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  1. We should absolutely try and get Bailey back on loan. He was getting better and better as the season went on. I also agree that extending Sean Kelly's contract is a smart move for the same reason. Clearly, he was unfit at the beginning of the season but has trained hard since then and looks an entirely different prospect now. I'm looking forward to seeing who else comes in over the Summer.
  2. You just don’t know how satisfying it is to know that I’m that bit further away from having to see my team play league fixtures at your glorified scrapyard. Nothing would be more embarrassing for me than that.
  3. None of this takes the shine off seeing them go down I’m afraid.
  4. Ha ha, Cowden. You won’t be missed.
  5. Nice to see us seal our customary league finish above St Mirren, though it was a dreadful game.
  6. We were really lacking in that game with most of the team playing at half pace. Thought Konovalov was decent and I’d be tempted to stick with him even once Max is back. Defence looked ropey and were we not up against such a blunt force we would have been slaughtered. I am not as convinced as I was the last time we played St Johnstone at the TMA that they will survive playoffs. However, as much as they are a shite football team, I still think their physicality will see them through over two legs against a more drained Arbroath/Caley.
  7. Got to say, I think a few Livi fans (and martindale) are making more out of the ref’s impact on the game than is fair. Our midfield is really lacking confidence at the moment and, as much as Nouble and Forrest were decent up the wings, overall our attack was nullified for most of the game. It pains me to say it because, yes, I am still bitter about last year’s league cup final but St Johnstone won’t go down. Although I do still expect them to finish in 11th, there’s no chance any of the championship sides will beat them over two legs. As for us, next week is massive. If we win, I think it’s likely that we’ll finish top six. I don’t see both Hibs and County winning. A substantial increase in performance levels would be required to make that a reality though. I would start with Forrest, Nouble and Bailey as the front three. Soto hasn’t impressed.
  8. Pittman, Omeonga and Holt were absolutely dominated by Celtic today and their lack of influence on the game was telling. As much as Celtic were by far the better team over the 90, they were helped on numerous occasions by the ref. Bloody frustrating.
  9. Points dropped there. St Mirren did not look like they were going to score from open play. Needless corner to give away and then fluffed clearance from Forrest. He’s been on fire recently but he cost us today.
  10. Deserved win for the Lions. Thought we were better in all areas of the park and was particularly impressed with Forrest and Montano. Max kept us in it at the end as well with a couple of important punches. The less said about Chukwuemeka the better. Embarrassing. Thought Aberdeen were pish and offered very little until we were (unfairly) reduced to ten men. Would hope to finish above them this season.
  11. As much as we were shit today, Forrest had a really good game. He’ll get a move to a bigger club than Saints no bother.
  12. One of our worst performances in a long time. St Johnstone marginally less shit than us and deserved to win.
  13. We were pish today so to get a point was good going. Thought County looked decent coming forward but definite frailties across the back line. Poor clearance aside, I thought Penrice had a decent game. Cemented himself as our first choice LB, I would say.
  14. No chance he would have apologised had it affected the outcome of the game. Ref got lucky there.
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