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  1. Oh I agree about a lot of our strips over the last decade. You feel it shouldn’t be as difficult to make a decent blue top as we regularly make it.
  2. That looks shite I’m afraid. If it was a plain blue top with the rest of it the same it would be decent. The patterning through the blue is what you criticise us for, unnecessary detailing which spoils what would have been a decent shirt.
  3. If Celtic have sold 53,000, will they announce it as being 100,000, in line with their reporting of match day attendances?
  4. They use the word silver a lot in the second and third paragraphs there, almost like they’re trying some jedi mind control trick to convince folk!!
  5. Surely that’s light grey?! This would be silver..
  6. Motherwell away is a cracker, the best so far I’d say. The colours just seem to stand out really well on away strips of a different colour; seen white, black, navy and maybe grey(?) over the last few years, that all looked good.
  7. The season we had the fans forum with the chairman, when we re-signed May and McCann established himself, we were told it was a bit over 1600. During the covid lockout season is was about 1200 then last season I thought it jumped to 2400 on the back of the cup double. I could be completely wrong here! The best folk to confirm are @double deluxe or @perthsaint1977
  8. Aberdeen home is a cracker, a throwback to the early 1980’s pinstripe strip they wore. The away top would be okay but for the red panels under the arms, looks a bit cheap with them. The away shorts looks like the boy’s got his Mum to sew a badge onto a random pair of black shorts to make them look like a football kit. The badge badly needs binned and a proper one designed.
  9. Share your annoyance about how little was done for the fans following the double. I think there’s probably a feeling at the club that everyone should simply be grateful for the season we were given. The lack of anything for fans who’d stuck by the club by buying a season ticket for the normal price to watch matches on telly was shite. Also the total lack of action to improve our attacking play or to cover our 2 star players leaving, or to give ourselves a decent chance of group stage European football, spoke volumes. I have to be honest and say that while I recognise the phenomenal achievement of the cup double, and it made a shite time as good as it could possibly be football-wise, it’s not even in my top 5 Saints seasons. It’s all about being at the games for me, and sitting watching on tv is as sterile an experience as can be. No fault of the club’s obviously. I did renew. More out of habit, but only around the deadline as I like my seat and wanted to hang onto it so finally succumbed to FOMO. The next day it was announced we were losing Hendry! We don’t need many stand out attacking players. Over the Tommy Wright years from after the cup winning season onwards, we were a good organised solid side who had a star or two in it to create; MOH and Spoony, Swanson, Wright and Kennedy, Kennedy on his own. That kind of set up might be good enough if we can get the right one or two in. And a good keeper, obviously. I also have the hope that all the other players will improve their form from last season. Agree about the loss of live coverage on Saintstv, hugely disappointing and feels shortsighted. It was a way of keeping an interested fan base who are too far away to make matches regularly as much as anything and, as mentioned, all to stuff lots of OF matches down everyone’s throat.
  10. The flexible and adaptable part is the key for me. I don’t mind us playing 3 centre backs when the occasion calls for it; against the OF or some tougher away matches, but we have to be able to mix it up, especially for most home matches when we need to be looking to win, or when we’re chasing a game. On the rare occasions we have switched to a back 4 we’ve generally struggled and it seemed obvious it wasn’t something we had practised or were prepared for. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it comes to anything, fully expect more of the same tactically, especially if we get off to a reasonable start using it.
  11. Do you think that’s a feature of being a makey uppie franchise with no history or tradition? … You can go for a different home colour every season and nobody really cares??
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