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  1. hello Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin Anarchist extraordinaire. I've downloaded 'The conquest of Bread' for free from the 'tinternet', thanks for the link. As I'm a well kent pedant you might also call them the Butts Buffs or the Fairlie Bog Trotters as the Scheme and Ring Road were named after the Penny Burn which marks the boundary between Stevenston & Kilwinning.
  2. Lokloyal - the clue's in the name. You remind me of the twats in Parliament who have agreed to be blind to the truth and pursue their own version of 'what actually happened' as part of a campaign to denigrate a person by accusing them of something which did not occur as they claim it did. I have posted the truth before but you choose to ignore that and continue with your lop-sided rant. I was stood behind the Pollok dug-out when your manager bawled across the field to the referee to deal with an offending Buffs player who had foul-tackled a pearl diver. He claimed the Buffs player had committed 15 fouls ... what nonsense. Chris Strain was 20 yards up the touchline and he called down to your manager to attend to his own players .. no aggression or violence offered, and your manager stormed up the touchline shouting ( in the presence of most of the fans including women and children) " Who are you talking to ? you fu...ing wee ba....rd!" I'll tell you what I'll do next time that happens, I'll make an official complaint to the Police because there is no place for that behaviour in Junior Football. But then, you could always appear as a witness in his defence because you seem only to see what you want to see.
  3. Nope, P & B say my attempts to upload a very small pic ' QUEUED '. I'll try another day
  4. I've tried to upload a very small picture all day and I think P & B have blocked me, I'll try once more ...
  5. More facilities including toilets have been provided by the efforts of the Chairman and his Official Committee and Volunteers.
  6. " Oh! Wad some pow'r, the giftie gie us, tae see oorselves as ithers see us ..." I presume you're being presumptious when you claim The Council should get the credit for the recent changes at the new Buffs Park, did you not notice the Assemblage of Buildings still occupying a third of the car park, unable yet to be put to use. Other ground improvements are soon to be completed, thanks to the Committee's efforts. As for the Half-time incident. For the first half I was standing behind the Pollok dug-out and your manager was doing what all managers do ... bawling at the referee and constantly complaining. They all do it. Partisanship, that's what prevents them from being as vehement in the defence of their foes when incorrect refereeing takes place. Your team have a Gruesome threesome, the Pearl Divers or Prile of Divers, numbered 8, 9, and 10. It may be clever but it is still deceitful and CHEATING. But they got away with it, that's why it will continue, it succeeds. Your manager shouted at the referee when there was an incident about the halfway line ... " That's 15 fouls that boy's had". Clearly a gross exaggeration, maybe 3 or 4. Chris Strain shouted down the touchline telling the Pollok manager to concentrate on his own players and was told, " Who are you talking to? ... you fucking wee b*****d!" Strain came down the touchline and it was agreed that they would discuss it further at the dressing room. Several of the Pollok subs started haranguing Strain on behalf of their beloved manager ( is this the same guy who famously stood on top of his dug-out and berated his own fans? I think we should be told! ) and at the half-time whistle there was a vigorous exchange of handbags with much chest bumping and that peculiar excessive aggression from guys kidding on they are trying to separate combatants when they are actually trying to surreptitiously inflict damage. I witnessed several Pollok subs aiming kicks into the general melee. At the final whistle there was an outbreak of renewed comradeship between Chris Strain and Napoleon. Just in the passing I should remark about your number 5 (ex Medda man) who had an excellent game even allowing for his molesting of Carlo Monti but I thought he deserved the Man of the Match award for the novel way he blocked a thunderous Carlo Monti rocket shot with his 'Baws'. In future he might consider wearing a Cricketer's plastic box to allow him to contribute further to the gene pool.
  7. Buffs DID score a second goal, then the Ref decided he saw someone foul something .... the only man in the park to see it. He obviously doesn't like being questioned or shouted at from the touchlines and he decided Syme had fouled a Hurlford diver with a shoulder charge and they scored from the penalty. An otherwise excellent even match between two exciting attacking teams.
  8. Plenty on the other thread ... pix, videos and explanations of development plans. Rain covering to come from Abbey Park soon and maybe some seats for the auld yins. Banter from the Medda faithful towards the chairman resulted in a classic admission that we are also proud to be known as Pennyburn Rangers (6 weeks old) as long as Medda change back to being Irvine Celtic. Personally I'm too young to get that but I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere. The Refuseniks have a variety of gripes which led them to take the stand they have adopted and having publicly stated their intention to only attend Away games they will find it psychologically difficult to now change their behaviour, I believe it is called cognitive dissonance but I've heard it called differently, some even call it madness but I don't ascribe to that theory, I just think they have evolved into a different species, like donkeys wanting to play with the zebras but cheer on the lions, oh! how their heids must hurt.
  9. Like Ardeer ? Izthatno Ex-Buffs Hazzy with his back to them ?
  10. i'm sure they posted it on Twitter. Go to #steadythebuffs and if you scroll back to last week's tweets you'll find it, or just ask there and I'm sure someone will give you a direct link. There is also a new website but it's not yet complete with all the backroom staff and players etc!, or wasn't last time I looked ...http://kilwinningrangers.com/player/ Cheers
  11. My informants at the Ardeer match who gave me the info on the young goalkeeper also mentioned their meagre wage bill, which I believe is less than my wife spends on Gordons in a good week, if only she'd tell me the truth, if only I'd believe her. Chin chin! Bottoms up!
  12. It seems he is only 17 and a Buffs fan. He's just moved up from the Youth leagues and is not their first choice keeper, but after today's match he should be. Shots and crosses were coming in from all angles and he dealt with them very well considering his relative inexperience.
  13. If one man and his dog and a sheep had one of these surely he would mow the meadow
  14. If one man and his dog had one of these he could surely mow the meadow
  15. How will you know which one's turned up, give him an IQ test?
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