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  1. Pretty even game, though I would say we had the better chances. Both goals belied the terrible standard of football that was served up on the day. Very satisfying to get a late equaliser and being away from home as well, it felt more like a win than a draw. I would have been screaming for the penalty at the end and still raging now despite the comments from Goodwin/Sportscene pundits. Could easily have been given. Glad it wasn’t. See you later, St Murn.
  2. That's a lot of typing for a small amount of attention.
  3. Shite result. We don't look too bad coming forward but our defence has looked pish in every game I've seen. I think Pittman could do with a rest too. Long season ahead..
  4. Both Forrest and Sibbald were brilliant today. Sibbald was a class above everyone else on the park to be honest. Max was excellent as well. Showed a lot of character to bounce back from last week. Really impressed with Hamilton's development. He's an effective target man and will create chances for others. Hopefully he'll start to pitch in with a few goals himself as well. Would love to see him start alongside Anderson. Unfortunately, I am still not convinced by our defence. St Mirren were gifted lots of opportunities today and should have buried at least one of the ones they missed. Also the defending for their equaliser was horrific. Kelly was particularly unsteady when he came on and does not look comfortable at all at this level. Early days but work to be done.
  5. Hope to God this happens. I'd be watching Accies highlights every week.
  6. Some strong feelings of resentment on here from Aberdeen fans, which surprises me given that our recent record against the Dons is shit. The plastic pitch chat is extremely boring and strange to hear it described as a "leveller" given that we've picked up more points against Aberdeen at Pittodrie than we have at the TMA since coming back up... Anyway, I quite enjoyed the game today despite the horrific ending. Good just to be back. A draw would have been fair but Max Stryjek had other ideas. I do not miss JET one bit. Could do with Deccy back though because our defence is pish.
  7. He was so committed to his playacting that he insisted on being subbed off straight afterwards.
  8. Nice of the ref to give saints a full extra minute at the end there. Anyway, COME ON!!!! Martindale in!!!
  9. Agreed. I've been very impressed with Matty in the last two games.
  10. Because, unfortunately, we aren't allowed to play you every week.
  11. What's the deal, United? Are you saving all your shite performances for the fixtures against us or are you this bad every week? If it's the latter, how the hell do you have 20 points?
  12. And fair play to saints for completely shutting us out following their goal. We didn't have single chance in that second half.
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