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  1. What do you mean game ? It was his M.O. start with the ###s v. the Romanian ( ? ) team Scotland v. Wales see the Absolute Game " 10 worst fouls "
  2. Cheers ( breathes out )
  3. Is Gilmour o.k. ? ( no T.V. )
  4. 1 ) Boo 2 ) Josh is another left full back. We need Nathan to impress A.C. Milan when he comes on this evening
  5. All change and back to Craig Brown Adams and Dykes playing off Gallagher then
  6. BBC Scotland reporting Scot St. Clair might be playing in Seria A next season Venizia Duh , that is Harvey St. Clair who is a Scot ! Our Italian contingent is growing
  7. That is why we do not do well in the finals
  8. Sp#rts##nd , as reliable as ever !
  9. Gilmour to get his first start as well
  10. not in 1986 he wasn't Will Young dare to ask him about withdrawing from the squad because H#ns#n was not chosen ?
  11. Preceded by Craig Levein saying he thought we were too negative against Costa Rica AND that he informed Andy Roxburgh of his opinion ( He was not prepared to elaborate when asked but Roxburgh did play him against Sweden ! ) Someone said that Costa Rica played all their qualifying games behind closed doors and that is why nobody knew much about them !
  12. Can Taylor defend the back post ? If so he is in !
  13. As per youth teams discussion thread Liam Smith featured on MOTDx bbc wonderkids challenge
  14. Liam Smith featured on MOTDx wonderkids challenge on BBC a.t.m.
  15. With Jack injured our weakest position is central defensive midfielder
  16. ewan14

    Top 5 Gigs

    Bruce Springsteen - Edinburgh Playhouse Ian Dury and the Blockheads - Playhouse Love ( Forever Changes ) - Queen's Hall Velvet Underground - Playhouse Wilson , Brian ( Pet Sounds ) - Playhouse
  17. The five World Cup / European finals when Scotland came closest to getting past the group stages , but didn't ! 74 , 82 , 86 , english European Championships , ladies World Cup
  18. JIMI - Axis. Bold as Love
  19. apart from his important goals
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