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  1. The other thing to remember about Spain, is their national team has a dreadful support. Even that all-conquering side of 2008-12 often played in front of poor supports at home and abroad. International football doesn’t seem to be that big to them, until they win a trophy and it’s an excuse for a huge party on the streets. So not all that surprised a World Cup wasn’t greatly attended there. France are another whose international support has generally been really poor taking into account how good they’ve been for much of the 1980’s and from 1998 onwards (mostly).
  2. Rate the last 8, who is great and who is for the exit gate: 1. Brazil 2. France 3. Portugal 4. Argentina 5. England 6. Netherlands 7. Croatia 8. Morocco
  3. He’d have dined out on that winners’ medal for the rest of his days.
  4. You’d have to be quick to not catch your nob when the wee door slams shut.
  5. That’s tragic by the Portugese supporters. Making it about Ronaldo when the coach is completely vindicated in his team selection. Fair enough giving him a good reception, but that’s the biggest cheer of the night.
  6. I’d jog on munching on a toblerone just to really get it up the Swiss.
  7. I wasn’t going to mention them but felt it was petty not to. They are tournament top goalscorers I guess, though not the most entertaining side to watch by a long way.
  8. The competition is heating up nicely, with Netherlands, Argentina, England, France, Brazil and now Portugal all finding good goalscoring form in the knockout stages.
  9. Be quite funny if Ronaldo’s replacement bags a hat-trick.
  10. Speaking of banners for internationals;
  11. Mea culpa. I might have said something about that in their demolition of Costa Rica. They’ve been shite ever since.
  12. Who was the agreement with, a rival bidder? Didn’t England years ago make an agreement with another country (maybe Germany or France) that if they (the other country) pulled out of bidding for the euros, England would pull out of bidding for the WC? As I recall, the other country obliged and England got the euros, but then the FA decided they would still bid for the WC in question anyway. I’m not 100% sure? but I think it might have been about euro 96 and WC either 1998 or 2006.
  13. That’s exactly how it was! I screenshotted them; ** Though admittedly I only caught the last seconds before they went for the final ad break at HT so I may not be completely accurate here.
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