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  1. The oncoming Clyde player wearing no.10 was listed as no.19 on the teamsheet.
  2. With the goalkeeper out, it would need to be Elsdon (no.26) playing McHugh on - it is a tight call.
  3. I understand we are outside the registration window for recalling loan players for them to be eligible for league (and potential play-off) games. Clyde were penalised for doing this a few years back.
  4. FWIW - the stream is pretty decent compared to others at our level and includes replays.
  5. As far as I am aware there is currently no inspection planned. I understand the pitch was deemed playable yesterday and the forecast looks to be favourable at the moment.
  6. Cheers for the comments - it was total disbelief and most enjoyable!
  7. Muir was shown a red card at full-time last week, almost certain he will be suspended.
  8. Are people still listening to that drivel?! Anyway, it was initially questioned by my esteemed colleague if it was his face, but unfortunately a scream like that suggested much worse than a ball hitting the player's face. It was quite a chilling sound to hear. We both concluded it appeared to be his knee. Hopefully Quitongo makes a speedy recovery - he has been a joy to watch in a Queen's jersey and has injected excitement into such an unexciting way of watching the sport we love.
  9. It's hard to tell if it's strictly true, but it's an oberservation I have picked up on when I have tried to predict opposition line-ups. FWIW, Cowden actually made four changes to their starting XI between Tuesday and Thursday, with four regular starters restored to the starting line-up against Stenny. Stirling did similar with regulars McGregor, Wilson Moore, Byrne, Ryan dropping to the bench against the Spiders then back in the following game. It might just be a result of minor injuries or squad rotation given the crazy fixture congestion.
  10. You will be gutted we did not use the stat that there are six bowling clubs within a mile radius of Hampden Bowling Club then... Thanks for the feedback, and on the commentary, without watching it back, the balance was probably a bit heavy towards the chat side compared to our previous live stream and we will take this on board going forward.
  11. http://www.qpfc.com/appearances/g/granta.htm Before my time but shirt number suggests a forward player.
  12. Best take the dust off Clyde seeing as they remain on our mantlepiece!
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