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  1. He was so committed to his playacting that he insisted on being subbed off straight afterwards.
  2. Nice of the ref to give saints a full extra minute at the end there. Anyway, COME ON!!!! Martindale in!!!
  3. Agreed. I've been very impressed with Matty in the last two games.
  4. Because, unfortunately, we aren't allowed to play you every week.
  5. What's the deal, United? Are you saving all your shite performances for the fixtures against us or are you this bad every week? If it's the latter, how the hell do you have 20 points?
  6. And fair play to saints for completely shutting us out following their goal. We didn't have single chance in that second half.
  7. Get JET to f**k. His lack of desire is contagious. This is nothing like the Livi teams we've seen over the past three seasons. Without grit and tenacity we are nothing.
  8. Naw, we're shite. Can't put it down to luck; it's been a crap performance.
  9. To be fair, the game has been fucking garbage so far.
  10. Declan Gallagher. He'd be playing at a much higher level by now were it not for certain transgressions early on in his career. Has looked comfortable at international level recently.
  11. We need to find our bite again. Too many not getting stuck in. Thought Forrest added something when he came on, so I'd have him back in. I would also give Sibbs another go in his favoured position. It wasn't working for him out on the left yesterday. JET isn't fit so wouldn't be starting him until he is. Would like to see McMillan get a chance. He was great last season and I think he'd add something defensively. Would also like to see Lawson get more game time. Stryjek looked much more confident than McCrorie so I would stick with him in goals. Tiffoney Forrest Pittman Robinson Bartley Sibbald McMillan Guthrie Ambrose Lawson Stryjek
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