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  1. Can i ask when you have ever seen mcd play ?
  2. What is the confirmed list of teams through to last 16 ? When is the draw scheduled for ?
  3. Anyone know when the draw for next round will be ?
  4. Has there been anything organised players wise and games wise so far ? Who should be in squad ?
  5. Hurlford thistle And shortlees?
  6. 6 players that would start in premier league ? Really. Elaborate on these players ? And why are they not getting points on the board in the league they are just now ?
  7. Pollok Petershill Winton Cambuslang Gartcairn
  8. Beith 2 v 1 Arthurlie Kilwinning 3 v 2 Camelon Hurlford 2 v 2 Auckinleck Pollok 3 v 1 KIlbirnie
  9. Edinburgh-cologne-Vienna Vienna-Oslo-Edinburgh Leave Sunday back Wednesday. £200 all in
  10. The league table at the end of the season should have lugar at the top as champions then.
  11. 1. Kelty hearts 2. Beith vs voc 3. Gartcairn 222
  12. Why are there no adl games on 19th ?
  13. Alot of darvel fans getting excited. Although i think they will be up there at the end of tbe season the ardagh games are for trying formations and changing players for fitness etc. Real games start in 2 weeks.
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