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  1. You do have a bit of a point but arent half coming across as a complete arsehole in doing so
  2. To be fair they did devote about that on the news the night to ralph milnes funeral, they do come to dundee now and again but usually only on united related matters
  3. No you dont You post all over match threads when the games are on, mostly utter shite as well
  4. Shouldnt affect you as you never go to football games, Celtic or otherwise, you just post about it on here all the fucking time
  5. I've spent most of the afternoon watching filth on Pornhub so the burnie fire awaits me
  6. Very valid point up until the last sentence
  7. Good to see by the way that, like St Johnstone winning the cup has caught the imagination of the town of Inverness and the punters are packing the home games out now
  8. I'd drink myself to death too if you were a mate of mine. In fact f**k it, I'd just set myself on fire then jump off a bridge onto some motorway traffic
  9. Actually that beast that put the boaby up the guy in Grangemouth could probably get a game in place of the hilariously bad Calum Paterson
  10. Guy reckons he'll have two years at Hearts then move to the English Prem!!!!! Selling programmes at Newcastle maybe?
  11. Fucking knew it Graham Rix, Craig Thomson now Paulo aff P&B Beasts of Midlothian FC
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