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  1. East Region Premier League 2015/16

    Pitch will just need a good roll Haddington played some good football considering how bad the pitch was. All parks will bee poor for the most part of the season....,
  2. Edinburgh Utd?

    The thugs were brought in by the new manager, the few good players they have were signed by the previous manager and most likely keep them in the league. The good players that are there certainly won't be next season.
  3. East Region South Division Thread 2014-2015

    The facilities at tranent are very good now with the 3G pitch opposite the park, they don't have a bad playing pitch and decent changing rooms so it's not that.....
  4. Edinburgh utd

    That's exactly what they will do, for joe will be the same which is a shame as these guys clearly don't want to be there.
  5. Edinburgh utd

    Aye probably got a crazy figure in there heads at edinburgh tho.
  6. Edinburgh utd

    Was edinburgh city....
  7. Physio Wanted

  8. East Region South Division Thread 2014-2015

    Did lothian not just play Bo'ness last night?
  9. benni macarthy

    Thought he was with Kenny munro's sister? Is he not at Selkirk if he still plays that is he must be getting on a bit now!!
  10. East Region South Division Thread 2014-2015

    Was 100% the 1st team spoke to a Hawick player tonight and he confirmed that....
  11. East Region South Division Thread 2014-2015

    Aw aye so it was
  12. East Region South Division Thread 2014-2015

    Changing facilities have to one of the worst around, having to use two separate rooms isn't ideal even then it's still cramped. Pitch isn't ideal either but that's just personal preference...
  13. Haddington Manager

    Have haddington made any other signings yet? Heard they have 2 players signed already.
  14. Haddington Manager

    That extra 5k is for your transfer and wages
  15. Edinburgh utd

    Wonder how much other players will be worth is humey going to be the priciest player or will others be quoted for thousands?