Probably nerves after such a poor run. Defence and keeper fairly solid and a good partnership from Kane and Melamed forming. A lot of luck for the goal, but we deserve that when we've had some fairly abysmal luck so far this season. Weve played a lot better this season, but the three points were vital today. Delighted for the players and Davidson, hopefully we can kick on a bit.
  7. We look like a team that hasn't won since the first week of November. We haven't been comfortable at all since taking the lead.
  8. Maybe harsh on May, but maybe MOH was the better option to get in behind.
  9. I know we maybe should have killed it off on the break, but once again we make changes and look like we've completely lost all shape and look a bit shambolic when we should be taking control.
  10. We're wide left with 3 players trying to work the cross and May comes out to join them.. get in the box min!!
  11. Alnwick was half delighted he didn't concede the corner there and half desperate to take credit for an outstanding save!
  12. Yep Bryson off. We're letting st Mirren get right on top here and giving them as many opportunities to get the ball into the box from free kicks as they want.
  13. f**k me the commentator is talking about a top six place for us. Lets just try to see out a win for the first time in 11 matches can we?!
  14. Great interplay from the front two again. At last a wee bit of luck for the rebound to go straight back to Kane, and the fact that he hit the rebound at the keepers hand and it still sneaked in!
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