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  1. Seriously? Knives are obviously out now eh!
  2. Being at the game today with the St Mary's school I was effectively a "neutral " as I usually spend most weekends following Bo'ness United. Andrew Dallas imo had absolutely no handle on the game at all and could easily have taken control but knowing his form from refereeing Junior matches previously I wasn't surprised by his poor judgements! Following in his father's footsteps in more ways than one unfortunately! Sadly St Mirren's Jim Goodwin was another disappointment, a player with his experience should be showing more decorum on the pitch. A player with his experience and lengthy career, it was a disgrace to see his conduct and not pretty to watch on any level. All that aside, we would like to thank the Falkirk FC fans around us in the main stand for making us feel so welcome as we had a great afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed the match, even my hubby, who is not a huge footy fan but is rethinking his Saturday afternoons!
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