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  1. Just to be clear, I’m not this poster having a go at Muirkirk, I’ve enough going on in my life to worry about. As for the thumping we took from Talbot, yes that was very hard to take, I wish you all the best as I enjoyed my time at Muirkirk. You should maybe have tried to contact me 1st to ask if this poster was me, before having a go at me. Regards George
  2. Reason that i've brought this thread back, i was informed from the lad himself on saturday, that he posts as Dalry1, being a manager of a Junior team is hard enough, without coaches of other Junior clubs stirring things. The boys name is Ian Patterson ( spank) on the staff at Craigmark, he was on the Annbank staff at the time of the above posts.
  3. Would just like to clear up a couple of things,firstly I'm not any of these posters coming on here,last thing I want or need is anymore hassle,I'm working with a very young squad of players and just want to go about my business quietly. Myself, Kev and Gary are all really enjoying our time at Muirkik,and hopefully we can keep improving on the park. Finally I'd like to say,that I think this season is shaping up to be a very good league,and look forward to playing some very good sides,with very good coaching staff and committees. Regards Geordie.
  4. I'd just like to thank Andy,John,Hoss,Kenny & his mrs,Mark,Shaun and Craig,on the Newton Stewart committee,and wish them all the best going forward,also everyone that we've meet in our time in league,but most of all the players at Newton who have been a joy to work with,so from me and Kevin all the best.
  5. It's his son, played with bubbly at Troon and won the league with him, what a left peg he had. Was shocked to hear he'd passed away, my thoughts are with his family.
  6. Well done to saints yesterday,and good luck in semi final.
  7. Haha I've lost almost 2 stone ya skinny bugger,and if my hair looks ginger it's the dye you gave me haha. I'm sure the boys all learned from playing in same team as you Roland and hopefully get you down again, because it's the little things that good pro's like yourself do that I want my players to pick up. As for the comment about you being shit,well having be your gaffer for 3 seasons and watch you train and help drag the team along at times, I'm not having that said about you, your a great example for younger boys to look up too,and someone I now class as a good mate.
  8. Would just like to say that myself,Kevin Deeney and Eric Phillips are looking forward to this new challenge,we've been very pleased with the effort put in by the players,seems to be a good feeling about the club,i'll work my hardest to continue the good work already done at the club by David Hyslop. Thanks for all the kind messages from supporters and ex players of mine.
  9. Newton Stewart F.C are having an open training session this saturday,everyone is welcome along,anyone interested be at Blairmount Park for a 12 o'clock start,bring boots suitable for 4g and running shoes to,you can also contact me on 07808855966. cheers George Grierson,
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