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  1. leeds play Falkirk thid week what kind of shape will Leeds be in how long are they back at work
  2. Will Colin Samuel be playing tonight i beleive he is training with Livingston . End for Dr maybe
  3. 12 50 goes on to the next two ,both must be placed to collect good luck
  4. Hi Mate.

    You added me as friend or something?

    Sorry, not so good in this kind of forum space.... hehe

  5. You are not The Milners who used to post on Scottish Footy Daily punt , Punters Lounge

  6. 888 are fine think they are part of Blue Square ,have never had any problems with them
  7. The way the Villa Spain top scorer would work eg £[email protected]/1 As three tied that becomes 6/1 return £700
  8. They are not doing multiples at the moment only word cup and the premiership
  9. Make sure you select dports then press multiples on the left or top left . They usually have a coupon during the season . You can usually still pick the leagues you want press English or Scottish footy the leagues should come up . They might not be doing Long terms yet. in the multiple section
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