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  1. As good as it is to watch rangers throw away a great opportunity to win a first trophy, that's 10 domestic cups in a row Celtic have won. Into the fourth consecutive year. And there is absolutely nothing going to change in the near future. If anything, the two of them being back in competition will leave everyone else even further back. We can go on about banter and all that but, let's be honest, our football is a futile, pointless waste of time for most of us.
  2. "Celtic haven't had many decisions over the years." Chris Sutton 8th December 2019
  3. The first cup final for what feels like ages where there's actually a bit of a chance either side could win so going to watch it. Sort of looking forward to it. As aim here says, Scottish football is the real loser here though.
  4. Football wise we definitely looked better, and the central midfield three had a good balance and shape to it. However, if you look at the two games Muzz has missed you see both sides of the coin. Would we have been dominated so badly in the air from set pieces at Motherwell if he was in there? Thats the difficult decision Tommy has to take. As you say, it might have to be horses for courses. Tough decision for next week though. Keep the same team that did well on Wednesday knowing Hearts are a big physical side who pose quite a threat from set pieces, or bring Davidson back in?
  5. Same boat. Great bit of business by the club. Guaranteed his next game is a stinker though!!
  6. That's a cracking run of fixtures. If you write off games against the OF teams, for the remaining 32 fixtures managing a win, a draw and a loss every three matches (4 points) should see you comfortably third bottom or slightly higher on about 41 points or so. That's exactly our form for the past six matches; 2W, 2D, 2L. But against the teams around us, we should be looking for a wee bit more. Around 10 points would be superb as TDBob says. The important thing is even if we are having a shite game, to keep it tight and not gift any of our rivals an easy three points by folding of making crazy mistakes. Being able to scrap out draws when not playing well will be crucial in not losing ground. Having seen the way we played last night, and Hearts a month or two back, I'd set up exactly the same and be confident we can come away with at least a point.
  7. Well done on not reading anything I wrote. Any other team in the league would have beaten us tonight, but congratulations on the point I get what you’re saying. Killie were poor and there for the taking and you feel we should have been looking for more. I’m just highlighting we have been so poor defensively that a clean sheet against a difficult opponent is still a big positive for us. No matter how limited you feel killie were on the ball, your defence was still as solid as usual and the two centre midfielders decent. We went with a line up to be harder to beat, so not creating much of note isn’t that big an issue. If it was against st mirren, Accies, County etc then yes that would be different. Genuinely, and as unbelievable as this might seem, it’s right up there with our best results of this season. That should show just how poor we’ve been!
  8. BOTTOM SIX Last Six Matches Form Guide P W D L GF GA GD PTS St Johnstone 6 2 2 2 7 12 -5 8 BIG GAP Hearts 6 1 2 3 6 12 -6 5 Ross County 6 1 1 4 7 16 -9 4 Hamilton Ac 6 0 3 3 6 10 -4 3 Livingston 6 0 3 3 4 11 -7 3 St Mirren 6 1 0 5 6 15 -9 3 Thankfully, after so many ridiculous humpings from the OF over the past year, we were ruled out from having to play either of them again at the end of September until late January next year. Unfortunately, we've now taken our charity help yourself to a good few goals campaign into matches against mid-table dross like Motherwell and Hibs. Huge win for County tonight to stop the rot, Livi be hoping for similar as they seem to have been on a downward spiral for a wee while now.
  9. I know I'm certainly raging about us drawing 0-0 at the team 5th in the league on the back of conceding 9 goals to three fairly average teams in our last 3 games. A ground where killie have only lost once in the league so far this season, and where we haven't scored a goal or taken a single point in over 2 years. It's coming up a calendar year since we last won away from home in any competition. Apparently this is currently our 5th worst away record for a calendar year in our 108 year league history. We went into the match having conceded an average of 2.4 goals per game. Yep, totally fucking unacceptable that it wasn't a vintage performance from us and that we've only taken a point. Can't believe we're trying to take anything positive from it at all. Edit: for the benefit of @SethXL this was sarcasm due to the killie fan saying he couldn't see how we could say anything positive about our performance on Wednesday night. It was an excellent performance at point for us.
  10. Hahaha! Hope you had a thoroughly cold and miserable evening 🤗
  11. Very good point for us. A good solid performance as well. We looked like a proper football team again in the organisation, shape and the way we defended. Nothing spectacular, and yes not particularly creative going forward, but exactly what we needed. Killie will argue they were flat, but we did a great job in not allowing them to not get much momentum going. Against an excellent Killie midfield, you could argue McCann, Holt and Craig got the better of the battle. Liam Gordon looked like he hasn't missed any matches at all, and Kerr looked much better alongside. Thought Holt was excellent. And Kane did his bit for the team. Well played Saints, now lets build on this.
  12. Decent first half overall from us. Started by far the better team but killie came into it a lot more as it went on. Our shape has been good and we've had plenty of possession in midfield. Usual story for us though, we get into decent areas and plenty possession round the box but our delivery is very poor, and we lack creativity. Killie look far more threatening when they do attack. As usual a threat at set pieces. We have defended better, but still not convincing. Gordon has been solid. But Kerr is overcommitting on Brophy a couple of times, resulting in having to give away fouls etc. O'Halloran looks lively when he's on the ball, would like to see us get him on the ball far more. DreyWright working hard but seems to give the ball away everytime he has it without ever creating anything. Kane has worked hard, probably should have scored but need to see it back. He's held it up ok a few times and won a couple of free kicks. We have been sloppy a few times in possession, if we could sort that we could get a few chances. McCann should have done far better with a free header from six yards. Killie have been better in second halfs this season apparently, so we really need to keep at it here to get something from the game.
  13. Agree with our team other than possibly harsh on Kennedy. He didn't have a good game on Saturday, but then who did? Wright is arguably better defensively, but Kennedy also works back. The left side is a big gamble!
  14. Ando summing up the feelings of Saints fans most Saturday afternoons this season.
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