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  1. There is only one thing worse than being spotted...
  2. Fantastic piece on the Young Sons on the BBC website - makes you proud (unless you are an old foggie or don't like drums). The future of the club
  3. Here we go again with Rangers threatening to go to court. Remember the cases against Sports Direct? They lost every one. The judge in the final case stated that Rangers' main witness was unreliable and implied that he had lied, that almost all their evidence was argument and opinion and nearly all of it was inadmissible in law. Fast forward 12 months, we have a dossier that is full of legal fact and concrete evidence...oh wait, not quite right, I meant, full of argument and opinion and in the word of some quoted legal counsel, almost all of it is (there's that pesky word again)...inadmissible in law. Meanwhile what on earth has Stewart been up to? He has been on and off the board for a number of years now. If he was so concerned at what was happening, why did he not raise anything at the time or ask any questions then? Was he taking secret notes to produce a dossier of frustrations some years down the line?
  4. So, looking at the article, it will take between £1.5 and £4 million to get rid of Brabco. Well, we have an initial £25k!
  5. Yes - 1984-1985. How can anyone get this wrong - it is easy enough to find out.
  6. I misunderstood this. I thought Nowhereman was referring to the technical team to run the broadcast. As you were.
  7. I would be surprised if you would need anywhere like 25 people and not all will need a salary.
  8. We wouldn't have to buy the equipment though. If we go down this route, can it be hired as needed? What about the media colleges - they are always looking for real life situations for the broadcast students to gain experience - there are 19 institutions offering media studies in Scotland. I would have thought 90-100 minutes every second week at the Rock might fit their needs.
  9. Absolutely right roman - corrected now.
  10. Fantastic response to the justgiving fundraising. First day and over £5,000 already. Makes you proud of all the fans who have contributed, especially non-Sons fans. As I don't get to many games, my contribution will be via justgiving.
  11. Great draw - a glamour tie and a help with the finances. What's the prize money for reaching this round?
  12. Great coverage, with a nice counterpoint of the biased commentary.
  13. This is AFTER you edited it? Remember that agreement we had that we would try to do this in English.
  14. Shamelessly getting in on page 1872 to be part of this history.
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