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  1. The problem is you act like this is the first incident when it's not. A truce is fair enough but I can wager any money that very soon you'll be back at the sarcastic comments about something else. I don't have an issue with you having a disagreement with someone but the way you disregard fans is wrong. No ones disagreeing with the fact you do a fantastic job for the club, that doesn't mean you have a likeable personality though.
  2. http://www.alloaadvertiser.com/news/16690494.former-alloa-fc-player-convicted-of-sexual-assault/
  3. I'm not saying that the point can't be highlighted. There is a difference between highlighting an issue and saying the ref bottled it though and that difference can be the difference between it all being fine or the club being fined.
  4. Charming reply. Jim Goodwin can get in trouble for saying stuff like that about officials so can't there be a come back on the club for slating officials on our official social media pages?
  5. Personal opinions on the challenge aside surely when releasing something under an official club social media you shouldn't be saying that the referee bottled it...
  6. I don't think any Alloa fans would claim not to care to be honest and there's only been really one Stirling fan claiming that he doesn't care. I definitely do care. I see your Annan and raise you two trips to Dumfries, Dingwall and Inverness. Our tower is better than your castle
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