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  1. I don’t think the salary will be an issue should he be offered another job. Clarke is already a wealthy man and took on the Kilmarnock job when he could have earned substantially more elsewhere as a coach. I personally can’t see him being bothered going back to the parochial world of Scottish club football but his ambiguous language gives me pause for thought.
  2. PFC2011

    Team 16?

    I enquired some time ago on the LL's official Twitter feed, response was that relegation to SoS/EoS officially began last season.
  3. . You kidding? Greece are winless after 9 games and have finished bottom of the like below the Faroes.Brutal.
  4. Why not expand the competition and allow at least all EoS/SoS members in?
  5. Personally I was underwhelmed that the 'Well fans didn't refuse to give the ball back any time it went out of play.
  6. That would be ideal, however the NCL contains an island club in Orkney and you can already see objections. I believe the NCL is down to only six clubs as well so needs some reform.
  7. Not being noted anywhere from W&B, SSFL or any other source. Must be such widely celebrated news. Do we know if they are anywhere near the licensing standards for promotion to the Lowland League?
  8. Am I missing something, or does Newton Stewart's points deduction now confirm W&B have won the title?
  9. Good luck, I've been abroad for two weeks and been unable to watch Sky, BT or BBC due to their policies. Even good old proxy IP doesn't work.
  10. Hearts need fifteen points maximum from 10 remaining fixtures, which doesn't take account of rivals dropping points. It's over.
  11. Nobody will go up if Brora don't want to. Pretty much that simple.
  12. I accept that, however we're still in a position where there is yet to be a play-off. I believe in a few years there will be much more interest as the system gains more credibility. I am a big advocate of a full pyramid system stretching from SPFL right down to SAFA leagues including new clubs, however at this particular level there should not be clubs with no fanbase or ground IMO.
  13. There's a big difference between mid hundreds to ten or twenty people. I could list amateur sides playing on public parks who could attract more.
  14. While I'm all for a range of clubs making applications, I fail to see the point in allowing another new entrant with a probably non-existent fan base into the league. We're talking about the fifth tier of the national game, directly below Queen's Park, Clyde and so on. If they want the Juniors, then wait a couple of years to see how the pyramid goes and let them take their time instead of filling up spaces just for the sake of it.
  15. 2004-05 season, although Aberdeen have been out of the top six for a decent amount of the ensuing seasons.
  16. Am I wrong in stating only the Old Firm & Edinburgh derbies are protected from this ridiculous scenario?
  17. No, the very fact is if Aberdeen had even won a single match tugs far then the standings would be remarkably different. Aberdeen need to go on another run of wins and beat Celtic in their final head-to-head, which I believe could yet again be at Celtic Park.
  18. For once I'll actually believe the clubs when referring to the expense. I would imagine it must be a costly project to install. The price of selling on cheap, faded plastic seating would be minuscule. That said, let's hope United go ahead and we'll take it from there.
  19. Fair enough, I will take your words at face value. It is pretty ridiculous that there an awful lot of fans who seen unaware as to the eventualities of even promotion/relegation between the various tiers. There is still scope for various sides to enter a B team, regardless. I'm sure plenty of SPFL or even Lowland League teams could arrange a suitable venue. That said, I am not in favour of the concept in the first place and hope this does not creep into the system.
  20. Has that actually been confirmed? The lack of readily-accessible available information on the subject is alarming. EoS (or SoS) ground standards are pretty basic, I'm sure Hibs used their training ground last season IIRC.
  21. Perhaps not, but they are still the reserve sides of the aforementioned clubs and compete in the present Scottish pyramid system. There is nothing to stop anybody else applying and entering a B side. I also haven't seen any guidance stating who can and can't obtain promotion.
  22. It's already in place here too - both Spartans & Stirling Uni have reserve teams in the East of Scotland League.
  23. If Rangers go bust again, will Newco II have to start in the Lowland League this time? Maybe even down in the East of Scotland - sporting integrity and all that.
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