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  1. I would give you a lot more than £5 if you could solve it.
  2. At last, back to the most iconic strips we have ever had - steeped in (fairly recent) history but strips pretty much all of us have wanted back. Very well done to everyone connected with the best decision the club has made for some time.
  3. Very sad. A real Sons legend at a time when we were delighted when ex-Old Firm players came to play for us. A great player and (as I recall) a great manager. He was proud of what he achieved at Dumbarton and kept in touch with the club as he got older. RIP.
  4. What's the score there? The BBC and Sky are reporting it as 0-0 with East Fife not having a shot on goal yet!
  5. I watch Crawley a lot down here (I brought my son up to support lower league football and our nearest ELF club is Crawley). Sam Ashford is a pretty decent player and was a fans' favourite. He was played as a wing back as Crawley favours five at the back and although he can be sensational going forward, he is not so great at the defensive duties. Crawley has way too many wingers/wing halves so he ended up going out on loan to Woking where he was a stand out. We were very surprised and many were disappointed when he was loaned out. A very good player who I think will be a great asset for you.
  6. MacLean red card rescinded. Thanks ref.
  7. He is an absolute lunatic. He is mega wealthy and has put a lot of money into them. He is chairman, coach and manager and is hugely entertaining. He regularly hits the players - once when his player was about to take a throw in. He has been sent off numerous times, commonly for going onto the pitch during the game to confront the referee. They finished top in each of the last two seasons and were twice denied promotion due to Covid.
  8. I've seen a couple of National League South games this year (Dorking Wanderers) and the standard is more than decent. I would say higher fitness, skill and faster than our league. All the teams have huge strikers because they have to - the defenders at that level take no prisoners. Really excited by this.
  9. Jon McShane would be super exciting.
  10. Glasgow College media school would also be a good start as the head of the school is a Dumbarton supporter.
  11. What on earth is going on? Sounds the referee is either completely incompetent or a cheat, or both
  12. It is also worth pointing out that last season (18 games) we scored 9 goals in total in the regular season, so far this season we have scored 13 in 6 games.
  13. Absolutely. Remote ticketing is all very well until it goes wrong. What happens if the barcode reader fails? Nobody there to fix/reboot, them nobody gets in, tech savvy or not.
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