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  1. Completely agree. Bizarre taking off your obviously most threatening player in either game. In the cold light of day, I now kind of see why Davidson was reasonably content with the outcome. After 10 defeats he obviously was just desperate to avoid another loss, get a clean sheet to stop the rot. I don't agree with it, Dundee are one of the few teams we should have been looking at as an opportunity to take 3 points, there won't be many. Especially on the back of the kelty result, if we'd struggled to a narrow victory there then you could try to sell it as 2 games unbeaten. If we were to take something from Pittodrie, even another 0-0, then maybe it's a start of something to try and build on.. But we could go every match for the next month thinking 'if only we can get something next week..'
  2. McCart's distribution continues to be awful, but then it can't be easy when your only option other than sideways to Gordon or back to Clark, is a hump up the park. There is no question he's still putting in full effort, defensively he wasn't that bad, and nipped in to clear a chance in front of goal in the last 15 minutes from about a yard out. Think it was the one Cleary set up for Adam to play along the face of goal. He'd also just got in front of Griffiths to make a great challenge a few minutes earlier, when the Dundee fans shouted for a penalty. The claims of him not trying are nonsense that's being going around ever since it was confirmed he wouldn't be re-signing with us. Whilst there is no doubt his drop in form has been significant, along with most of our squad, defensively he's mostly reliable, and was still far better than Cleary, who looks an improvement on the loanees from before Christmas, but needs a bit of time to get upto speed.
  3. I don't think the boos were for May coming on, more for Hendry being taken off when he looked like the only attacking player showing any attacking intent and ability.
  4. If Callum wouldn't change anything for kelty and tonight then I fear he never will. I can't see anything changing on the park, just more of the same. It's torture to watch, and has been for ages, and there is no hint of improvement, or working on new things and giving them a chance to come good. It's just the same thing over and over again. So sad to say, an absolute club legend and always will be, but Brown has to make that difficult decision to change the manager.
  5. Losing to kelty is one thing, but drawing 0-0 at home to Dundee is completely unacceptable! I guess tough conditions in a strong swirling wind, but nothing at all from the two sides apart from ineptitude. Losing Cifti was a big blow for us, but we can't just be blaming that one moment for that overall performance. What is james brown bringing to the right wing back position? 5 defenders again in a game we needed to win is ridiculous. Hendry, our one lively attacking threat being taken off for May was as predictable as it was baffling. At least McPake had a go by changing things. Callum decided last 10 minutes that making attacking changes was too risky in case we lost so sat on what we had. If not against the second worst team at home, then where do you think we getting 3 points from Callum? I don't think Steve Brown can afford to be as lacking in courage as Davidson, it looks like it's time to take the difficult decision and make a change, as much as I hate to say it.
  6. Quite exciting to be going into a meaningful game for the first time in months, just want the players to be up for it and have a go. And score. And win. With Griffiths, Adam and now McGinn in the Dundee side, has there ever been a more potent free kick threat in the league?
  7. Don't spoil it for Archstanton ffs. His whole world revolves around St Johnstone!!
  8. If ever we were going to go 4 at the back, it probably was at kelty. But, maybe Wednesday there is a slight chance as well without Gordon there to organise. Are we going to start 2 new centre backs in such a big game? Difficult to name a team you'd fancy going into this. I wanted us to switch at HT at the weekend to get MOH and Middleton on the wings to get crosses into Cifti and Kane, but for some reason Middleton was brought on as a straight swap for a striker, before eventually being moved wide. He looked so nervous and lacking in confidence that it's hard to justify starting him on Wednesday. He looks like a scared wee boy, tripping over the ball when it came to him a couple of times. We have no attacking player on the right with MOH and Rooney out. On the left, Gallacher puts in a good delivery from wing back, but defensively suspect. Clark Brown Cleary McCart Booth Gilmour Butterfield MacPherson Cifti Kane Hendry Cifti to drop into midfield in pockets of space to get on the ball, play 1-2's or turn and drive forward. Not great, and I think Crawford will start as he looked a threat on a couple of occasions at the weekend and the manager likes him. Could he play wide right, Gallacher further forward as left midfield if it was 4-4-2? What I expect it will be is 5-3-2 with Booth back in, Mahon for Gordon and MacPherson in for Gilmour.
  9. Terry Butcher. Doing great things at Inverness, who must be up there with us for good managerial appointment ratio over the past fifteen years, then joined Hibs during the season when wee Pat got sacked. The famous 'a lot of these lads won't be here next season' after they got pumped 2-0 going on 6-0 at McDiarmid was exactly the sort of motivational chat the players needed to down tools and not win another game all season (I think). Relegated and binned at the end of the season.
  10. Yes I thought he looked good on the ball, very two footed. Strikes a ball well. He is weak in the air and a bit slow, but I think he’s probably as good as we’ve got for centre midfield right now.
  11. May and Hendry were very good together in that spell. It gave a lot of hope going into the following season. Seems crazy now that Hendry at that time was seen as almost as hot a prospect as McCann, Kerr and the rest. I get the numbers thing, that it wasn’t sustainable etc but he’d looked the part. I liked him and was disappointed Davidson couldn’t get the best out of him. But as soon as the season started and the manager was hell bent on the 5-2-3 with strikers as defenders, it wasn’t going to work with Hendry. He’s a limited player in build up play, but he has far more hunger to score than any of our other forwards. As a sub in tight games, he might provide a couple of goals. Or a red card. Bombard Dundee in quality deliveries from out wide and see if Cifti/ Kane or Hendry can get on the end of one.
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