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  1. I think we have to stay positive and put all talk of phones behind us.... Lets beat these Brockville Bast..rds
  2. The light blue matches the blue in the badge #eyefordetail
  3. PSJFC v PTFC 19.8.17

    If we can get them down to 8 men then were in with a chance....
  4. New 2017-2018 Scottish Premiership kits

    Just interested - Is this the official word of the club - or an opinion?
  5. They look great! Well done Saints!
  6. SJFC V PTFC 13/5/17

    One is assuming the 1880s ... correct??
  7. Saw this in the news today.....dude gets around....even American politics.... Dean Heller Raising Money Off Of Random Guy’s 3-Year-Old Mean Tweet http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dean-heller-fundraising_us_58c3120ce4b054a0ea6aae6d?vmkfulzkt2lc8fr&
  8. It was a pisser of a decision right enough....fat dude with slicked down hair....
  9. Have we ever had a Clive at Saints before??
  10. Ma chib after last season's meh derby Vs Kill***nock... (Or maybe the season before...who can tell....)
  11. I think the newly promoted side may have what it takes to stay up this season based on that performance. Good luck to them.
  12. The tread title is an insult to the jobby in my opinion.