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  1. Did u get a game sorted?? St David’s Ams - Glasgow are looking for opposition after late call off. Pitch booked - Toryglen 10am
  2. St Davids Ams - Glasgow looking to add to an already strong squad [emoji106][emoji460]️
  3. Thistle Weir grassroots are looking for players who have boys club experience for their 2004 age group. For further information contact - [email protected]
  4. Thistle Weir (Partick Thistle) 2004’s are looking for experienced players to enhance the existing squad. Contact David for a trial: 07808518956
  5. Good to see the place finally sorted [emoji106][emoji460]️ Will the old stand be sorted or replaced with another covered area?? What else is planned for the ground??
  6. Dukesy wasn’t just our Goalkeeper, he was one of the fans too! Sad news! RIP Dukesy
  7. Good luck to the Talbot today. Do the Juniors proud [emoji106][emoji460]️
  8. Pretty sure that’ll suit the Glasgow Life staff [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. Games that do go ahead could be pretty farcical today with the wind. In some respects I really hope the referee’s take this into account!!
  10. Fucking wee knobs. Find them and make them and the parents pay for the costs [emoji35]
  11. We’d be best just cancelling all games on grass today. #Washout
  12. Are there any up to date pics of the Holm Park upgrade??
  13. Any pics of Holm Park upgrade??
  14. Best of luck to the Buffs today. Hope you do the business and go on and win the League [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  15. Big crowd of home fans?? Go watch a Highland League game
  16. Davie Greig all day long for me if we could get him
  17. Thistle Weir Grassroots are looking to enhance our 2005 (U13) Squad. Training nights Monday/Wednesday @ Springburn Park All training and match day kit provided by the Club. Experience of Boys Club football or Pro Youth Football welcome. PM for details
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