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  1. Don't want Clarke punted, continuity is probably best just now. But I would like an honest assessment of aspects of his tenure so that we can learn and improve rather than continually make the same mistakes. Yes Croatia are far better technically than us, but we came up woefully short last night in terms of team selection, tactics, and especially in not reacting to what was happening and make the necessary changes. Does Clarke have the best available coaches around him? Do we need to bring in someone as part of the staff that has experience of progressing in tournament, or at least has better tactical acumen than john carver etc. Do we need to be more professional in our approach? The whigfield conga was great crack, but would other countries allow their players to drink all night in celebration 3-4 days before a crucial nations league qualifier? That offered us a brilliant avenue for qualification to the WC and we carelessly chucked it. Back to back tournaments would have been (hopefully still will be) an incredible opportunity to build on the recent tournament experience and go further. A controversial one, but how did our best player catch covid during the tournament? Okay everyone will say it was bad luck, but nobody else caught it in the squad during the tournament. Why was there no member of staff pulling him away from spending more than 15 minutes in close proximity to a couple of England players on Friday night? Obviously he didn't catch it from them, but it maybe shows a slackness. We were supposed to be in a bubble. Did Gilmour get to spend time with friends/ family after the England game putting him at risk of infection? Was our organisation and management of protocols good enough? If other countries lose their star players for matches in this tournament due to covid infection, then fair enough. Obviously a lot of stuff is not down to Clarke, but we need to look at everything that needs to improve for the future as there always some way we f**k it for ourselves, whereas other countries give themselves the best possible chance of doing well. I'd prefer us to learn from them rather than continually tell ourselves how unlucky we are.
  2. Only on the right! On the other side there's Robertson and Tierney who could both be in the top 10 left wing backs in the world, with Hickey and Doig very highly rated teenagers in that position. I know we've found a way of playing Robertson and Tierney in the same team, but it is some slice of poor fortune that our two players that you could say were European class, both play in the same position. If one was right sided we'd be such a dangerous side attacking from wide areas. (Arguably youd still have nobody in the middle to finish the numerous chances they create though).
  3. Just highlighting this again. When you look at World Cups alone, we lead the way internationally as well. List of countries who have failed to get past the Group stages by how many World Cup's they have qualified for:- Scotland 8 Tunisia 5 Iran 5 Ivory Coast 3 Honduras 3 South Africa 3 Egypt 3 Bolivia 3 others on 1 or 2 Every one of those other named countries at least have the consolidation of having won their continental competition at least once (African nations, Copa America, Asian Cup, Conacaf Gold Cup). We appear to be the biggest underachievers in world football tournament history.
  4. If Clarke is to stay on, fair enough, the loss of continuity and the gamble of somebody new being even worse at a time when we have a decent squad by our recent standards maybe isn't worth it. Also, I don't want Callum Davidson to be offered it as he's an obvious candidate. But there needs to be changes in the set up. We desperately need a far better tactical mind in there assisting Clarke, I'm afraid I see Carver as a football dinosaur. Half time last night was an absolutely brilliant opportunity for us to build on the momentum of the goal, sort out our deficiencies in tactics and personnel from the first half, and get a foothold in the game. We didn't do anything, instead Croatia made tweaks that allowed them to dominate even more. Someone who has a modern approach to tactical analysis, can analyse a game and see what's required and advise the manager. I'd be happy for it to be someone foreign, or at least who has worked at continental clubs, where the knowledge and tactics are often far superior. We will be stuck with the squad of players we have at international level, so it is so important that we can get the best out of the resources we have. We have never ever done that whereas so many other countries have overachieved in international tournaments based on their squad, through great organisation, determination and sound tactics. The stat put up last week that compared countries' attempts to get out of a group stage shows how poor we have been in tournament football..
  5. ??? I'm afraid this is utter nonsense. Genuinely, have you ever watched Rooney play? That first line is exactly what he is. He's best suited as a RWB, not a rb in a four. He's just had the best season of his career playing exactly as you say he doesn't!
  6. It's not about sacking Clarke or anything, but the reaction has to be honest, and questions have to be asked otherwise we never learn. We are not blessed with the best players in the world, but this shouldn't continually be trotted out as an excuse for failure. Every tournament has a team of average jobbers that go further than expected. The truth is we are shite at tournament football and desperately need to improve on this. Okay, it was good to qualify for our first tournament in 23years, but you have to grab the opportunity, as for all we know we might not qualify for another generation. N Ireland made round of 16 in their first ever euros 5 years ago, Wales made semi finals. Northern Ireland got to the round of 16 in 2016 out of a group containing Poland, Germany and Ukraine with a far poorer squad than ours. They've played in two World Cup quarter finals as well. Republic of Ireland were also an average squad in 2016 and made the knockout stages from a group containing Italy, Sweden and Belgium. They've played in WC quarter finals and knockout stages several times. Wales have been WC quarter finalists and Euro semi finalists, albeit with a couple of stars.
  7. Still not buying into the whole they're much higher ranked than us, we can't really be expecting to beat them. We beat them home and away in 2013 WC qualifying when they had Rakitic, Modric who was 27 and in his prime and Mandzukic at Bayern Munich, and were ranked no 4 in the world, and we had a team you wouldn't have said were better than our side tonight. Teams can beat better teams. Otherwise what's the point?
  8. No. Denmark in 1992 and Greece in 2004 won the tournament with hard working well organised sides that were up against superior opposition in every game. Sweden did it against Spain a week ago. Theres no need for drama and overreaction, but there's equally nothing to be gained from a shrug and "oh well they're better than us, that's the result we should expect". Up against better opposition you have to get the selection, organisation, effort and tactics spot on. We didn't get much right, but the biggest failing was not identifying that and reacting to it.
  9. Clarke has to take a lot of responsibility for that. Yes Croatia are better technically, but the way we played was right into their hands. They got their tactics spot on pressing our midfield constantly to win possession back easily. Our selection was wrong, fair enough that happens, so change it. We didnt, hung on and had a rare positive attack that gets an equaliser. That was a brilliant let off, going in level at half time and should have been the catalyst for us and a big morale sapper for them. But rather than make the tweaks or subs to get us back in the game we just decide we've scored, simply keep going, whereas the Croats exploited every weakness in our team by decent players executing sound and clear tactics. Being not quite as good technically as an opponent doesn't have to mean defeat. Look at Sweden who are dogshite comfortably holding Spain. An awful performance, by the team, but mostly by the manager.
  10. That's Adams in the first half and now McGinn I thought had good chances at the back post they went at with a high foot where I thought they might have headed easier (maybe taking a sore one at the same time).
  11. Luka Modric is a sublime wee footballer. Just sitting deeper picking any passes he wants. Are they targeting our right hand side even more now?
  12. Big brave decision required from Clarke. Might be tempted to keep it the same as we're level as a change could go bad could well be his thinking as he's quite cautious by nature. But we were outplayed for long periods and I hope he recognises that and makes the changes needed. Time to be brave.
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