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  1. I know who your talking about. Not one of them no
  2. Ah your right. That's me hanging my head now just so you know
  3. Oh well. If he wants to goad and Act the w****r to bankies fans who said f**k all to him until they equalised and then he started then f**k him
  4. I know we want another defender and I really hope it is a commanding figure that can organise those around him. If not we will leak plenty goals this season. Having Halliday in front of the back four just doesn't work defensively and as much as he is one of us having Barton or crooks or rossiter there will be much better for the overall team. Happy with the win and a couple of cracking goals. Started slow as you would expect in our second game back but grew and grew as it went on and deserved the win. Excited about windass. Think he will be double figures goals and assists this season. Kranjcar was just pinging balls about wherever he wanted. He will be the key for us to unlock packed defences. Promising
  5. Normal service has been resumed. Motherwell can get back in their box
  6. Joel Kasubandi has signed again for next season [emoji106]
  7. So Joel Kasubandi has now signed on for next season aswell. Brilliant news and I think our squad makes us favourites for promotion
  8. Dunno. Heard from someone he is quite happy and could stay. Joel I dunno about that one someone said to me he could be off to stenhousemuir. See what happens
  9. Must of seen my post 😂
  10. Spoke to Ian penman on Thursday and he was meeting the committee last night about the vacancy. Think it was more a formality meeting from what he said
  11. This. Don't know why but as other clubs are announcing signings and even announcing who will be staying for next season clydebank seem to always be quiet and we don't hear anything till later on
  12. recovering from a broken leg and signed on for next season as far as I'm aware
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