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  1. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Surely Marr can get an offer higher than L2
  2. I'd play can't help out with the stats though as I live down south Sent from my SM-G930F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  3. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Falkirk fans posting in here does Back post misses still post? Used to love his rants that he couldn't see past the taller people that he chose to stand behind at the recs and how it was all our fault
  4. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Just seen him at McDonald's..
  5. Wasps -vs- Sons - The Final.

    get it up ye
  6. Wasps -vs- Sons - The Final.

    Now I really wish I was there
  7. Wasps -vs- Sons - The Final.

    Atmosphere sounds really fucking good for a Dumbarton vs alloa game
  8. Wasps -vs- Sons - The Final.

    I'm really fucking nervous for this.
  9. Wasps -vs- Sons - The Final.

    Really wishing I'd taken a few days off work to come up for this now... Nervous, excited and gutted that I'll be watching on tv Mon the Wasps
  10. Still Game & Best Bits

    Naw am no having this there's nae way that Theresa in River City is played by the same person that plays Edith
  11. The Metalhead thread

    I wasn't keen on a lot of the Parkway Drive new stuff to begin with but it has really grown on me recently
  12. Still Game & Best Bits

    Well that was the worst one yet, I thought last week was good as the tribute to 20 years and as such the reusing of old jokes was fine for that occasion but this was an episode full of stuff we've seen before but done less funny.
  13. Still Game & Best Bits

    To be fair, not many people will have seen the stage show from back then before. I've seen it a few times so I knew what was coming aswell but I thought it was a good nod to the 20 year anniversary to transfer some of the jokes to the telly. It's not the first time they've referenced a joke or copied a joke from that show either but no one complains about the other ones. Thought this episode was good up until the coke bottles then it seemed like they'd added unnecessary pish to fill the last five minutes. Scotland, England, Ireland, Poland.
  14. Rugby - Union And League

    I actually laughed out loud at this.