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  1. Cove appeared to have picked up a lot of cards today . Can anyone comment on why that was the case?
  2. Don’t know about the changing room but it looks like Cove were trashed today ?
  3. Thought you Annan guys would keep quiet about the potential unearthing of another footballing prospect . The Clyde bandits will pitching their tents soon enough !
  4. Rumour has it that Willie Gibson has been released. Can anyone confirm this ?
  5. Good luck to Matty Flynn. Still very well thought of by those down in Annan .
  6. Has Chris Johnson actually signed for Clyde or is it wishful thinking or a rumour loosely based on the ramblings of a guy standing at a corner flag with ten pints in him ?
  7. You would love it if he was in your team though ??
  8. I have seen enough of Berwick this season to suggest that if they can play to their full potential and contain Cove’s euphoria things should work out fine . The vast majority of SPFL 2 want you to remain a league side so good luck and do not give in .
  9. Berwick may not have scored many goals recently but the standard of the opposition has been higher than that experienced by Cove. To be fair, I have not seen Cove this season but I did see East Kilbride and I found them to be ordinary so the outcome from the first round of games came as no surprise. Football is football and in the main, the difference between the levels is pace, strength and sharpness of both mind and body. Berwick is used to praying in that church week in week out. These matches, as we all well know are like cup finals and can go either way. However, I say Berwick should not be dismissed lightly.
  10. Some of the comments on this and other threads is a fine example of the power of suggestion. I remember, some time ago, Clyde fans labelling Annan as “ hatchet men ; hammer throwers etc. This notion appears to have grown legs and the urban myth propagated beyond fact. I can assure you Stennie lads that nothing can be further than the truth. Whenever I’ve been down there I have not seen any evidence to support this. Indeed, half the Annan team look about eight stone soaking wet and putting in crunchers would be the last thing they would get involved in. Enjoy your night lads and go to the game with an open mind and not with the jaundiced opinions of others that should really not be throwing stones .
  11. Word is some at Edinburgh City are keen to finish 4th so Stirling to win this one .
  12. Berwick not be the pushover that most from out with the SPFL think . If they play like they did in the first half against Annan they will be ok .
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